New Color from Marazzi
November 20th, 2012

Marazzi has introduced CITTA, a new line with an expansive color spectrum that ranges from the quietest of neutrals to very vibrant primaries, setting the stage for all-out personalized interior walls. The streamlined narrow rectangle shape immediately attracts attention as a wallscape material that is outside the norm. Architect and design professionals will relish this exciting new format that is such a welcome deviation from smaller, mundane wall tile sizes and shapes. The array of 14 colors contained in CITTA’s matte palette integrates smoothly with other elements in the Marazzi Architectural program, facilitating high levels of design flexibility. All feature accompanying bull nose trim, plus 12 are also available in three-dimensional decorative inserts that can either stand-alone or integrate with field tile to generate eye-catching patterns. Vertical or horizontal layouts – or a mixture of the two – are equally inventive. Single color expanses or the creative mixture of multiple colors offer infinitely intriguing possibilities. CITTA casts walls in a whole new light (or dark), seamlessly merging design statements from one plane to the next.

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