Editor’s Desk
January 1st, 2011

by Janet Arden

Welcome to the pages of the new, improved TileDealer!

For some time now we have wanted to streamline our look with cleaner typefaces and clearer, easier-to-identify departments. And because tile is very much a fashion item, we also wanted the tiles and designs to speak for themselves. I hope we have succeeded.

However, good looks are just one aspect of TileDealer. We are committed to continuing to deliver industry trends, insight and information you can use now to run a more profitable, more successful business.

In fact, this issue meets all those needs:

1.“Crossing the Line” discusses the growing marketplace for exterior tile installations on decks, pools and those trendy new outdoor kitchens.

2. “Recession Lessons” takes a look at what survivors of the recent economic meltdown have learned about running a business in tough times and how they’ll use that knowledge going forward.

3. “One-on-One” talks with the Tile Doctor, Curt Rapp, who also happens to be the founder of Tile Partners for Humanity and the driving force behind a remarkable new product for antimicrobial treatment.

4. “Showroom Seminar” offers a case study in designing from the floor up for a new showroom packed with vignettes that sell! In the months ahead, TileDealer will continue to deliver the same first-rate industry information and business data you have come to expect.

A few of the upcoming highlights include the annual color preview in our coverings issue, along with a look at artisan tiles. This issue will also be available in print at Coverings. The May/ June green building issue will cover the latest green materials and the business of selling sustainability; the July/August back-to-school issue will consider training opportunities for the tile industry as well as trends in stone. September/October takes an important look “Beneath the Surface” at underlayment, underfloor heat and why floors fail. The November/ December issue is designed to help you plan for a more profitable 2012, including smarter shipping and warehousing and building your business by working with designers, architects and specifiers. As always, each issue will include Innovations & Insights, Showroom Seminar, One-on-One Interviews, and more.

Stay with us in 2011. It’s going to be a great year!

Janet Arden

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