CTDA Goals for 2008
March 2nd, 2008

March-April 2008

The Ceramic Tile Distrib-utors Asso-ciation has an exciting group of goals for 2008 including measurable objectives. Our 2007 president, Doug Miles of Miles Distributing, began this process last year with great success. His vision led to strategic planning and a serious analysis of CTDA’s role in the tile industry. That led to the identification of goals and metrics that we tracked and reported on regularly last year. These goals and metrics have given the organization direction. I’m proud to say that we are continuing in the same way this year, with the addition of some new programming goals as well.

Showroom Design
The CTDA marketing committee has formed a task force to research and develop ideas for “best practices” in showroom designs. The committee will share these best practices with the membership to help us in our businesses. The CTDA staff will also develop a program for members to employ mystery shoppers to push our quality higher.

China Trade Mission
Many of you have already indicated your intention of participating in the 2008 Trade Mission to China on June 18–29. Our Chinese hosts have planned an exciting itinerary that includes the grand opening of the new China Ceramics Industry Headquarters in Foshan, visits to ceramic tile and stone factories and meetings with leaders of those companies. We will also enjoy sightseeing in Shanghai and Beijing. I encourage you to visit the website at www.chinatiles.org/2008china.html for details.

CTDA’s goal for the trade mission is to have at least 75 participants. This trip is one of our major thrusts for 2008. Based on the initial response to the trade mission announcement, we will have lots of participation in this opportunity.

As part of CTDA’s mission to provide “education and networking opportunities,” the Education Committee is putting together a series of webinar topics of value to tile distributors to broadcast throughout the year. These web-based seminars offer an appealing format since they do not require participants to travel or even leave their work place! Watch for information to come later this year, then tune in and take advantage of these worthwhile educational opportunities.

Additional Specific Metrics
The Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson (CCTS) program continues to grow. By the end of 2008 we expect to have 300 participants who have passed the Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson exam. This certification can become the benchmark for expertise in the tile business.

CTDA encourages active member companies. Active members are the key to long-term membership in any organization. CTDA has established a rating system to quantify active membership. The 2008 membership goal begins with a target number of qualified active members as well as a target total of distributor companies and branches. This is another of the benchmarks we’ll be following and reporting on this year.

Online Education is a great opportunity. Once a student is registered the self-paced, interactive course is available 24/7 for 14 days, allowing your employees to work on their own when it’s convenient for them! Understanding the Basics of Ceramic Tile covers the history, types and uses of ceramic tile, manufacturing, selection, installation and maintenance. The course also provides many sales techniques. Offered through the University of Ceramic Tile and Stone, online training is a great resource.

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