What’s new & next: LATICRETE hosts an auction, NAC offers sound solutions and Tau honors nature
September 19th, 2013

LATICRETE hosts mosaic auction at Total Solutions Plus

LATICRETE has announced a joint auction with CTDA, NTCA, TCAA and TCNA for 12 world-class mosaic pieces to be held at the 2013 Total Solutions Plus event in Bonita Springs, FL this October. One hundred percent (100%) of the proceeds will be donated to the CTEF and the TCAA scholarship fund. LATICRETE commissioned the 12 pieces from industry mosaic artists to display their work at the company’s Surfaces 2013 exhibit earlier this year, in support of communicating the 10 year anniversary of SPECTRALOCK® Grout.  This mosaic art gallery was comprised of unique, museum-quality creations using SPECTRALOCK PRO Premium Grout with DAZZLE™.  Ryan J. Blair, LATICRETE Channel Manager said, “At Total Solutions Plus, we have arranged for these exclusive works of mosaic art to be showcased in the area right where attendees will be gathering during the event. They’ll have the opportunity to see the many facets SPECTRALOCK can be used in a beautiful, focal setting… and then, to bid and buy them outright. In conjunction with the officials of the associations hosting Total Solutions Plus, all monies collected will be donated to Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) and Tile Contractors’ Association of America (TCAA) scholarship funds.”

Bart Bettiga, Executive Director of the National Tile Contractors Association added, “I absolutely love this idea. Everyone wins. The associations backing Total Solutions Plus will get great exposure from this, as will the artists. LATICRETE will also benefit by reinforcing its longstanding reputation of giving back to those industries in which it serves.”

“The amazing SPECTRALOCK DAZZLE features and more will be clearly visible when attendees of Total Solutions Plus witness these beautiful mosaic pieces firsthand,” concluded Blair.

laticrete mosaic


Educational Booklet for Sound Control

NAC has developed an educational booklet aimed at helping customers and distributors get a better understanding of issues related to sound control. The Sound Control Solutions

booklet gives a general overview of industry standards related to sound, how sound is measured through testing, and the NAC solutions to a variety of sound control situations. “We continuously strive to develop materials that educate consumers as well as the industry about potential challenges and pitfalls when looking for sound solutions,” said Vice-President of Operations, Brian Petit.  “It also provides a platform for us to showcase the NAC solutions to a number of sound control issues.” The 16-page booklet breaks down the Impact Insulation Class (IIC), Sound Transmission Class (STC) and the Delta Impact Insulations Class (É¢IIC) and how those tests are conducted and how issues like flanking can impact the numbers from a test. For more information and to get a copy, contact your local sales representative or NAC Products at 800-633-4622.

NAC-sound control

Tau: Honoring nature

Tau pays a huge compliment to nature with its brand new wood collection. Three collections with different finishes representing current trends in the world of interior design ranging from Northern design to a minimalist concept but never forgetting the industrial look. The Forever collection represents the Northern design, showing soft, natural colours with a low relief yet a superb graphic reproduction. This range is available in a wide color choice, Nogal, Olivo, Tilo, Arce, Haya, Roble and Teka. The larger format, 22’5×90 cm, is complemented with a smaller one, 15×60 cm, which can be used on either walls or floors and has an anti-slip option that allows the same model and colour to be used outside too. The Tapial collection, in its design, combines both wood and cement effects pursuing the urban style but with a feeling of warmth about it. The total lack of repetition in its graphic design makes this collection look absolutely natural. This range is available in just one size, 22’5×90; two finishes – indoors and outdoors – and six colours: grey, pearl, white, sand, beige and brown. finally, the Delta Series has been reduced to bare essentials. It is now available in one size: 22’5×90 cm; six colours: grey, pearl, white, sand, beige and brown and in finishes for both indoors and outdoors.



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