Tile Tour 2008: South American Tiles Show Off Sophisticated Side
July 2nd, 2008

July-August 2008

There is no doubt that some of the smartest designs and forward-thinking tile manufacturers are based in South America. Recent offerings reveal the same trends embraced by their European and American counterparts—large formats, sophisticated designs, and environmental responsibility.

Brazilian manufacturer Eliane Revestimentos Ceramicos, recognized ceramic tile producers since 1960, has a strong distribution network across North America thanks to its subsidiary Eliane Ceramic Tiles (USA), Inc., founded in 1989. The company produces ceramic, porcelain and stone flooring products.

Eliane Ceramic Tiles recently received three prestigious awards for its environmental protection programs at its manufacturing plants in Brazil. The Fritz Muller award was given in recognition of outstanding initiatives in environmental protection, the Ecology award was presented for the company’s recycling program, and the Sustainable Development award was granted by the Brazilian National Manufacturers’ Association.

The company’s most recent design introductions reflect current sensibilities and the latest technology. The Neolitic Series is a complete line of large format metallic tiles made with fire-melted metals over a porcelain body. The contemporary series comes in five colors and a variety of accessories. The Silver and Bronze colors give designers a new metallic visual and textile palette for imaginative design concepts. A non-metallic version is also available in the traditional 20″ x 20″ large format in White, Chestnut Brown and Black to complement the striking metallic pieces. Neolitic is appropriate for both residential and commercial installations.

Materia is a large format, glazed porcelain tile series with a unique combination of rustic and modern colors in rectified and non-rectified options, with a smooth surface finish, offering architects, specifiers and designers a versatile collection for both residential and light commercial applications. It’s available in 17″ x 17″ and 18″ x 18″ formats with stylish accents in 6″ x 17″ and 6″ x 18″ sizes, and can be easily personalized with 3″ x 3″ tozettos that coordinate with 4″ x 4″ acrylic inserts, which are sold separately to maximize customization.

Eliane received the Best Product of the Year—Ceramic Wall Tile Segment award from Building Reseller magazine (for the eighth year in a row), winning this year’s competition with the Spectro Collection, an elegant and modern glazed tile series. Spectro features an exciting new color palette of Cherry, Lavender, Olive, White, Navy and Light Gray.

Eliane has also introduced a contemporary, urban line with Contemporanea, a large format technical porcelain tile series in three neutral colors: Mocca (chocolate), Concreto (grey), and Off-White, as well as two bold colors: Ferrugem (green with touches of orange) and Petrol (navy with touches of red) and two distinct surface finishes, Natural and Lapado, offering architects, specifiers and designers a versatile collection for both residential and commercial applications.

Ilva Launches ECO Land

Ilva S.A., a leading Argentine tile manufacturer and exporter, was founded as recently as 1992 as the new venture of a group of professionals operating in the ceramic tile industry since 1978. From the beginning the company’s objective was to compete successfully with top products available in the international market.

One of its most recent introductions, ECO Land is a fully-rectified technical porcelain tile series with a colored body. ECO Land is composed of natural compounds, such as clays, sand and water, that are fired at high temperatures to create porcelain tiles recommended for exterior walls, interior walls and floors of both residential and commercial installations. To help protect our environment, 15 percent of materials used during Ilva’s technologically-superior manufacturing process are recycled. It is the first series launched from the firm’s new environmentally-friendly manufacturing facility.

ECO Land consists of seven colors to meet a wide range of commercial and residential applications: Deserts (white), Canyons (beige), Beaches (sand), Mountains (brown), Caves (gray), Vulcans (red) and Jungles (green). All colors are available in three textures: polished, unpolished and textured; and every tile is coated with a subtle sheen that is sprayed on the tile before firing, known as the Ilva-Clean feature. Ilva-Clean closes surface pores to produce a permanent finish that enhances color and maintains the surface’s appearance, even between routine maintenance sessions.

The series addresses market demand with larger formats, more options for combination and special pieces, offering large commercial and residential surfaces a contemporary color palette and aesthetic look. ECO Land’s sizes adapt to each particular need in the market, starting with large format 24″ x 24″ and 12″ x 24″ sizes, through 12″ x 12″, 6″ x 6″ and 6″ x 24″ sizes. The series is complemented with a full range of specialty pieces, including mosaics, listellos, trims and cove bases.

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