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July 3rd, 2013

Ceracasa wins award

Tile of Spain, the international brand representing 125 ceramic tile manufacturers belonging to the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association (ASCER), has won a 2013 KBCULTURE Award for Tile of Spain manufacturer Ceracasa’s stunning Absolute porcelain tile. Simulating semiprecious stone, Ceracasa’s Absolute collection achieves a high gloss polished finish on porcelain tile with six high gloss floor and wall tile colors that bring luminosity to any space. To create the high gloss of the Ceracasa Absolute collection, porcelain is fired at temperatures over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. A special glaze is applied which, after firing, creates a top layer on the tile that is thicker than a normal tile glaze. This thick glaze is extremely hard and allows tiles to be polished to a brilliant high gloss by gradually removing very fine layers of material. The Absolute collection also has the ability to fuse precious metals to the surface. The process is similar to the way tiles are glazed for the space shuttle. Ionized metallic oxides are used in a vacuum with an oppositely charged adhesive on the surface of the tile. The pressure and attraction of negative ions fuses the metals onto the surface. The tile is then fired at low temperatures in an oxygen-starved kiln, which leaves the pure metal behind and burns off impurities and adhesives. The result is a shimmering precious metal tile finish. For more information, visit


Marazzi donates 12,000 square feet of tile to Double H Ranch

American Marazzi Tile donated 12,000 square feet of porcelain tile to this “Hole in the Wall, A Serious Fun Camp” for use in the main building’s welcome center, game room and three dining rooms plus the conference and theater areas.The Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne, NY, co-founded by Charles R. Wood and Paul Newman, provides specialized programs and year-round support for children and their families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. All programs are free of charge and capture the magic of the Adirondacks. Max Yureda, Double H CEO/Executive Director, is amazed at the donation of time and materials by so many to re-image the facility. “The ‘before’ and ‘after’ scope of this project adds to the truly life-changing experience these kids have at Double H Ranch,” observed Yureda.

•The massive cooperative effort included manufacturers, professional tile installers and volunteers across a broad industry spectrum that was initiated and headed by Schluter-Systems’ Territory Manager – Lower Northeast, Rich Citro.

•Onsite installation coordination was seamlessly directed by Anthony Mion & Sons, 3rd generation installers.

•Matt Bartkowski, Regional Sales Manager – New England with Marazzi USA, managed the large-scale donation of first quality porcelain tile. Bartkowski stated “The few days I spent working at Double H were such an amazing experience for me. Personally, it felt great working side by side with all of these industry professionals helping to improve this facility that does so many great things for critically ill children. Professionally, it makes me really proud to represent a company like Marazzi that is so willing to step up and do good things for the community.”

This wonderful renovation immediately greets the alumni and families arriving at Double H Ranch – new tile flooring in the main traffic areas dramatically changes the first impression of the facility and makes life at the facility more accessible for children as well as providing a healthy, easily cleaned environment.


LATICRETE Products and Expertise Called Upon For Amazing Water Feature at Three Gorges Mansion.

LATICRETE was specified for its products and expertise in a magnificent water feature project at Three Gorges Mansion in Chendu, China. A state-owned Chinese power company, the China Three Gorges Corporation planned its new southwest regional headquarters to include an exterior architectural feature to reflect the company’s most important project to date: the Three Gorges Dam. The dam, placed into operation in 2008, is the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant. Three Gorges Mansion headquarters was an 800-million Chinese Yuan ($128 million U.S.) investment that lies in the southern portion of the Chengdu high-tech zone. The project consists of two buildings, a 19-story north tower and an 18-story south tower, that are connected at the base of the building.  Company leadership envisioned a wall of water between the buildings that would flow much like the water rolls over the Three Gorges Dam. To fulfill their vision, Three Gorges turned to Los Angeles-based architectural firm Water Entertainment Technologies, also known as WET Design, to create a masterpiece worthy of the surrounding scenery.

Innovative modeling created a three-story “water curtain” in the open space between the two towers. The architects specified LATICRETE installation materials and LATICRETE team expertise to help them construct a water feature that would last generations. The waterfall feature was 650-feet long, 32 feet high and its installation was difficult. Cement board was affixed to a steel structure using LATAPOXY® 300 Adhesive, a chemical-resistant, epoxy adhesive that will bond to most sound, clean surfaces. A second layer of cement board was attached to the first, and the team used LATICRETE® 4237 Latex Additive combined with LATICRETE® 211 Powder to bond reinforced fabric onto the cement board. Due to the expanse of the feature wall, the installation team set 3 mm expansion joints every 19 feet using LATICRETE® 9235 Waterproofing Membrane to protect the structure from cracks.

The final finish was an exterior wall of Basalt mosaic, a surface that is uneven, difficult to grout, and would be exposed to thousands of gallons of water per hour. The team specified LATICRETE HYDRO BAN®, a thin, load-bearing waterproofing and crack isolation membrane and LATAPOXY 300, knowing that usage of this product would ensure that the mosaic would not fall off. According to Judy Xie of LATICRETE, “There was no tile grout specified because the stone mosaic surface is very uneven and therefore, extremely difficult to grout. This very precise tile installation process, took approximately twenty days to complete.”


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