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July 2nd, 2008

July-August 2008

At the spring committee and board meetings in Orlan-do, CTDA leadership spent a considerable amount of time talking about increasing active membership within the association. This is an important goal for us in 2008, because active members strengthen the association. As active members we also clearly recognize the benefits of association membership and we think it’s good for all of us and the industry to grow these relationships.

Active members—distributors who attend events like the upcoming Management Conference, who take advantage of association benefits like webinars, online education and the Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson program—build stronger companies with more professional staffs. They feel free to network with industry peers to solve common problems. Because they’re leveraging their access to industry education, whether it’s online or in person, they’re smarter about the issues that matter the most.

The current business climate makes CTDA membership—as well as active membership—even more important. We all benefit from the shared expertise of peers who have weathered similar economic cycles. How did they manage costs? Collect outstanding invoices? Generate new relationships to build sales now and later?

It only takes 5 points!

To encourage more active members, CTDA launched the “Get Active” campaign, which includes awarding points for attending the Management Conference, and for leveraging CTDA benefits like the CCTS program, the upcoming webinar series, and the CTDA trade mission to China, as well as for participation on committees and the Board of Directors.

We’ve also added some additional incentives for becoming active members. Active members who attend the 2008 Management conference will be eligible for a drawing for their choice of free golf or a free tour at the event. Active Members will also be recognized at the Management Conference. Since it only takes 5 points to achieve active membership, I hope you’ll consider our challenge to raise your level of participation in CTDA.

Get points now!

Participate in the Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson (CCTS) program (worth 1 point per CCTS) or one of our upcoming webinars (worth 1 point per attendee).

CCTS helps you demonstrate the professionalism and industry knowledge of the individuals in your company. It gives you an advantage over the competition and also offers a way to develop employee training within your own firm. To learn more about CCTS see the related story on page 11 of this issue or visit the CTDA website,

The first CTDA webinar on “Recession Issues” with Al Bates of the Profit Planning Group, was a great success. All of the respondents to a post-webinar survey ranked it a “5” on a scale of 1 to 5. As one respondent commented, “Very worthwhile…when is the next one?” CTDA staff is currently finalizing the seminar schedule. Please check the website, for an updated calendar and registration!

I hope you’ll consider our challenge to achieve active membership. I know it will benefit you and your company.

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