Cersaie 2014 Happenings from JLC
September 25th, 2014

From Joseph Lundgren with Joespeh Lundgren Consulting

Day 1

At first glance concrete looks are back again along with wood looks and beautiful marble collections. Of course every “leap year” with get to see some new Cotto looks! In terms of sizes hexagons are in! In addition to different visuals in 4×8 and 4×12’s.

Hall 36

LaFaenza – I Marmi a beautiful take on a variety of marble looks, a must see

Del Conca – Murales – a nice brick looks in a 4×12 with a radius outside corner.

Ergon –Cornerstone – a nice variety of stones looks gathered into one line: Slate Multicolor is very nice!

Emil – Millelegni – seven wonderful wood colors!

Hall 16

Serenissima- Chicago –(aka Mediterranea’s Chicago Brick) is a wonderful take on the brick look in a 4”x8” and hexagon with a beautiful radius outside corner.


Kalebodur – 4×12 La Crete – with a cement, wood and Terra Cotta mix

Edilgres – nice concrete/stone look

Living Color – Mayolica six colors in a handmade look in 3×6 & 3×12

Hall 18

Atlas – Marvel – Wonderful marble looks!

Coem/Fioranese – Horizon –Sandstone mix & Marne 2 Beautiful color palette with extensive decorative package and a 3×12 pressed, hexagon and 8×8!

Vallelunga-marble look

Flaviker-Supreme-gets the STRONG graphic award!

Marca Corona – best Cotto look thus far in their new 1741 Brand Terra.

Hall 19

Saloni – Dorex- Nice Onyx look, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Mosavit- nice mosaics in inkjet!

Onix – another mosaic company with nice ink jets!

Dune – Michael golden line – Groove, very nice and different!

Hall 22

Bisazza – Octagon ceramic looks???


Day 2

Did I say Hexagon….. and of course let’s not forget 2 CM pavers…… Great product for the landscaping market and has made it’s way into that channel already on a limited basis but will grow in the US!

Hall 25

Cerdomus – great looking wood in Tahoe and nice deco in wood. Kywan – another nice cement looks with great colors. Folia – awesome colors/textured product (except the Orange)

Impronta – Shine wall tile , nice decorative wall tile more commercial and high end

DOM – Approach – Cotto look with a large size package & variety of colors

Fiandre – Architectural Surfaces – Just go look, beautiful panels. Once we figure out how to use these (and can afford them) watch out!

Mirage – Jewels – Wow, lots of SKU’s but very nice colors in a marble look. Eleven colors, six sizes and a few sizes in two finishes.

AB Wood – awesome color of wood on the outside of booth

Hall 16

Rondine – yes I missed it yesterday. Bristol – Nice looking Brick look in 2-1/3” x 10”, great colors especially the “Dark”

Hall 26

Apavisa – 2.0 Metal is nice in three colors, but the white is washed out.

Tonalite – Wall tile line – Silk very nice.

Cedir – San Marco – great look, don’t need all the colors

Hall 20

La Fabrica – Kauri – one of the nicest wood color palettes I have seen-Specifically Victoria & Tasman

Piemmegres- Cool solar lighting system at website below:


Ceasar – Anima marble look

Gamberelli- Lamborgini anyone? Very high end collaboration with the car company

Panaria – Cotto look

Cinca – extended hexagon in a variety of colors

Cisa – Avorio Imperiali – Great concept of a stone mix in four light colors. You can get the by themselves or they can mix 1,2,3 or all four colors in three sizes. One of my favorites!

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