From the Editor’s Desk: What’s so great about January?
January 1st, 2007

by Janet Arden, Editor

January-February 2007

Welcome to a new year, not just a new page on the calendar, but a whole new calendar. This is the season of fresh starts. New products and new programs. If—like me—you are a supporter of the glass-half-full-philosophy, there is no better time than now.

I also think of January as a new year for TileDealer. We have a new CTDA president, Doug Miles, writing the Leadership Letter. (Welcome, Doug.) And, starting with this issue, we also have a new series called Showroom Seminar. Showroom Seminar is designed to be a resource for our readers, tackling basic tile information for your customers: what tile can I install in bathrooms and what can I use in a foyer? What is large format? Will it work in my kitchen? How do I clean ceramic tile? Although we like to think every page of every issue is a resource for you, this page is designed to cover the basics in issue after issue to come. Tear it out and post it, copy it or file it in a notebook for your sales staff. But use it. And tell us what additional topics Showroom Seminar should cover in upcoming issues.

The rest of this issue of TileDealer is equally informative. Zoe Voigt’s look at the industry marketplace covers a lot of valuable territory. I hope you read it carefully. We’ve all read the statistics that say housing is in a real slump and we’ve seen the “For Sale” signs that seem to be permanent fixtures in some front yards. But the tile business continues to grow, especially in certain sectors. The Tile Council of North America expects year-end consumption to be 3.474 billion sq. ft. or 6.6% over 2005. And they aren’t alone in their outlook. Where, how and why is the marketplace? This is information you can and should use.

Have we seen the end of beige? Probably not, but tile is also taking on some richer, earthier tones. Deeper browns, golds and even greens are back as are a more flamboyant mix of reds, coppers, and blues. Texture is everywhere, giving any color more interest. How will you adapt this to your showroom and your product mix? Finally, we’ve been trying to get Michael Mariutto to sit down for a One-on-One for some time and he finally has. Like so many people in this industry, he comes from generations of tile professionals. But Michael has also put a new spin on how he does business, and we thought you would enjoy learning how and why he does it.

Looking ahead, we’ll be seeing many of you in person in the next few months, first at Surfaces and then at Coverings. Like you we’ll be looking for what’s new in the marketplace, for the tip or trend we can share with readers. We look forward to the hunt and to seeing you along the way.

Enjoy this issue of TileDealer!

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