September 2nd, 2008

September-October 2008

Metropolitan Ceramics announces a new ceramic quarry tile product, ENVIROQUARRY™ with an excess of 60% pre-consumer recycled content. Centrally located in Canton, Ohio, Metropolitan Ceramics is a product line of Ironrock. Color changes in the manufacturing process of the Metropolitan Ceramics product lines creates an unfired scrap waste-product that cannot be added in large quantities to Metropolitan normal production runs. This, in combination with fired scrap and glaze waste from other operations, constitutes a large amount of material that was previously part of the waste by-product of the production process. By special blending material with a lesser amount of virgin raw material, Metropolitan is now able to manufacture a ceramic tile, ENVIROQUARRY™ with a large pre-consumer recycled content, diverting hundreds of tons of material from the waste stream. ENVIROQUARRY™ is ½ inch thick and is available in 6"x6", nominal 4"x8", and nominal 8"x8" sizes and contains in excess of 60% recycled material. The random shade variations produced in Metropolitan’s kilns give ENVIROQUARRY™ a classic traditional look that is very appealing for both residential and commercial installations. Because ENVIROQUARRY™ is hard fired, the tiles are durable enough for the most demanding/heavy traffic installations and are suitable for outdoor use in any climate. ENVIROQUARRY™ produces no off-gassing of VOC’s, can be installed and maintained with inert products, and can be recycled at end of use as road bed material or safely returned to the earth. ENVIROQUARRY™ also has a life cycle of over 50 years.

USG’s LEVELROCK® brand CSD™ EARLY EXPOSURE™ floor underlayment can be poured up to 60 days before the building’s permanent windows and doors are installed in geographic areas not subject to freezing conditions (only up to 30 days in areas subject to freezing conditions). Specific requirements must be followed in conjunction with early exposure underlayment pours. Designed for use in buildings with light-gauge steel frame construction, this innovative underlayment product can be applied over corrugated steel decks, giving architects an economical means of designing midrise buildings up to 10 stories high. “USG set an industry benchmark by pioneering the first poured floor underlayment for use in buildings with light-gauge steel framing and a corrugated steel deck,” said Dennis Socha, LEVELROCK business development manager. “With its robust formulation, CSD EARLY EXPOSURE underlayment can be poured much earlier in the construction process, speeding and streamlining trade scheduling.” This revolutionary underlayment features compressive strengths from 3,500 to 5,000 psi for incredible durability in the most demanding applications. It also can withstand the rigors of trade traffic throughout the construction cycle, eliminating the need for any floor patching before the finished floor is installed. In addition, its smooth, monolithic surface enhances worker safety and efficiency. LEVELROCK CSD EARLY EXPOSURE underlayment can be applied at a much lower thickness than poured-in-place concrete, reducing dead load and allowing a greater number of floors for increased rentable/sellable square footage. Its self-sealing technology typically eliminates the need to seal the underlayment prior to floor-covering installation. Other key product benefits include: Up to 55 percent lighter than 3 inches of concrete; Typical pour thickness is just 1-9/16 inches with a standard 9/16-inch deck; UL-rated assembly provides one- and two-hour fire ratings for safety and insurability; and Systems available to meet stringent IBC (International Building Code) sound control requirements for IIC (Impact Insulation Class) and STC (Sound Transmission Class). A licensed structural engineer should evaluate building loads and the framing system to determine whether a corrugated steel deck flooring system is appropriate. If so, the product is then applied by a USG-authorized LEVELROCK applicator.

Mandala™, a new collection of luxury tile from around the world and sister brand to Oceanside Glasstile, recently unveiled Presidio. Presidio is an exquisite collection of handcrafted porcelain mosaics made exclusively for Mandala in Italy. Presidio porcelain mosaics are created using a proprietary process in which pigmented porcelain is extruded resulting in naturalistic mosaics featuring subtle variations in color, texture, and dimension. Presidio’s color palette is soft and naturalistic, with a blended striation of values, giving the look of brush strokes within each color. Presidio offers eight colors and eight blends. Presidio also features “Tribal” decorative accent tiles swirled with metallic glazes in silver or bronze tones. Clients may also design their own custom blends. Further complementing its emphasis on texture, Presidio is available in seven patterns. Virtually maintenance-free, Presidio requires no sealant and is mesh-mounted for ease of installation. “The name Presidio evokes the rich coloring of California’s early Spanish architecture, the mission period in particular. The textures and designs also reflect the rich natural history of the environments in which this new world classical architecture was established,” said Feras Irikat, Design Director. Presidio is available in seven patterns: Mosaic, Brick, Narrow Brick, Straight Set, Basket Weave, Mission (random linear), and Eclectic (a mix of sizes). Colors are Cirrus, Earth, Smoke, Bonsai, Arena, Solare, Sienna, and Mist. Blends, named for California missions, are San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Santa Ynez, Buena Ventura, Carmel, Soledad, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz.

Sakrete® has added B-1 Trowel Grade Leveler and Underlayment to its wide range of building and repair products. B-1 is a high performance leveler used for interior applications to level and prepare areas for final flooring installations. Sakrete B-1 Trowel Grade Leveler is polymer-modified and cement-based, and designed for a wide variety of surfaces including concrete, cementitious backer board, exterior grade plywood, and embossed vinyl tile. Once applied, B-1 may be covered with asphalt, tile, vinyl flooring, carpet and/or wood flooring. Sakrete B-1 Trowel Grade Leveler is fast setting and has non-shrink and feather edge qualities that make it convenient and versatile for many applications. Its high tensile and compressive strengths also add reliability. Sakrete B-1 Trowel Grade Leveler is available in 25 lb. bags at leading building material retailers.

Chicago-based Trans Ceramica, a GranitiFiandre company, is introducing a comprehensive collection of mosaic tile products under their eclectic TCL brand of products. Designed to complement existing GranitiFiandre and TCL brand collections, the mosaics offer metal, pebble, glass, stone, and iridescent elements. “It’s been a goal of ours for some time to expand our product offering to include a complementary collection of mosaics,” said Jeanne Nichols, vice president-sales and marketing for GranitiFiandre in the United States. “This beautiful collection coordinates wonderfully with our existing products and provides limitless opportunities to create custom design installation.” Pottery, stone, glass and marble have been used in mosaic art since ancient times and are the inspiration for the TCL collection, which is offered in a variety of materials and in a full spectrum of natural colors, including: Metal—Copper Free Form, Grey Free Form, and Black Freeform; Pebbles—Serenity, Tranquility, and Repose; Glass—Lemongrass, Peppercorn, Lavender, Cinnamon, Chicory, Ginger, Peony, Dahlia, Hibiscus, Yuca, Sagebrush, and Cactus; Glass and Stone—Mandarin Sticks, Mandarin 1’’, Mandarin ½”, Camellia, Fern, Tulip, Red Clover, Black Orchard, and Snapdragon; and Iridescent– Goldenrod, Aster, Meteor, Eclipse, Zodiac, and Comet. Each mosaic is premounted on either a 12"x 12", 13"x 13", or 14"x 12½" format with varying thicknesses, depending upon material selection. They are designed to coordinate with GranitiFiandre’s Nihon, NewMarmi, and NewStone Collections and TCL’s Earth Naturals, Native Stone, and Gallery Collections.

Eliane introduces ColorSense, a dynamically colored large format wall and floor tile collection. Offered also in an undulating relief for walls, ColorSense is a complete inspired collection with numerous decorative pieces to choose from and coordinating floor tiles. The large format 17" x 34" wall tiles and the strong colors are main attractions of ColorSense, which only add to the collection’s compelling and stylish aura. The collection’s Purple, Graphite, Chocolate and Carmine shades create the perfect combination of deep and saturated colors for sophisticated residential and commercial spaces. Decorate your walls with the 17" x 34" large tiles, complement with arrays of 4", 6" or 9" x 34" vibrant decorative pieces or choose from the variety of mosaic pieces available. The 17" x 17" floor tiles, available in the same color shades as the wall tiles, finish up any elegant room. “Coming along with the latest trends on ceramic tiles, focusing on modern style surfaces and elongated rectangle shapes, we introduce the ColorSense collection, a pioneer in format in the Brazilian market,” said Marcio Muller, general manager of Eliane. “Already a success in Brazil, we believe the international market will also appreciate the large sized 17" x 34" wall tiles as well as the bold contemporary colors that make the ColorSense collection striking to the eyes.”

NAC Lifetime System Performance Warranty
National Applied Construction (NAC) Products announces a performance warranty to assure compatibility between approved thinset and medium bed mortars and its ECB Anti-Fracture Membrane for the life of the floor installation. This is the first warranty of its kind in the tile industry. In making the announcement, Tom Duvé, president and CEO of NAC Products, noted the benefit of the industry’s first combined membrane/applied mortar system performance warranty. “This is solid assurance to specifying architects, professional tile installers and building owners that newly installed floors are protected against reflective cracking and delamination between the substrate and floor surface for the life of the installation. Considering the cost of a failed installation, it’s a fantastic insurance policy.” Transferable to new building owners, the system warranty is issued on a project-by-project basis and is supported by all major manufacturers of A118.2 or better latex mortar, in partnership with NAC Products. The system warranty requires that floors must have full ECB membrane coverage for protection against 3/8-in. lateral substrate movement. A list of supporting thin-set and medium bed tile mortar manufacturers is available at the NAC Products’ web site, ECB Anti-Fracture Membrane is designed for use under floor surfaces that require protection from structural movement and for protection against Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) 10#/1000SF/24 HRS. Suitable installations include ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, slate and granite tile, pavers and brick. Suitable substrates include poured, pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete, concrete backer board, mud beds, gypsum and lightweight concrete. NAC’s ECB Membrane is the original crack isolation membrane and the first to meet all ten ANSI A118.12 standard performance tests for crack isolation membranes: National Applied Construction Products, Inc. pioneered anti-fracture membranes in the United States and invented self-adhering, sheet-applied crack isolation technology.

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