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January 1st, 2011

New products and insight from the tiling industry

TileSizer™ Inc. continues expansion into the tile store retail market, and more recently into the government contracting and subcontracting arenas as a 100% woman-owned business. “We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the government and hope this early market entry will help prepare TileSizer™ for the forthcoming SBA (Small Business Association) contracting program set for release in February 2011,” says CEO Laura Saitta. TileSizer™ is the fi rst adjustable tile cutting tool for wet saws that easily allows you to cut tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes – horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. It accommodates tiles as small as 1/4”x1” up to approximately 6”x6” tiles depending on the style of cut, and with a tile thickness of up to 3/4”. In addition, because the tile is secure throughout the entire tile cutting process, small tile pieces discharged during the cutting process are minimized. TileSizer™ uses rustresistant components so that it can be cleaned and reused in the future, across multiple projects.

Choosing standouts among the hundreds of new and exciting discoveries in tile and stone to be found at Coverings 2011, March 14-17, at The Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas will be the task of Coverings Spectrum Select and a panel of judges. Coverings Spectrum Select is a partnership between Coverings and Contract magazine to honor tile and stone products that refl ect outstanding design, engineering and technological innovation, and that set new standards in aesthetics and performance. The Call for Entries is open only to Coverings exhibitors, who may submit up to four candidates in any of the following categories: Artisan Tile/Stone; Porcelain/Ceramic Tile Wall; Porcelain/Ceramic Tile Floor; Mosaic Tile; Glass Tile; Natural Stone; Installation Material Systems; and, Equipment and Machinery. For a product that might not fi t into these eight defi nitions, the judges will consider prospects classifi ed as Other. The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 4, 2011, with entry forms available at the Coverings website. “The prestige of being a Coverings Spectrum Select choice resonates long after the show ends and is an added value that exhibitors can effectively leverage in marketing their brands,” said Jennifer Hoff, president of National Trade Productions, which manages and produces Coverings. “The program is patterned on Contract magazine’s Best of NeoCon concept, which is revered in the contract furnishings industry,” she explained, “and we’re fortunate to be able to apply their level of experience and vision to the tile and stone industry, as well. Coverings Spectrum Select is a badge of distinction that helps bring to light the extraordinary caliber of these materials and tools of the trade.” According to Hoff, it’s on the show fl oor of Coverings in March where the judges’ fi nal scrutiny takes place, as they personally visit the exhibit space of each entrant, see the products fi rst-hand, and probe for additional details that may factor in their decisions.

Four members of the US A&D community are going to Spain as winners of Tile of Spain’s Reign in Spain A&D. Tile of Spain is the umbrella brand managed jointly by the Trade Commission of Spain in Miami, FL and the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER) in Valencia, Spain. The annual media junket to Spain coincides with Cevisama, the International Ceramic Tile and Bath Furnishings Show held in Valencia. From Feb. 4-12, 2011, the group of architects, interior designers and journalists will travel to the cities of Zaragoza, Teruel and Valencia to take in Spanish architecture, culture, culinary temptations and of course, Cevisama. Winners are: Bob Borson, associate principal and architect at Bernbaum Magadini Architects in Dallas, Texas; Andie Day, an award-winning interior designer whose inventive solutions have been featured in the Washington Post, New England Home, Kitchen and Bath Ideas®, Design New England and in NECN’s inspirational television series: Dream House; Scott Knudson, vice president of design for Wiencek + Associates Architects + Planners; and Lira Luis, a global American architect specializing in organic architecture, who holds multiple licenses Asia, North America, and a Chartered Architect designation in Continental Europe.

Inc.’s Consumer & Construction Division has added Doug Katze, a 20-year adhesives industry expert, to its talented team. Katze joins Bostik as Product Manager – Floor Covering & Ceramic Installation Solutions. He is responsible for managing the company’s extensive line-up of ceramic, carpet, vinyl, patch, and rubber floor-covering solutions. Katze also is charged with working closely with distributors, retailers and end users, as well as Bostik R&D and sales/marketing staff to innovate and meet unmet marketplace needs. With Henkel Corp. 20 years, Katze most recently served as a Global Marketing Manager for the firm’s Electronic Adhesives Division. Prior to that, he served as product manager, senior applications engineer, research chemist and technical service engineer. “It was a good fit and the timing was right,” Katze said, referring to the move. “Bostik is known worldwide for its strong people and products. This is what attracted me to Bostik.” Katze reports directly to Robert McNamara, Director of Marketing & Sales for Bostik’s Consumer & Construction Division.“It’s not often you can hire an adhesives expert with 20 years of knowledge and contacts,” McNamara said. “Doug is a proven marketing mind who has been there, done that, across all disciplines from R&D to marketing to technical service.”

Laticrete has announced the release of six exciting new grout and sealant colors set to launch in January 2011. The six new grout and sealant colors to join the LATICRETE color palette include Tawny, Desert Khaki, Hot Cocoa, Terra Cotta, Espresso and Dusty Grey, offered in LATICRETE® SpectraLOCK® PRO Grout, LATICRETE SpectraLOCK 2000 IG, and LATICRETE PermaColor Grout™. LATICRETE will also offer a coordinating LATICRETE Premium Acrylic Caulk to compliment each of the six new grout colors. LATICRETE will have the new grout and acrylic caulk on display this January in Las Vegas at Surfaces 2011. “Our customers were an integral part of our research in narrowing down to the six new colors. The palette will now offer a fresh look and new options in color to choose for installations of tile and stone,” said Maria Oliveira, LATICRETE, Corporate Marketing Manager. “The ability to accent tile and stone designs with LATICRETE grout allows industry professionals to explore options and personalize each space. The full range of LATICRETE grout products are GREENGUARD for Children & Schools certified for promoting healthy indoor air quality.

On other news, LATICRETE has continued to strengthen its technical services division at world headquarters in Bethany with the announcement that Dave Barbagallo has joined the team as Training Coordinator/Technical Services Representative. LATICRETE runs continuous training sessions and demonstrations throughout the year, and in his new role Barbagallo will primarily be in charge of the planning and execution of these programs. He will also work closely with the rest of the technical services team in recommending certain materials and methods for specific applications of tile and stone, as well as assisting with troubleshooting projects in the field. Barbagallo joins LATICRETE after nearly 20 years working directly in the flooring business. Positions in customer service, retail sales, and as the owner of a tile and stone installation business for the last 13 years, provided him with a broad range of experiences in the industry. At LATICRETE, Barbagallo will get to pass this knowledge along to tile and stone contractors, architects, designers and other specification professionals from around the world, largely through his main responsibility in coordinating the LATICRETE “Profit through Knowledge” training program. Utilizing classroom instruction and hands-on demonstrations, the intensive, two-day seminar covers a broad range of topics from product performance requirements to industry standards, while providing a complete overview of LATICRETE materials and methods for the permanent, problem-free installation of tile and stone.

For years, the firm Eliane Ceramic Tiles has been focused on virtually every aspect of the worldwide green movement. Sustainability via the manufacturing process is one of them. The monoporosa (single fi red) manufacturing process at Eliane reuses 20% of the raw materials incorporated in the ceramic paste production process. These reused materials include E.T.E. Compound, a substance derived from the liquid effl uent treatment process which takes place in three Eliane factories located in Cocal do Sul, state of Catarina. This effluent is made up of residues from the paste and glaze preparation sectors, residues from the glazing lines, and water from the dye preparation of tile material that calls for water for washing. Solids and liquids are separated; the resulting solids are called “E.T.E Mud.” This mud material is subsequently channeled to the blending operation area, where it is combined with raw tile breakage material (before fi ring) and chamotte (from fi red pieces) into a blend which then forms the monoporossa/single fi ring compounds. “Return” is the name given to tiles which break during the manufacturing process. This breakage material can be material generated from tiles breaking during both wet and dry production procedures. After the composition qualifi es to meet technical characteristics for reuse in manufacturing, the residues are blended (return, chamotte and E.T.E mud), homogenized and then closely analyzed for verifi cation of established patterns. Once OK’d, the compound may then be reused in the ceramic paste. Eliane also reuses water in the ceramic paste preparation process. Most of the water used in all production processes is recycled. After it is separated from liquid effl uents, the water is treated and almost 100% reused. “Eliane has been a leader in energy conservation and in the recycling of waste material for many years,” stated Edson Gaidzinski, Jr., Eliane’s CEO. “We actually were an “ecofriendly” manufacturer even before the term was globally recognized as being synonymous with ‘green.’”

Trikeenan Tileworks® has released Boneyard Brick™, a highly durable glazed thin brick product that combines reclaimed materials from two factories. Post-industrial waste from Trikeenan and Metropolitan Ceramics, a thin-brick manufacturer, creates the Boneyard Brick collection. Trikeenan uses salvaged thin brick from Metropolitan’s METROBRICK ‘boneyard,’ then glazes it with their own recycled glazes. Trikeenan utilizes a closed loop system, meaning there is no glaze or clay waste leaving the factory. Clean water in, clean water out. 100% glaze waste is reused in this process. The resulting products have 95% recycled content, and are 100% VOC free. “After 100 years of manufacturing brick and related products, METROBRICK had accumulated an impressive boneyard of perfectly serviceable thin brick,” says Trikeenan co-owner Stephen Powers. “The boneyard brick’s defects – slight shifts in body colour and size – are a natural palette for our glazes, and an ideal material for all interior wall tile and exterior thin brick applications. We realized that combining their scrap and our reclaimed glazes would result in a really unique, socially responsible new product with strong appeal to the commercial A&D market. We took the waste from two factories and created a beautiful, useful product that will last another lifetime.” Boneyard Brick can be specifi ed in the most demanding of interior and exterior wall cladding environments. Glazed thin brick has the added advantage of being suitable for wet areas, especially those needing sanitary surfaces such as commercial kitchens, bathrooms, pools and spas. The reduced absorption of glazed brick also reduces or eliminates spalling and effl orescence. Plus being fully green, Boneyard Brick helps in your quest for LEED credit. Boneyard Brick is offered in 15 colours and three sizes: Modular – 2 1/4 x 7 5/8”, Norman – 2 1/4 x 11 5/8” and Utility – 3 5/8 x 11 5/8”. Edge cap and corner pieces are also available, as are custom colors. All brick is 5/8” thick including a dovetail back that locks into mortar.

Florida Tile has introduced Quartez, its newest HDP-High Definition Color Body Porcelain Tile collection inspired by the durability and beauty of natural quartzite. “Much like naturally occurring quartzite, which begins as a soft sandstone until the earth’s pressure and heat transform it into a robust rock resistant to chemical weathering, Florida Tile’s Quartez series is similarly as rugged as it is beautiful,” says Sean Cilona, Florida Tile’s Marketing Director.“Designer-wise, Quartez is full of rich earth tones, high shade variations and metallic highlights. Like its inspiration, Quartez is extremely resistant to wear and tear. Not only is it beautiful enough for the most highfashion residential interiors, Quartez is also tough enough to be rated for both commercial and exterior applications,” Cilona said. Because Quartez tile is crafted using a clefted punch, each surface features a heavy, natural- looking texture which contributes to slip resistance yet makes the tile soft to the touch.The initial Quartez release is in three main colors. Individual tiles are manufactured to achieve the highest variety of color for a truly natural and random effect: Citadel, the darkest and most varied option for the boldest of statements; Fortress, a gray-green adaptive to any environment and a cool look for today’s modern interiors; and Cornerstone, a neutral play on upscale, rich golden tones, ideal for brightening any room’s floor or walls. Quartez is featured in three sizes 12×12 and 18×18 and 12×24.“Quartez is available immediately as a full collection, including bullnose, cove base and corners, listellos and a host of mosaics (notably the a dimensional split-face mosaic for wall accents or backsplashes). This is what one would expect from a premium line with crossover appeal,” Cilona concluded. Quartez is MADE IN THE USA by Florida Tile. It is ADA-compliant and Greenguard® and Porcelain Tile certified. Each tile contains 10% recycled content.

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