Tile Tour 2008
March 2nd, 2008

Turkish Tile Builds on Tradition
Past centuries pave the way for 21st century trends

March-April 2008

The Turkish tile tradition is centuries old, but one look at the design trends offered today demonstrates the Turkish quest for unmistakable style and quality supported by the most modern manufacturing capabilities. Colorful, textured designs are featured on through-body porcelain materials available in large format rectified tiles suited to the most modern installations. Listellos and decoratives personalize large format materials. Popular stone looks capitalize on nature and the increasingly green benefits of ceramic. Turkish designers have tapped trendier looks with wallpaper and animal prints, pop art and metallics, and capitalized on their manufacturing expertise by offering the largest formats in the industry.

Here are just a few of the latest offerings

Kutahya Seramik offers unique, new rectangular sizes, colorful pop art designs and natural stone looks. Metallic looks show off in Jazz Club, 20×20″, 10×20″ and 10×10″ in shades of cement, white, khaki and oxide. Companion decos and listellos come in 5×20″ and 10×20″ featuring the metallic look and a great relief.

Kutahya also offers a whimsical pop art design in Fantasia, bringing color and imagination to living spaces, from the living rooms, to bedrooms, to kitchens and bathrooms.

The Wool City series features textile and metal touches in one line. The series is available in 20×20 sizes in green, ivory, anthracite, scarlet, brown, light grey and beige.

New from Kutahya Seramik, Cosmos is a 10×30″ rectangular, the first series in this size produced in Turkey. Cosmos matches classical with modern touches to living spaces. Rectified tiles are available in beige and maroon with companion 7×30″ decos.

Madera porcelain tiles with natural stone looks feature the high breaking strength, low water absorption, resistance to chemicals and to frost that make today’s living spaces better. Inspired by nature, and detailed with the rustic reliefs, Madera comes in beige, ivory, scarlet, noce and grey and is 13×26″.

Urban Life by Vitra

From Vitra, the new collection Urban Life combines elegance without compromising durability. Colorbody tiles are made of porcelain, which is a sustainable renewable resource. This collection offers a wide range of colors including Vizon, mocha, beige, ivory, grey, dark grey, black, antrasit, cream, super white, super black, tobacco, beige-grey, blue-grey, maple, oak, wenge and cherry. The colors are enhanced by a selection of textures such as matte, lappato, hammered, relief leather, wood and grip. This collection gives every space a tranquil atmosphere to balance the fast pace of city life. It is easy to maintain and is slip resistant. Urban Life is suitable for commercial places such as airports, restaurants, shopping malls and offices as well as residential spaces. Sizes range from 6×12″, 12×12″, 18×18″, 24×24″ and 24×48″ emphasizing that VitrA’s Urban Life Collection does not just cover space. It defines it.

KALE’S ENIGMA and rainbow plus

One of the newest series from Canakkale Seramik and Kalebodur is Enigma, the full-bodied porcelain ceramic tile fit for the connoisseur. This tile range is a close reflection of volcanic stone colors and is available with wall tiles in rectified 30×60 cm and 60×60 cm sizes, fully harmonized with 30×60 cm full decors and 15×60 borders. The entire Enigma series can be completed with elegant additional pieces of natural-looking platinum and gold imprinted borders.

Kale’s Rainbow Plus offers a rich world of colors. It derives its color codes from the RAL-Design System. Canakkale Seramik and Kalebodur is the sole manufacturer supplying such an extensive range of color preferences, with 71 different color options. Rainbow Plus also offers a rich range of sizes, and since all sizes are modular, transitions and combinations between different colors and schemes are made possible. Rainbow Plus System is the only application system that can provide perfect solutions for customized decoration where there is no space for error or inefficiency. These perfect solutions also provide for a rich product line, including special modules such as those for corners and edges, allowing the overall design to perfectly match the nature of the space. The Rainbow Plus System has anti-bacterial and easy clean attributes as options. Easy clean is a modern application that is administered to wet surface tiles enabling water to flow off the surface more easily. The antibacterial option allows surfaces to sustain high levels of hygiene, where health is a consideration. The Rainbow Plus System has matte, shiny and anti-slip surface alternatives and is suitable for outdoor flooring.

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