Tile Tour 2008
January 2nd, 2009

Tile of Spain Offers the Unexpected Imagination and technology team to offer new options for tile installations.

January-February 2008

Tile of Spain branded manufacturers have tapped imagination and technology to deliver designs that work well beyond the kitchen and bath.

Many Tile of Spain manufacturers have revolutionized the idea of using tile in rather unexpected situations. They are specifying ceramic tile in rooms where we normally don’t expect to see tile at all. Ceramic tile isn’t just for the kitchen and bath anymore; in recent years we are seeing it used more often in dining rooms, living areas, bedrooms, and hallways—and not only in residential spaces, but in commercial spaces as well.

For hospitality situations, where a digital printed, wood-looking wainscoting tile can be used in hotel hallways to accentuate a more boutique or intimate feeling, ceramic tile is not only aesthetically the best option, but durable and easy to maintain.

Inalco, one of the manufacturers under the Tile of Spain umbrella, demonstrates this trend in a collection called Suite using large format tile in 18″x 35.5″, which comes in white, beige or grey. It is a creative, innovative and a chic representation of an unusual way to use ceramic tile. Ceracasa, another Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, uses digital technology as well to create printed tiles that look like a white leather tufted chesterfield fabric. These tiles are perfect for a fabric-looking headboard, or a unique way to create a powder room floor.

Whatever can be imagined from a fresh, cutting-edge design standpoint, can be realized. It is a fun and dramatic way to incorporate ceramic tile, or make it the focal point, while still being practical and functional. Most of Ceracasa’s digital tiles can be specified in large or medium formats.

The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manu-facturer’s Association (ASCER) is the private organization whose primary objective is to support Spain’s ceramic tile manufacturers and the industry as a whole by stewarding and promoting the Tile of Spain brand worldwide. A strong global leader in the industry, the Tile of Spain brand comprises 220 manufacturers concentrated primarily in the province of Castellon.

For more about tile produced in Spain, contact Tile of Spain Center at the Trade Commission of Spain, 2655 Le Jeune Road, Suite 1114, Coral Gables, FL 33134. Call 305-446-4387 or visit www.spaintiles.info.

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