November 2nd, 2008

November-December 2008

Cast Color from Questech
Questech Tile is launching the Cast Color Tile line, elevating everything we know about glass tile. Questech has infused innovation at every level; the possibility of chipping and cuts are replaced with beauty and easy care. Cast Color Tile is a proprietary composite made using real glass, with the beautiful look and feel of glass, but without the splintering, scratching and finger printing that can sometimes happen. Beautifully designed to put a fresh twist on the kitchen or bathroom, the Cast Color line gives space a luxurious look without the price tag to match. Cast Color Tile is a durable and easy-to-clean material. As with all Questech tiles, the Cast Color lined is sealed with their innovative product, Q-Seal®, a permanent protective sealer that is baked right into the tile at the factory. Q-Seal® is chemically resistant so acids from cleaning products and household spills can’t damage the tile. It also boasts anti-microbial protection, Ultra-Fresh®, which inhibits odor and stain-causing bacteria to fight mold.

Mediterranea has launched the MetroLife collection of large format thru-body porcelain tile, offering a highly artistic rendering of a stained concrete floor for high-traffic commercial applications or residential spaces. Produced in the USA and readily available for timely distribution, the MetroLife collection was created using Mediterranea’s exclusive TruColor™ technology, featuring the random mixing of colored clays throughout the entire body of the tile, combined with double-loaded technology, resulting in a highly textured surface full of artistic shading and random movement. The MetroLife collection meets all ADA requirements for slip resistance in high-traffic commercial areas, and the contemporary urban flair of this vibrant, colorful collection of fully rectified, double-loaded porcelain tile is ideal for high visibility installations. The MetroLife collection from Mediterranea is produced in five different sizes, complete with bullnose accessories and two different styles of mesh-backed mosaics mounted on 12" x 12" sheets. The MetroLife collection will offer traditional square size mosaics, but will also offer a new, 1" x 2" rectangular mosaic format in a broken joint brick pattern. This highly artistic, stained concrete-look collection is produced in 24" x 24", 12" x 24", 18" x 18", 12" x 12" and 6" x 6" sizes, and in four vibrant colors: Macchiato Brown, Cinnabar Red, Melted Bronze and Graphite Charcoal.

Designer Drain Plates
Tile Redi has launched an exclusive line of designer drain plates for a perfect fit when used in combination with the company’s easy-to-install waterproof shower pans. Since all Tile Redi shower pans allow ceramic, glass or stone tiles to be adhered directly to the surface, each drain is manufactured in a square form, rather than a circle, to make the drain easier to tile around. The designer drain plates are available in 18 variations of the standard base colors, including Black, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Copper, Nickel and White, in order to match the existing hardware in the bathroom. For both the residential and commercial construction sectors, Tile Redi shower pans are mold-free and 100 percent leak-proof with no additional on-site shower pan waterproofing required at the time of the installation. Tile Redi patented and UL-listed shower pans are manufactured as pre-formed, one-piece molded shower modules. Complete with fully integrated drains, curbs and splash walls, each leak-proof unit is pre-pitched for easy drainage. By solving water intrusion problems, Tile Redi shower pans inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

Bamboo, from Imagine Tile
Imagine Tile, the industry leader pioneering the use of high-resolution imagery in ceramic tile adds Bamboo, a new photo realistic design to the Nature Series. Bamboo, from Imagine Tile, captures the natural beauty of real bamboo wood in an easy-to-care-for ceramic tile. Enhance a room, indoors or out, with Bamboo’s rich, exotic look. Bamboo ceramic tile has a commercial wear rating, is unaffected by UV light and resistant to strong chemicals. Available for floors, walls or counters, Bamboo is ideal for residential or commercial installations. In 16" x 16" or 8" x 8" sizes.

ProSpec® Launches Lightweight Thin Set Mortar
ProSpec, Bonsal American’s brand of professionally specified products, has introduced PermaFlex® Lite 525, a lightweight thin set mortar for tile and natural stone installations. The lightweight technology allows for the same coverage as a 50 lb. bag of traditional mortar in a 25 lb. size. It also incorporates post-consumer recycled glass microspheres, rather than sand, to help divert the waste from landfills. The reduced weight per bag means easier lifting for the installer. These design features mean the product contributes to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) project points. The new lightweight technology also boasts superior workability that makes it easier to mix and trowel. It is ideal for interior or exterior installation on walls, floors or ceilings. PermaFlex Lite 525 sets most types of ceramic tile or stone including glass, porcelain and quarry tiles, pavers and marble. Its non-sag formula also makes it ideal for installing heavy ceramic tile, without slippage. PermaFlex Lite 525 is classified as a C2-E-T-S1-P1 performance product and meets ISO 13007 performance characteristics. These specifications categorize it as an improved cementitious adhesive that meets special performance characteristics including extended open time, slip resistance, deformability and adhesion to exterior grade plywood. PermaFlex Lite 525 is available in 25 lb. bags in both white and gray.

GranitiFiandre Introduces Crystal Collection to US Market
Italian stone and tile manufacturer GranitiFiandre has recently introduced their patented Crystal Collection to the United States market. Crystal is a group of luxurious porcelain slabs rich in crystal inclusions that accent the material’s distinctive fullness of hue. “The technical excellence and innovation that characterize GranitiFiandre’s style are indubitable with the development of Crystal,” said Jeanne Nichols, vice president for GranitiFiandre in the United States. “This captivating collection offers designers a dazzling, original porcelain material perfect for creating sophisticated interiors.” GranitiFiandre received a patent for Crystal’s technical excellence and product design, which features evenly distributed sparkling crystals over its surface. The crystals produce a light reflecting, visual effect similar to mica found in natural stone formations and highlight the material’s deep color. Blue Crystal, Purple Crystal, Cinder Crystal, and Black Crystal are available in 36" x 18" and 18" x18", along with 1" x 1" mosaics, Project 11, and a variety of liners, dots, and steptreads. Crystal finishes include polished, honed, and silk-touch. Crystal is part of GranitiFiandre’s GeoStyle product line that showcases their most innovative design concepts and expansive R&D efforts including GeoDesign, GeoDiamond, GeoStyle, and Luminar Collections.

Italian stone and tile manufacturer GranitiFiandre has expanded its contemporary Collection with a product specifically designed for exterior application. Exte continues to build upon the collection’s minimalist style with its varying textured surface designs and new slate finish. “ Exte’s tile-to-tile surface variations, slate finish, and earthy color options work perfectly in minimalist exterior designs where the focus is on a relaxed, natural space with careful attention to finishing details,” said Jeanne Nichols, vice president—sales and marketing for GranitiFiandre in the United States. Exte is available in 12" x 12" and 8" x 8" slate finish formats in Desert Exte, Moka Exte, Urban Exte and Graphite Exte. finishes include a silk-touch finish—inspired by the softness of silk— and a fiber finish—inspired by the unevenness of raw fabrics—as well as honed and diagonal textured finishes. Coordinating mosaics, bullnose, and steptread are also available.

DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Natural Stone Countertop Sealer protects natural stone against unsightly, damaging stains. It combines DuPont™ BulletProof® technology with the convenience of a spray dispenser to deliver superior protection against water- and oil-based stains while preserving the natural look of the stone. Available in a 24-ounce trigger spray bottle, this advanced penetrating microbond sealer works well on vertical surfaces such as backsplashes and natural stone tile shower walls. It can be applied to damp surfaces so the job can start and finish more quickly. DuPont has tested and verified the use of this water-based countertop sealer on surfaces including marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, flagstone, saltillo, bluestone and sandstone. Likewise, DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional has introduced two new cleaners specially formulated to remove the toughest problems from ceramic, porcelain and natural stone surfaces. DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner is a water-based professional grade cleaner that removes stubborn grease and dirt on porcelain and ceramic tile, as well as natural stone. An economical concentrate available in one-gallon containers, the cleaner is diluted at a 1:1 ratio with warm water. It can be used on natural stone surfaces including marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate and sandstone as well as ceramic and porcelain tile and epoxy and cement grout. It also works well on masonry, concrete surfaces, DuPont™ Zodiaq® and other engineered stone, DuPont™ Corian® and other solid surfaces. DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Epoxy Grout Haze Remover easily cleans off epoxy grout haze from newly installed ceramic, porcelain and natural stone surfaces without a strong odor. It is a highly effective low-odor, water-based remover safe for ceramic and porcelain tile and a variety of natural stone surfaces including slate, granite and marble.


Dunis Studios has added ornamental field tile and borders to its historical collection of classical tile. The new designs are intricate motifs, hand-cast and hand-painted, which fit together to create an overall patterned frieze. These imaginative interpretations of classic Renaissance and Baroque designs are beautifully hand-crafted with fine detailing. These new designs and any of Dunis Studios’ Classical Collection are available in over 300 colors. They are designed and made exclusively by Dunis Studios, a leading United States-based art tile design company.

Level has announced Wave, the latest porcelain tile collection for this new brand. Developed from Italian design and created via modern tile manufacturing and glazing techniques, Wave offers distinctive styling and customizable modularity on floors and walls. It is available immediately in the U.S. and Canadian markets in four through-body colors (Oro, Beige, Blu and Noce), a blend of warm and cool tones. With its stone appearance, Wave is versatile for residential and commercial applications. Its heavy shade variation adds dramatic interest and authenticity, heightened by the clever “waves” of color—carefully crafted striations in the glaze applications—that add detail to each individual tile. All colors come in 20" x20", 13" x13", 10" x 20", 6½" x 6½" and 3½" x 6½" field tiles and 3" x 13" bullnose. Additionally, each color comes in 13" x 13" mosaic tiles comprised of 31/4"x31/4" cut pieces mounted on mesh-backing for simple installation. Complementary 2" x14½" mosaic listellos are offered for each colorway, blending tonal, linear strips with deeper, contrasting cut pieces.

StoneFone, LLC announced the premiere of its StoneFone software at StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas 2008. The innovative and versatile StoneFone software provides modern day solutions for the stone industry by facilitating communication between designers, fabricators, sales representatives and stone retailers at the touch of a button. Whether creating PDF contracts, calculating sales commissions, tracking sales performance, or accessing slab and remnant inventory, StoneFone promises to improve all aspects of stone fabrication from start to finish. Matt Pharr, Managing Partner, states, “Whether at the office using a PC or on the road with an iPhone, sales representatives will be able to fax and email stone bids instantaneously. Fabricators will be able to update job details and schedules in real time, 24 hours per day. Administrators will be able to track employee hours, monitor job progress, and perform basic accounting. Everything will be easier from this point on and this is only the beginning.”

Stone Care International, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of commercial and residential natural stone and tile surface care products, has introduced the Stone Care For Dummies™ retail product line. It provides a simple and straightforward do-it-yourself (DIY) application process to help consumers care for granite and marble countertops; stone floors such as marble, limestone, granite, and slate; and all ceramic and porcelain tile surfaces. The new line features a full range of products, including stone countertop and floor cleaners, a stone countertop polish, a tile and grout cleaner, and a stone and grout sealer. “Wiley’s For Dummies® products are universally known for their ability to meet the needs of consumers in easy to understand language,” states Andrew Levine, founder of Stone Care International. In addition to the unmistakable For Dummies logo, every bottle of Stone Care For Dummies features easy-to-follow instructions for product use, tips and techniques for preventive maintenance, and advice on the proper equipment, as well as how to tackle specific cleaning challenges. “The DIY market continues to grow and we’re proud we could add Stone Care For Dummies to our extensive list of offerings,” states Ali DellaPenna, licensing manager at Wiley.

Ergon Engineered Stone, a brand of EmilCeramica Spa, is now producing its Mikado Series with 40% recycled content. The Mikado Series joins Green Tech as one of the first Italian products independently certified as being produced with a significant quantity of recycled content. “Our goal was to take one of our most successful products, Mikado, and apply our newly developed recycled manufacturing process. The result is that we can produce an aesthetically beautiful product that also minimizes our environmental impacts,” said David Lang, GM of EmilAmerica, US subsidiary of EmilCeramica. Bureau Veritas, an international testing and certification organization, has officially certified the Mikado Series as having the presence of at least 40% pre-consumer recycled ceramic content by weight. Based on its recycled content, Mikado will directly support the requirements of the USGBC’s LEED Rating System for New Construction & Major Renovations version 2.2. The Mikado Series is available in three popular colors (Bambu, Mogano and Ebano) with multiple sizing options including 12×24”, 6×24”, 24×24”, 6×36”, 12×36” and 18×36”.

Repeating squares and rectangles impart peace and balance. Precious metal, filtered through matte-finish glass, fascinates and soothes. These are the emotions inspired by the new Roku Metallic Collection from Walker Zanger. Taking its cue from Walker Zanger’s Asian-themed Roku Collection, the Roku Metallic Collection uses the rich, warm colors of precious metal—gold, platinum and bronze—to form the “underfinish” of these matte glass tiles, providing a synergy of shimmer and muted satin. Roku Metallic glass tiles are available in sizes from one-inch squares to 6-by-12-inch rectangles, and can be employed as monochrome fields or combined for an endless array of mosaics. Their Eastern aesthetics, combined with their distinctly American design, make them at home in bathrooms, spas, kitchens, and even pools.

USG has introduced a new cementitious underlayment with outstanding strength and an innovative self-sealing technology. LEVELROCK® brand 4500 NXG™ floor underlayment is designed for interior use in a wide variety of commercial, institutional and rehab construction projects. Its smooth, hard surface provides long life over concrete slabs, pre-stressed concrete and concrete planks at thicknesses from featheredge (with proper sand) to 2 inches. Suitable for use with a variety of floor coverings, the underlayment offers compressive strengths of up to 5,500 psi, which exceeds commercial resilient floor-covering requirements as a high-performance underlayment. Quick application and setting times, combined with high production rates, permit the resumption of trade traffic within hours of the underlayment pour. The underlayment’s exceptional surface hardness also resists indentation from trade traffic. LEVELROCK 4500 NXG underlayment is mixed with sand and water at the job site, yielding a lightweight, leveling slurry. It is applied by a network of USG-authorized applicators who are located nationwide.

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