Quick Drain Spacer
October 25th, 2012

Quick Drain USA has announced the release of a new ¾” spacer. The product was introduced as an alternative option to address the variety of tile thicknesses available on the market and how they measure up to the adjacent drain for installation purposes. Quick Drain has added the ¾” spacer, making it the seventh different sized spacer the firm offers, all of which are used to easily raise the drain cover to the height of the floor. Other systems use “feet” or “legs” that are difficult to adjust should the customer change the floor material, especially since the feet are embedded in a mud bed that Quick Drain eliminates. Unlike others, the Quick Drain channel drain system is designed to make it easy for the contractor to work with a number of floor materials and thicknesses. ”We love talking to contractors who have installed other systems,” said Jim Van Landingham, Vice-President of Residential Sales for Quick Drain USA. “Once they see ours and how easy it is to work with, they never go back to the others.”

Craftsman, by Florida Tile

This line designed by Florida Tile, embodies these same qualities of contemporary design, extraordinary craftsmanship and the American spirit those people and of that time period. Designed in a classic Marble style, the Craftsman DP line features a smooth flat surface that is ideal for residential and light commercial applications. The graphic development is done using Florida Tile’s proprietary DP-Digital Porcelain technology. With up to 20 different graphics per color in the 12×12 alone, this line features the realistic shade variation of the most modern decorating lines available. 12 vby 12, 18 x 18, mosaics and listellos in biscuit, rye and wheat.

Next-Generation Sound-Reduction Membrane

Researchers at MAPEI have delivered a new, patent-pending sound-reduction membrane for use in both residential (homes, apartments, condominiums) and light commercial (office buildings) environments. Mapesonic™ 2 provides reduced transmission of both impact sound (footsteps, dropped objects, etc.) and airborne sound (voice, TV, etc.) through floors. The membrane also helps prevent movement up to 3/8″ (10 mm) wide from transmitting through flooring assemblies. Mapesonic 2’s next-generation technology combines sound reduction and crack isolation in a thin, flexible, lightweight, load-bearing, fabric-reinforced “peel-and-stick” membrane approved for use under ceramic tile, stone and wood flooring. The challenge for MAPEI’s R&D group was to meet or exceed a rating of 50 for both STC (airborne sound) and IIC (impact sound) standards on a 6″ (15 cm) concrete slab with no ceiling. Mapesonic 2 met both of those challenges head-on, bringing to the marketplace an easier-to-use membrane that compares favorably with thicker membranes currently on the market. Brian Pistulka, Business Manager for MAPEI America’s Tile & Stone Installation Systems product line, commented enthusiastically on Mapesonic 2: “This patent-pending membrane is the most significant development in the industry that I have seen in my career. The MAPEI Group did in-depth research into understanding sound, how it travels, and how various materials and the dynamics of components work together to reduce that sound. Mapesonic 2 is truly a product innovation – delivering better sound-performance results with a thinner membrane than existing contenders, because of its material composition and design format. The result is technology you can build on.”

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