January 2nd, 2008

January-February 2008

NABUK from Ragnos
Inspired by the softness, colors, patterns and workmanship of fine leathers, NABUK lends a sense of suppleness to modern living areas. Both natural and rectified edges manipulate space with square and rectangular options in the shade-on-shade color combinations ranging from chocolate to beige and gray to white. Matching grained listelli are available in each color. Also available, are clay-look mosaic listelli and large-scale decorative inserts comprised of both the field tile and mosaic inserts. Single bullnose cut from the tile complete the package. Color body porcelain strength with a PEI 4 rating for durability as well as ADA-recognized slip resistance.

Mediterranea’s MetroLife
The MetroLife collection of large format thru-body porcelain tile offers a highly artistic rendering of a stained concrete floor for high-traffic commercial applications or residential spaces. Produced in the USA and readily available for timely distribution, the MetroLife collection was created using Mediterranea’s exclusive TruColor™ technology, featuring the random mixing of colored clays throughout the entire body of the tile, combined with double-loaded technology, resulting in a highly textured surface full of artistic shading and random movement. The MetroLife collection meets all ADA requirements for slip resistance in high-traffic commercial areas. Produced in five different sizes, complete with bullnose accessories and two different styles of mesh-backed mosaics mounted on 12" x 12" sheets, the MetroLife collection offers traditional square size mosaics, and a new, 1" x 2" rectangular mosaic format in a broken joint brick pattern. This highly artistic, stained concrete-look collection is produced in 24" x 24", 12" x 24", 18" x 18", 12" x 12" and 6" x 6" sizes, and in four vibrant colors: Macchiato Brown, Cinnabar Red, Melted Bronze and Graphite Charcoal.

Prophet 21™ Small Business Edition
Activant Solutions Inc. announced the release of Activant Prophet 21™ Small Business Edition (SBE), a fully hosted enterprise software solution designed specifically for distributors with fewer than five employees. “We saw the need for a distribution-specific product for small niche distributors, companies just starting out, or those looking to upgrade from products not geared towards wholesale distribution,” said Steve McLaughlin, senior vice president and general manager of Activant®. “We took the technology platform that more than 1,200 successful distributors rely upon and scaled it to fit the needs of smaller distributors. In this way, Prophet 21 SBE provides small-scale distributors with the advantages of a leading distribution ERP solution and ERP provider at a fraction of the cost.” Prophet 21 SBE includes order processing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, commissions, contact management, general ledger, inventory, purchasing, system setup and administration. In addition, distributors have access to management summaries to proactively keep their business running smoothly, and maintain high levels of profitability. With Prophet 21 SBE, distributors can set alerts to notify them when margins drop below a point they specify or when a customer’s days outstanding reaches a critical point. Other features allow for the reconciliation of bank statements, calculation of landed costs, acceptance of foreign currency, setting tasks, and much more. Distributors can expand the functionality of Prophet 21 SBE with the optional integrated forms and fax packages which allows distributors to customize standard business forms, such as invoices and pick tickets, saving expensive printing costs. With the integrated fax package, distributors can fax invoices directly to customers to speed accounts receivable days. SBE is available as an on demand service, allowing distributors to focus on their core business as opposed to maintaining database and application servers.

Marazzi’s ARCTIC BAY
Refreshing as a breeze carrying the scent of pine needles, rugged as snow-capped mountains, Marazzi’s ARCTIC BAY exemplifies the free-spirited outlook and independent attitude favored by modern homeowners, designers and contractors. This robust ceramic stakes its claim with native earthen colors, boldly structured surfaces and distressed edges. Three versatile sizes and veined colors certainly encourage creativity and play well with others—other finishes, other textures, other media. Glass, metallics, wood and natural stone can be used to personalize a space, whether it’s residential or commercial. Modular effects and cut-from-the-tile SBN significantly increase layout options on floors or walls. ADA-recognized COF adds a measure of assurance when slip resistance is a concern. For floors and walls in Arviat, Grise, and Rankin.

McVersaTILE wing rack
McColl Display Solutions has responded to industry demands with the brand new McVersaTILE wing rack. The McVersaTILE is a unique new wing display, made to fit your size sample boards. This display features a compact 20" x 32" footprint and is always in stock and ready to ship. Each McVersaTILE wing rack ships with 6 wings, with space for an additional 2 wings as your line grows. The McVersaTILE holds as many as 42 sample boards up to 24 x 24, more with smaller boards. The McVersaTILE display wings can accommodate 8, 6 or 4 boards per wing—all dependent on your board height.

A sister brand to Oceanside Glasstile’s handcrafted artisan glass tile line, Mandala features a broad range of original designs and materials that integrate across each product line. The collection initially includes etched stone, brushed-finish stone, fused glass, porcelain and ceramic tile, with new introductions planned. Mandala is available now to architects, interior designers and consumers through high-end showrooms nationwide. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle. “Historically, a Mandala is a radiating geometric pattern that represents the wholeness of life,” said John Marckx, Mandala executive vice president. “As a brand of original art tile sourced from around the world, Mandala is a global collection of distinctive tile designed to encourage and fulfill creative expression.” The master color palette, exclusive to Mandala, was formulated after extensive design and color research. Initially five integrating product lines will be offered by Mandala: Labyrinth-etched Jerusalem Gold Limestone and Classic Travertine features complex interlocking patterns offered in Field tile, Decos and Liners; Wavelength fused glass, a uniformly 5⁄16" thick, captures light in its translucent depth and is offered in eight colors and thirteen blends that are available in four different architectural patterns; Etrusco natural stone features a brushed finish that is surprisingly soft to the touch. Its rich neutral colors and delicate veining give it a rich and sophisticated look; Brio rectified porcelain is offered in an earthy color palette with two rich artisan finishes—metallic Oxido and matte Piel; and Sinu glossy crackle ceramics feature custom designed relief patterns and a unique color palette in several field sizes with liners, decos, moldings, and trim.

Spectro Series
Eliane introduces the Spectro Series, a colorful and lively glass tile series with a textured surface, ideal for brightening the walls of any residential or commercial setting. The Spectro Series features a very natural glass effect in vibrant colors. The ecologically-friendly manufacturing process engineered relief wall tiles and mixed the eclectic colors of cherry, lavender, olive, white, navy and light gray for an exciting new color palette. Spectro series tile is offered in 13"x 23" and 6" x 23" sizes, completed with floral and geometric motifs accessory pieces. These stylish trimmings are available in various colors in special 1" x 13", 2" x 13", 3" x 13", 4" x 13" and 6" x 12" sizes. Personalized “Alkes” pieces, which are 13" x 23" tiles, with three cutouts for a more ambitious project, are also available. Each cutout can be filled with four-inch, colored “Gemini” pieces, or a “Lyra Cereja” piece with a glassy, flowered print.

ProSpec Feather Edge, a Quick, Easy-to-Use Floor Patch
ProSpec® has introduced Feather Edge, a trowelable, rapid-setting underlayment that is formulated for quick repair of floor gouges, cracks and ridges prior to floor covering installation. It requires only the addition of water. No priming is necessary. Feather Edge is a cement-based, mildew-resistant underlayment that can be applied from feather edge to a half-inch thickness without cracking. The result is a smooth, ultra-thin finish that accepts all major floor coverings. The product is highly polymer-modified, ensuring exceptional bond to a wide range of properly prepared surfaces including ceramic tile, concrete, plywood and cutback adhesives. Available in 10-pound, sonic-sealed packing to eliminate leakage, Feather Edge is ideal for large and small repair jobs. “Feather Edge makes repairing cracks, ridges and gouges fast and simple,” said Kevin McFadden, ProSpec VP, Construction Products. “It is easy to mix, trowels on smooth, is fast setting and has the ability to re-temper mixed material without adding additional water. It is also very convenient to use for all size repairs.” ProSpec provides architects, engineers and commercial construction contractors with the finest in professionally specified concrete construction, restoration & repair products and tile & stone installation products.

GranitiFiandre Expands Popular NewCode Collection
Italian stone and tile manufacturer GranitiFiandre is expanding its popular NewCode product line. NewCode, part of the company’s Geologica Collection, plays upon the modern trend of utilizing understated, reclaimed materials in sophisticated interior design settings. A Silk-Touch finish, inspired by the softness of silk, and a Fiber finish, inspired by the unevenness of raw fabrics have been added to the contemporary NewCode collection. Also new to the collection is an innovative Circle Décor design in which smooth rings adorn the slab’s surface in a honed finish. “These extraordinary NewCode additions offer expanded visual and sensory elements that guide this timeless collection into new design possibilities—while still maintaining its signature, minimalist appeal,” said Jeanne Nichols, vice president—sales and marketing for GranitiFiandre in the United States. NewCode’s earthy hues include Desert, Moka, Urban and Graphite, and are also available in honed and textured finish. Availability includes 24"x24", 24"x12", 24"x6", 24"x4", 18"x18", and 12"x12" formats, depending upon finish. Coordinating mosaics, bullnose, and steptread are also available. NewCode products are suitable for even the most demanding environments, making them a source of inspiration for architects and designers alike.

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