Tile inspiration comes from everywhere – even from a tomato fight
August 26th, 2015

Did you know that August 26th is the date of La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain near Valencia – the world’s most largest and most epic tomato fight?

In honor of the tomatoes that will be soaring through the air this week, we’re inspired to take a closer look at some of the red tile offered by Tile of Spain manufacturers.

La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain

La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain

Natucer - Casella series of mosaic tile

Natucer – Casella series of mosaic tile

Ceramica Elias - Esmaltados series

Ceramica Elias – Esmaltados series

Alttoglass - Fashion Fire tile series

Alttoglass – Fashion Fire tile series

Secret tile series from Keraben

Secret tile series from Keraben

About Tile of Spain

A strong global leader, Tile of Spain represents the 125 manufacturers belonging to The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER) and concentrated primarily in the province of Castellón, Spain. For more information, visit www.tileofspainusa.com.

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Ceramic Tile And Stone Consultants Launches New Website
August 20th, 2015

San Diego, CA – Ceramic Tile and Stone Consultants, Inc. (CTaSC) announces the launch of their new website. The www.CTaSC.com website address is the same, but the content, features and resources have greatly improved.

The updated CTaSC website uses cutting edge technology to feature an extensive menu of services including forensic investigations, quality control, testing, training, marketing and business planning, expert witness and more. In addition to its business services, the new CTaSC website provides many resources for companies in the tile and stone industries as well as some for consumers.

The following are some of the resources available:

• Resource Directory – Manufacturers, fabricators, distributors, installers, associations, and trade publications can fill out an automated form to become part of a free listing of providers of products and services for the tile and stone industries. Once approved, companies that are listed will benefit from CTaSC’s high volume of business and consumer website traffic. List your products and services here: https://ctasc.com/blog/resource-suggestion/

• Industry Statistics – CTaSC provides summaries of industry statistic gathered from published articles and reports giving the visitor a current view of the state of the industry.
Go to https://ctasc.com/category/industry-statistics/.

• Economic Indicators and Forecasts – CTaSC provides links to key economic resources for quick and easy monitoring of the economy. Go to https://ctasc.com/blog/economic-indicators/.

• Industry Research Reports – CTaSC sells a number of industry research reports identifying current trends and other data that allow users to evaluate market size, growth potential, end-use markets, profitability, market share, and the competitive environment. Go to https://ctasc.com/product-category/industry-reports/.

• Expert Answers – A great resource for consumers and trade professionals! Over the last 13 years, industry expert and CTaSC’s founder, Donato Pompo, has compiled more than 500 questions and answers about tile and stone that have come his way. Questions are organized by category, and new technology allows for topics to be easily searched. Visitors can follow threads of comments and can make their own comments. There is also a convenient Ask The Expert button on all of the pages and posts that allow readers to easily ask their own question if they haven’t found an answer. Go to https://ctasc.com/expert-answers-overview/.

• Training Services – CTaSC offers customized hands-on and classroom training services as well as online training through the University of Ceramic Tile and Stone. Go to: https://ctasc.com/ctasc-services/customized-tile-training/

• TileWise Cartoons – CTaSC offers a gallery of TileWise educational cartoons to the industry that can be used to help educate employees and customers with humor. Go to https://ctasc.com/tilewisecartoon/.

• Events – Domestic and international industry trade shows are listed chronologically and can be searched for quicker results. Go to https://ctasc.com/events/category/all-events/.

About CTaSC: Ceramic Tile And Stone Consultants (CTaSC) is a professional consulting company led by industry expert Donato Pompo and made up of accomplished ceramic tile consultants, stone consultants, ceramic tile and stone installers, architects, engineers, general contractors, construction scientists and other industry specialists. CTaSC provides forensic investigation and inspection services. CTaSC provides expert witness and other litigation services. CTaSC has local inspectors near most major cities in USA and Canada. CTaSC provides architectural specifications, quality assurance testing, and quality control inspection services. CTaSC provides hands-on and online training services. CTaSC provides business planning and marketing services. Go to https://ctasc.com/ctasc-services/ for more information.

For further information about the CTaSC services please visit www.CTaSC.com or call 866.669.1550.

Contact:Tricia Pompo, Marketing Director, email: Tricia@CTaSC.com

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