How about a cradle-to-cradle installation?
October 22nd, 2012

Crossville Tile & Cannon Design team up to recycle old bathrooms into new!

When Cannon Design in Chicago was renovating 78 bathrooms over 39 floors of the the John C. Kluczynski Federal Building, the company tapped Crossville Tile to create the tile – more than 57,000 square feet.

Once Cannon learned that Crossville had invented the solution for recycling fired porcelain tile, they asked if any porcelain body could be recycled, i.e. – toilets, sinks and urinals. After testing was completed, Crossville determined that, indeed, any porcelain could be recycled to make new tile.

So, Crossville set about to harvest all existing porcelain from the building so that all new tile could be manufactured from those materials.

The design challenges were substantial. First, create all new tile by recycling all tile and porcelain fixtures from the building’s bathrooms, a true cradle-to-cradle installation. A second, equally important challenge, addressed logistics: time the demolition/installation so that tenants always had bathroom access within one floor of their work locations. Happily, Cannon & Crossville were able to meet these expectations.

The tile that Crossville created for this unique project went on to inspire Shades by Crossville, the new line of porcelain tile launched into the full market a few months ago.

Importantly, the project turned out to be a great success well beyond the beautiful and truly sustainable renovations of the building. Because of this project, Crossville developed a partnership with TOTO USA to recycle their fired yet unused toilets, saving thousands upon thousands of product from entering landfills each year. As a result, Crossville is now a net consumer of waste!

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