CTDA is excited to announce the Distribution Performance Project, free of charge to CTDA members!
May 4th, 2016


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CTDA is excited to announce the Distribution Performance Project, free of charge to CTDA members!

A note from DPP Principal, Albert D. Bates:

The Distribution Performance Project is a new think tank devoted to providing associations and their members with a wide array of tactical and strategic information free of charge. I believe your members will find it invaluable in managing their businesses.

At this early stage (the group is about one-month old), the website features:

  • A business valuation tool.
  • A financial planning tool.
  • A ten-part video program to bring key managers up to speed on financial issues. The program allows firms to use their own numbers in the training.
  • Articles that I have written over the past few years.

During the remainder of 2016, we will be preparing three white papers:

  • Financial Benchmarking – Guidelines for associations on how to reverse the trend of declining participation for this key service.
  • GMROI – An analysis of why GMROI, which is widely used in distribution, actually causes firms to make poor inventory-utilization decisions.
  • Customer Profitability – A discussion of how to measure the profitability of customers as well as a tool for actually conduction the measurement process.

We are planning a number of equally-exciting projects for next year. To restate what was said in paragraph one – these services are free. Similar services are provided by industry consultants at prices ranging up o $25,000. It is a great deal for your members.

I am providing these services for free because I have had a very enjoyable Thirty-year career working with distributors in a wide range of industries. It is a way to pay back those firms that have helped me enjoy a modicum of success in life.


Albert D. Bates







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