Seven New Standards Added to ANSI A108/A118/A136.1
November 1st, 2006

November-Decmeber 2006

Seven new standards have been added to the American National Standard Specifications for the Installation of Ceramic Tile (ANSI A108/A118/A136.1). Published by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), the ANSI A108, A118, and A136.1 standards are used in tandem with the TCA Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation for specifying and installing ceramic tile.

This publication reflects the work of the TCNA, the ANSI A108 Committee, and many subcommittee participants. There are seven new standards and several key revisions:

New Standards:

1. A108.01 – General Requirements: Subsurfaces and Preparations by Other Trades

2. A108.02 – General Requirements: Materials, Environmental, and Workmanship

3. A108.14 – Installation of Paper-Faced Glass Mosaic Tile

4. A108.15 – Alternate Method: Installation of Paper-Faced Glass Mosaic Tile

5. A108.16 – Installation of Paper-Faced, Back-Mounted, Edge-Mounted, or Clear Film Face-Mounted Glass Mosaic Tile

6. A108.17 – Installation of Crack Isolation Membranes for Thin-set Ceramic Tile and Dimension Stone

7. A118.12 – American National Standard Specification for Crack Isolation Membranes for Thin-set Ceramic Tile and Dimension Stone Installation

“Several of the changes simply make the newly revised document more user-friendly, such as identifying both the standard number and page number at the bottom of each page, expanding the table of contents, and going to a one-column format,” stated Sharon Jones, ANSI Co-Secretariat and Director of Research and Installation Standards.

Technical Revisions and Additions

Previously, references to deflection stated, “Floor areas over which tile is directly bonded to subfloor shall not have a deflection greater than 1/360 … when tested per ASTM C627….” This text was revised, and the reference to 1/360 was taken out. In the new text, regarding deflection in wood subfloors, the deflection criteria references the international building codes. The codes refer to l/360 but also specify load conditions, which are more useful to a design professional.

The new deflection text can be found on page 6 of the 2005 document. (Note that the standard goes by the year in which the revisions were approved. Therefore, the newly revised edition is the 2005 edition.) The new deflection criteria also recommend that the building owner communicate in writing the intended use of the tile installation to the project design professional. This is intended to reduce failures resulting from floors which may have been “under-designed” or where an owner ends up using the floor in a way for which it wasn’t originally designed.

The 2005 edition also contains several new standards including A108.01 and A108.02. These new standards contain text previously found in the Foreword (‘AN’ section) and the General Requirements (Sections ‘A-1’ through ‘A-3’) sections of the previous edition. In the previous format, the text contained within those sections was not formally part of the balloting process. By submitting the text to ANSI to create new standards, these sections have gone through the official balloting procedure and formally become part of the entire A108 series of standards.

New glass tile installation standards have also been added to the document. These address installation methods for mosaic glass tiles. There is also an installation standard and a material specification standard for crack isolation membranes incorporated into the 2005 revision, as well.

“The Tile Council plans on reviewing the ANSI A108/A118/A136.1 standards on a more frequent basis; standards were previously reviewed every five years. We are looking at cutting that period in half—say every 24 months,” commented Eric Astrachan, ANSI Co-Secretariat and Executive Director of the Tile Council.

To order a copy of the new ANSI A108/A118/A136.1 standards ($25.00 plus shipping/handling), contact the Tile Council at 864-646-8453, or visit the publications page on for an order form.

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