Where can you attend an event with four of the top associations in your field collaborating on the major issues facing our industry?
November 26th, 2013

Dear CTDA Members,

Less than three weeks ago many of you, myself included, attended a  record-breaking Total Solutions Plus (TSP)  in Bonita Springs, Florida.

At TSP you  had the opportunity to network, enjoy, visit your vendors in a relaxed environment, and get educated on the some of the relevant issues facing the industry.  For me, personally, I left the conference  exhilarated that TSP has arrived and has become a major industry event every member should attend. We can all be proud of being a part of CTDA.  At TSP you learned that membership in CTDA association is increasing, ALONG WITH participation in committees.  The association is striving to give you additional benefits as an added bonus for membership. All CTDA committees are working hard to serve you and to best represent your needs.

I personally ask you to recommit not only for your yearly dues, but also to get someone in your organization to join and be active in one of the committees.

In doing so you also earn points that can earn you a free yearly member!

Some of our top participating distributors and suppliers should be recognized for their dedication to CTDA.

You are part of an association that represents your needs and provides you with Education and Certification Programs that include of Online Education, Webinars, Tile Training in a Box, Color/Shade Variation Program, and CCTS Certification The CTDA Dealer Blog, Membership Directory, Profit Report comparison with the industry averages, and Employee Compensation Surveys are also available to you.

Did you also know that CTDA members enjoy  shipping discounts from freightquote.com, credit card processing discounts, discounts on F.W. dodge leads, NAW Business Services Program and a program with Schechner Lifson Insurance? Have you used these services?

In closing, everyone at CTDA including management, board members, committee members and members want to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and healthy and prosperous new year.

Please make a commitment to sign up early, encourage non members and suppliers to join, and to make a commitment to have one of your employees engaged in one of the various committees ( Certification Committee, Convention Planning Committee, Education Committee, Marketing/PR Committee, Membership Committee, Social Media Committee, Technical Committee, Emerging Leaders Committee).

Thank you again for all your support. Looking forward to seeing all at Coverings.

Dave Milanowycz
Sales Director for Independent Distribution
Florida Tile
CTDA Membership Committee Chairman

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