Eyes on the Goal
November 2nd, 2007

November-December 2007

Early in my term as CTDA president, I shared with you my belief in the value of strategic planning—a collaborative effort to define long-term goals and the short term goals necessary to meet them. Setting and benchmarking goals for CTDA has been my proudest accomplishment. For the first time in CTDA history, we have set several key measurables for the year.

In March CTDA leaders and staff met with a facilitator for a strategic planning session. We identified our goal for CTDA and the industry: Triple the US consumption of tile, measured in square feet by 2020, with 80% of the market going through CTDA distributor members. This supports CTDA’s mission to provide educational and networking opportunities for distributors of ceramic tile and their suppliers to further the consumption of ceramic tile.

We set five intermediate goals for the next three years:

  1. Increase, identify and communicate value to members.
  2. Promote tile to end users.
  3. Create relationships with quality suppliers.
  4. Strengthen relationships between distributors and their customers (dealer, architect, contractor, etc.).
  5. Position association for long-term success.

To measure our progress, we also identified appropriate metrics: increase actively engaged members; increase membership of total market by 20%; realize a 30% growth in total consumption; realize a 20% growth in CTDA members’ sales; and certify 500 Certified Ceramic Tile Salespersons (CCTS). These goals have annual benchmarks. For 2007 they include certifying 150 Certified Ceramic Tile Salespersons and growing the circulation of TileDealer to be the #1 magazine in our industry.

Our September report of measurables indicates that we have certified 76% of the Certified Ceramic Tile Sales professionals targeted, and we are 65% of the way to meeting our new member goal.

This is a process that is just getting started. It will continue in 2008 as Rob Henry takes office as CTDA president. The executive committee and committee chairs met in October with a professional facilitator to help with the goals and metrics for 2008. I’m sure Rob will be reporting to you regularly on their status.

The 2007 CTDA Management Conference will feature the first meeting of a new, CTDA Greenbuilding Committee chaired by Howard Pryor of Conestoga Tile. Greenbuilding is a mainstream trend that will shape our businesses in the years ahead. CTDA’s new Greenbuilding Committee offers the opportunity for gathering information and developing education on this topic. Howard’s experience as Conestoga’s Director of Architectural Services makes him especially well-suited to helping CTDA steer the direction of this issue.

I would like to thank you for your support and encouragement throughout my term as CTDA president. I have been both honored and challenged to serve the association, and I have enjoyed every minute of my term.

When the executive committee and committee chairs met in October to set 2008 goals, I was reminded again of the significant contributions volunteer leaders make to CTDA. These are dedicated people who take an active part in every meeting. But their commitment goes well beyond that. They work between meetings, individually and in small groups, fine-tuning a proposal, reviewing materials, or making phone calls. They also arrange their personal and professional schedules and travel to participate. Their hard work and commitment make CTDA a great association.

Please make it a point to personally thank these leaders for their time and commitment.

I’m sure CTDA volunteer leaders will tell you they are paid back ten-fold for their commitment to the association. I know I am. The opportunity to network, make new friends and learn more abut the industry is invaluable. I encourage you to make your next personal goal greater involvement with CTDA.

Thank you for allowing me to share this time with you.

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