July 1st, 2007

July-August 2007


Ardex Engineered Cements is proud to introduce 26 designer colors for ARDEX Flex Sanded™ Grout, giving professional tile installers broader and better solutions in premium, polymer modified grouts. Installers in the industry continue to face challenges with other current polymer modified cement grouts due to staining, water spotting, cracking and color inconsistencies. Additionally, facility managers need to provide for vigilant maintenance and care in commercial applications. ARDEX Flex Sanded™ Grout was developed to provide solutions to these problems. “ARDEX Flex Sanded™ Grout offers installers significant advantages over current polymer modified grout technology,” said Hendrick Goller, Ardex Product Platform Manager, Tile & Stone Installation Products. “With its stain resistant and water repellent features, ARDEX Flex Sanded™ Grout provides a reliable, low-maintenance option for both commercial and residential installations. Additionally, with a 26 color palette, customers now have a much broader selection.”

Floor Warming System

QuickNet™ is an electric floor warming system that is installed directly under ceramic tile or natural stone. The QuickNet system includes a mat that has a heating cable woven into an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh. Its low 3⁄16 inch (3 mm) profile makes it ideal for renovation or new construction. This unique mat rolls out easily, adheres to the floor, and can be cut to accommodate any shape room with ease—all without the need for anchoring devices, glue, staples, or clips. QuickNet offers a complete and affordable package that includes the QuickNet floor warming mat, and the QuickStat™ thermostat. The mats are preterminated for use at 120 and 240 volts and are available in various lengths. The thermostat helps ensure user safety because it includes built-in GFCI protection.


Distributors with IT staffs can now benefit from the same technology Activant® uses when one of its customers has a question. IT Help Desk Functionality, available to Activant customers, enables distributors’ employees to submit cases to their IT department online. Once submitted, the case enters a queue where it triggers automatic e-mail alerts to the IT staff, allowing them to respond appropriately. “This is another example of how Activant delivers as a full-service technology provider,” said Steve McLaughlin, senior vice president and general manager of Activant. “In the past, if a printer needs service or someone has a question, a distributor’s IT person would get inundated with calls, notes left on their desk, and visits to their desks. IT Help Desk functionality allows distributors to streamline the request process and let the IT staff manage cases efficiently.” In addition to managing cases, a system administrator can use the IT Help Desk’s home page to post emergency alerts (i.e., “Main printer is down—should be back up soon”), which can help prevent the submission of duplicate cases. The home page also includes space for other important IT information, such as staff names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. The IT Help Desk also archives all resolved cases, allowing individuals to seek out their own answers to repeat problems, as opposed to requesting help from the IT department and tying up valuable resources.


The Zendo series from Tesoro, is a porcelain bodied-tile line that emulates the rustic-warm hues of natural stone. Ideal for floors, countertops and backsplashes, the series is manufactured by Cerdomus, and comes in Brown, Dust, Grey and Rust colors and in 20 by 20, 13 by 13 and 6-1⁄2 by 6-1⁄2 sizes, accompanied by a mix mosaic sheet. Trims include bullnose and v-cap; available in all colors.

New grinders and polisher

TEQ-Grind hand grinders are designed to run cool and hold up under extended use in high-productivity environments. Variable speed control enables operators to use a variety of accessories and cut or grind a wide range of materials from hard to soft. The long-life brushes are designed with the professional in mind – easy to change. Each features a spindle lock, heavy-duty construction and is engineered for optimum ergonomics with vibration dampening handles that provide the ultimate in operation comfort and convenience. The TEQ-Grind TG5V features a powerful 750 W, variable-speed motor, making it ideal for a wide array of applications and accessories. It has a 5 inch capacity and comes with a 4.5″ DXT turbo diamond blade. The TEQ-Grind TG6V features a professional-grade 1,200 W, 12 amp, variable-speed motor and a pistol grip for added comfort and convenience. It has a 6 inch capacity and comes with a 5″ DXT turbo diamond blade. Each can also be fit with the patented Dustmuzzle dust containment system to meet pending OSHA guidelines mandating point-of-origin dust collection. The Dustmuzzle provides protection against harmful air-borne particles (silicosis) and saves time and money by capturing the dust created by grinding. The TEQ-Shine Wet Stone Polisher is designed to run cool and perform reliably in high production fabrication shops. It features a powerful 650 W motor and has a 5 inch capacity. The carbon brushes are quick and easy to replace, and spindle lock enables convenient disc changes. A vibration dampening side handle also provides comfort and convenience for better control and less operator fatigue.

Zinnia & Pinecone from Meredith

Meredith Art Tile® introduced the Zinnia and Pinecone series, both inspired by traditional Arts & Crafts designs. Finalized designs were recreated by the company’s in-house sculptor. Then molds were created, pressed and fired. Bisque of the molded pieces is then hand-painted with a variety of glaze combinations, then fired again to create the final tiles that echo a simpler time of craftsmanship and quality.

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