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November 2nd, 2007

November-December 2007

Is it stone, wood, metal or fabric? No, it is ceramic tile. Tile of Spain, a branded manufacturer encompassing 220 ceramic tile manufacturers, presents a collection of tiles that capture the essences of nature that look almost identical to the “real thing.” Tile of Spain manufacturers have risen to the forefront as innovators of digital printing technology and used it to create many look-a-like ceramic tiles. For instance, with the help of technology, Tile of Spain manufacturers have created a vast range of ceramic tiles that take inspiration from various genres of fabrics, recognizable and iconic patterns as well as exotic animal skins.

Another look-a-like ceramic tile trend is natural elements of the earth like stone, wood, and metal. These tiles add a thoroughly innovative dimension to traditional decorating and building material. They’re not the real thing. They are better. They serve a dual purpose of projecting the beauty of natural elements as well as providing the key benefits of tile such as durability and easy maintenance. In some cases it may be more cost efficient to use a virtual twin made of ceramic tile vs. limestone. Or imagine an outdoor shower to exude the look and feel of wood, a complete outdoor theme, but constant moisture is a huge dilemma with wood, warping, rotting, etc…With ceramic tile that looks almost identical, there is no issue and maintenance is hassle-free.

From natural wood to oxidized steel or even cement, Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, Roca Ceramica, presents the Rock & Rock Collection. The Shellstone series is a marriage of technology and aesthetics. Developed to mirror the natural look of stone the series is available in 21×21 and 13×21 and comes in three colors—gray, beige and maroon. Many times tile is not as heavy or cumbersome, which makes it easier to install than some steel, cement, stone or wood.

Venus Ceramica, another Tile of Spain branded manufacturer, introduces its Mother Nature Collection, wood-made tile series with a finished look available in four different wood species tonalities. Each wood tonality is designed to coordinate with decorated wall plugs that allow a unique, different and stylish decoration in places real wood my not be climate appropriate.

Also from Venus Ceramica, The Beverly Hill series, as well as Eponymo Too and the Very Fashion series, all nod to classic designs now so prevalent in high-end fashion. Sure to make any room elegant and refined, these ceramic tiles have been developed in hard-paste porcelain to make the most of the unique characteristics of this material. Imagine redesigning a floor in a master bath or closet with your favorite designer pattern or floral brocade. These chic tiles are all available with truly unique listellos.

Many of the other fabric inspired tiles gather inspiration from both contemporary and classic fabrics, heavy brocades to light florals. Grespania introduces their Orsay, Floreste, and Toile series, all of which embody this trend and mimic the warmth, texture, and design of favorite upholstery. Floral tiles are a perfect addition to a sunroom or even as a great alternative for wallpaper. Animal hide inspired tile from Tau, Grespania, and Garogres offer an exotic look sure to bring attitude to your powder room or walk-in closet. With unique leopard, zebra and even elephant hide-inspired ceramics, enhancing your living space has never been so easy.

The look-a-likes are a category unto their own—they can create a myriad of new ways to specify ceramic tile in residential and commercial variations. Ceramic tile isn’t just for the bathroom or kitchen anymore. As far as commercial use, hospitality spaces can benefit greatly from this new innovation. Ceramic tile headboards, spa facilities, wall-coverings, and flooring can be decorative and creative as well as practical and functional. In the healthcare industry a hospital room or long term care facility doesn’t have to look industrial or lack-luster. Style doesn’t have to be compromised for safety or hygiene. Ceramic tile has taken on so many new attributes, that the look-a-likes can add a whole new dimension to any space that may have only run a close second in the style category with the “real thing.”

The Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER) is the private organization whose primary objective is to support Spain’s ceramic tile manufacturers and the industry as a whole by stewarding and promoting the Tile of Spain brand worldwide. A strong global leader in the industry, the Tile of Spain brand comprises 220 manufacturers concentrated primarily in the province of Castellon.

For more about tile produced in Spain, contact Tile of Spain Center at the Trade Commission of Spain, 2655 Le Jeune Road, Suite 1114, Coral Gables, FL 33134. Call 305-446-4387 or visit www.spaintiles.info.

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