May 2nd, 2008

May-June 2008

Modono Glass Tile Collection
Color Mirage™ will launch The Modono Glass Tile Collection at Coverings booth #3540, a collection of glass tiles with textures and patterns that respond to varying colors and wavelengths, created by nationally recognized designer Carrie Fazio. Four distinct series make up the Modono Collection: Opulence, Vintage, Extreme and Organic. Opulence, considered the designer series, is a luxurious metallic line with three subtle layers of dynamic textures. Glass tiles in the Vintage, Extreme and Organic series portray an iridescent sheen designed to transmit or reflect specific wave lengths (colors) and will appear to change color as the viewer’s perspective to the product changes or the light sources relative to the product change in direction or intensity. Vintage colors and patterns were selected with a Victorian sensibility and 1950s flair, using rich blues, reds and purples for an overall classic feel. Extreme offers a less-subtle color palette, utilizing screaming colors for an active installation, in which the colors move and change based on the lighting even after the product is installed. For the Organic series, Fazio selected natural and organic textures and patterns that are seen in the environment, including bamboo and tree branches. Fazio has created this collection that utilizes varying textures and sizes that bring a radically new design element to both interior and exterior spaces.

Bigger & Faster Carbide Glass and Tile Bits
Drilling in glass and tile requires exacting precision to prevent cracking and shattering. Bosch Power Tools and Accessories has engineered its new Glass and Tile Bits with a unique geometry to drill faster and last longer than the competition. Starting at 1⁄8" up to 1" in diameter, the industry’s largest bit size, they are equipped with a 3-flat shank to reduce slippage that leads to more accurate cutting. These tungsten carbide bits are diamond ground to a precision point that eliminates walking and its reinforced head prevents the carbide from cracking. The new Glass and Tile bits are best suited for working with glass, ceramic walls, and ceramic floors making it the best solution for cutting glass, bathroom installations, drilling and fastening mirrors or even setting screws in glass furniture. “The Bosch Glass and Tile Bits are a perfect solution for professionals or DIYers who need to drill into multiple materials,” states Ed Pchola, Group Product Manager, Bosch Power Tools and Accessories. “The bits deliver a great balance between cost and performance by cutting faster and lasting longer than other carbide bits.”

Motawi Introduces Montana De Oro
Art tile makers Karim and Nawal Motawi extol the creative imagery of celebrated block print artist Yoshiko Yamamoto in their most recent introduction, Montana de Oro. Kayakers, surfers and camp-ers will know that Montana de Oro is a beautiful state park where trails and cliffs meet the Pacific Ocean on the California coast. Yoshiko captured the uncommon allure of one of the park’s natural vistas in October 2006 when she created her bold yet delicate block print. Now Motawi Tileworks has adapted her art work, making a stunning art tile that will last a lifetime. Montana de Oro is part of Motawi Tilework’s annual art tile collection launch.

Crossville® Introduces Retro Active
Retro Active by Cross-ville® is a fashion-forward tile collection of updated retro colors in today’s most in-demand shapes and sizes. Sleek, clean and contemporary, Retro Active is Porcelain Stone® “tile that looks like tile.” On its own, Retro Active is ideal for minimalist design schemes in commercial and residential spaces. Or, it can be dressed up with glass and metal Accent Innovations™ by Crossville®. The Retro Active series is available in two finishes, UPS and polished, and eight colors: Pure White (UPS finish only), Empress White, Featherstone, Maple Sugar, Seabreeze, Seal Taupe, Antico Taupe and Ebony. The series includes multiple sizes and shapes, including the popular plank, to offer maximum design versatility along with trims including Bullnose, Cove Base, and Inside and Outside Corners. Offered as part of Crossville’s extensive custom cutting program, Retro Active offers the appeal of custom tile without the industry’s customary long lead times; it is made to order and delivered within three to four weeks. Laurie Lyza, Crossville’s Director or Marketing, sees “Retro Active’s minimalist look working well in all commercial and institutional venues, as well as upscale residential spaces such as urban, loft-type dwellings and luxury multi-family projects. It has a high coefficient-of-friction value and is recommended for interior floors, walls and countertops, and exterior walls in both commercial and residential environments.” Selected and grouped to make creating that perfect retro look a breeze, the colors in the Retro Active series come from Crossville’s legendary commercial line, Cross-Colors®, designed by noted color consultant, Barbara Schirmeister.

Sleek, Stylish and Square Profile
The Schluter-QUADEC square tile profile is an ideal choice for designers and installers looking for sleek design, durability, and value for their tile installation project. To protect any tile installation it should include profiles installed at the outside edges, corners, and transitions of the tiled surfaces. This prevents damage from mechanical stress and daily wear and tear. These square profiles are not only functional; they add a whole new design element of interesting contrasts and contemporary finishes. In addition to edging tile, QUADEC can also be used as a decorative accent within tiled areas. Combining QUADEC with other profiles, such as the QUADEC-FS feature strip profile and the DESIGNLINE border profile, provides homeowners with even more design options. Convenient to use and easy to install, QUADEC is secured in the mortar bond coat beneath the tile. All that shows on the tiled surface is a smooth, lustrous band that sets off the tile while protecting its unfinished edges. A universal connector piece is used for inside and outside corners as well as end caps. Manufactured from wear-resistant stainless steel and anodized aluminum, QUADEC is available in several finishes including stainless steel, brushed, satin, satin nickel and an exclusive new color: antique bronze.

Tile Redi® Barrier-Free Shower Pans
Tile Redi has brought to market a line of “barrier-free” products which not only make entering the shower an easier procedure, they also minimize potential accidents. “It’s tough enough for anyone to step over a bathtub wall when getting into the shower,” stated Farrell Gerber, Tile Redi Executive VP, Sales. “Imagine how difficult it is for a disabled person to do that? And, accidents can even happen with people walking into a non-bathtub shower, and tripping over the raised entryway “lip,” which is positioned to keep water from leaving the shower’s base and wafting over onto the bathroom floor” Tile Redi’s barrier-free shower pans are produced so that there is no raised “wall” as one enters the shower. Rather, the one-piece unit is slightly pitched so that all water, upon hitting the shower’s floor, instantly runs downward to the drain. This eliminates water running over onto the bathroom floor, minimizes ponding in the shower and ultimately, cuts down on users slipping and hence experiencing potential injury. Additionally, Tile-Redi barrier-free shower pans allow for those who must enter the shower on a wheelchair the freedom to simply wheel into the shower without any kind of raised area that could inhibit their entrance. Tile Redi patented and UL-listed shower pans are manufactured as pre-formed, one-piece molded shower modules. Complete with fully integrated drains, curbs and splash walls, each leak-proof unit is pre-pitched for easy drainage. By solving water intrusion problems, Tile Redi shower pans inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

Travertine Inspired Glazed Porcelain Tiles
Mediterranea has re-created the natural look of travertine stone in a sophisticated glazed porcelain tile series with the recent launch of “Bella,” a large format collection of glazed porcelain tiles inspired by one of the world’s oldest and most distinguished natural stones. Bella, produced in the USA and readily available for timely distribution, meets all ADA requirements for slip resistance and is ideal for commercial and residential installations. The natural travertine-look of the Bella series from Mediterranea is available in 18" x 18" and 13" x 13" large format sizes, and is complete with bullnose accessories and mesh-backed mosaics on 13" x 13" sheets. The Bella collection of fully-rectified glazed porcelain tile is offered in four colors: Terracotta, Gold, Beige and Noce.

GranitiFiandre Expands Luminar Collection
Italian stone and tile manufacturer GranitiFiandre has expanded its patented Luminar collection with two additional color offerings—OptoWhite and OptoBlack to join the initial color offerings of OptoGold, OptoSilver, and OptoBronze. “Luminar’s patented porcelain technology delivers a design marvel of texture, depth, and dimension in five lustrous shades,” said Jeanne Nichols, vice president—sales and marketing for GranitiFiandre in the United States. Created with an interactive porcelain material that reflects and generates light, Luminar materials release a continuous stream of tactile and visual experiences on most surfaces. Luminar’s visual impact comes from the unique optical effect of its surface design—a continuous series of concentric circular engravings created in part through a special treatment applied to the porcelain tile. Luminar is created with advanced porcelain technologies that ensure superior values of hardness, non-absorbency, and resistance to fire, frost, wear, and chemical attack.

Novoplan® Easy
MAPEI has rounded out its line of reduced surface-preparation products with the addition of Novoplan® Easy, an easy-preparation, self-leveling underlayment for leveling, smoothing and repairing interior floors before the installation of floor coverings. “MAPEI is growing its line of Concrete Restoration Systems, and Novoplan Easy meets the requirements of contractors who need to level a floor up to one inch [2.5 cm] and who want to save time,” said Todd Miller, MAPEI’s CRS Business Manager. “When Novoplan Easy is used over a properly primed, sound and stable substrate, surface profiling is not required, making this product a valuable complement to our premium Ultraplan® Easy self-leveling underlayment.” Novoplan Easy can be used over ceramic tile, VCT, cement terrazzo and small amounts of old cutback adhesive residue. Once the surface has been cleaned of dirt, oil, grease, etc., and primed with a MAPEI primer such as Mapeprime™ 1K, Novoplan Easy can be poured or pumped in depths from 1⁄8" to 1" (3 mm to 2.5 cm). Tile and natural stone can be installed after 12 hours. This unique leveler can be combined with MAPEI compounds to provide a total system. Novoplan Easy gives contractors another green product that contributes toward valuable LEED-certification points.

Kidszone™ My Space My Tiles
The Winchester Tile Company is delighted to announce the arrival of their very first range of decorative tiles especially designed for babies, toddlers and children. The Kidszone™ range has something for every age and phase of a child’s life, to add color and charm to many areas within the home—including the nursery, bedroom, playroom and bathroom. Colorful and fun, our tiles are also an extremely practical solution for decorating spaces where children spend time playing, learning and sleeping. There are 21 different designs in the Kidszone™ family: Educational Nursery Rhymes, Toy Cupboard, All Aboard, Counting with Teddy, ABC, Animals Jack’s Farm, Pony Paddock, Fantasy Hocus Pocus, Pirate Treasure, Mermaids, Open Road, Beside the Sea, Groovy Girl, and In the Zone. The Kidszone™ designs are perfectly complimented by a large selection of co-ordinating colored field tiles and mouldings from the Winchester Classic range which are available in matching 41⁄8", 5" or 5"x21⁄2" border sizes. This collection is designed to a superior specification, on premium quality biscuit, aimed at the top-end market where homeowners have 3+ bathrooms and are looking for something individual and special for their loved ones.

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