CTDA & Confindustria Announce “Good Phytosanitary Practices Program”
April 29th, 2014

More than two years ago, CTDA began dialogs with Confindustria, USDA and US Customs regarding challenges CTDA member distributors were having with imported products. Distributors were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to have unwanted pests (animals and plants) removed from their imports after arrival in the US. Additionally, shipments were being significantly delayed by US Customs for inspection and removal. In some cases, products were even shipped back to the manufacturers at the distributors expense.

Today, April 29th, Confindustria, the Italian Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers, announced the “Good Phytosanitary Practices Program” to significantly reduce or eliminate pests from containers and pallets of ceramic tile shipped to the United States.

“This program has been established after thorough research, discussion and negotiation among the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA), Confindustria and representative from USDA and US Customs’, said Steve Cerami, chairman of CTDA’s Customs Task Force. “The proper implementation of the guidelines described in this program will eliminate the problems US importers have faced with pests being found on products shipped from Italy. In fact, we invite manufacturers in other countries to consider using these guidelines to avoid similar problems with their exported products”

CTDA & Confindustria announce "Good Phytosanitary Practices Program" during Coverings Press Release April 29, 2014.

CTDA & Confindustria announce “Good Phytosanitary Practices Program” during Coverings Press Release April 29, 2014

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