From the Editor’s Desk: Turning a page on the calendar
November 1st, 2006

by Janet Arden, Editor

November-December 2006

This is the time of year when we turn a page in the TileDealer editorial calendar—looking ahead to what we will feature and write about in 2007.

It’s always a challenge to finalize the calendar. We solicit advice from many stakeholders—and they all have advice to offer. Then we try to assemble everyone’s ideas into a workable whole that covers traditional topics—what’s new in various product categories like glass, porcelain, underlayments, and grout—as well as those issues the industry is following: mold, standards development, style trends like large format materials and the increasing role of stone. We know these are topics our readers want to read about. But there are also issues that arise suddenly, that demand our attention or that we think should get yours. These include topics like the slowdown in the housing industry, the cost of energy, and growing attention to green building. These topics are just as relevant to our businesses and deserve our attention from a tile dealer’s point of view.

So what can you look forward to in 2007? More innovations in tile, setting materials, and even tools; interior and exterior trends; One-on-One interviews in every issue and more. And don’t forget the TileDealer website, for archives of past issues, a peek at what’s ahead, links to advertisers and resources and, of course, the current issue. About this issue:

This issue has two features that I have been looking forward to. First, Winning Entries takes a look at some of the big winners in design contests. What makes them winners and what does it take to get there? In this case, winners tell all. More importantly, they share the benefits of winning. Satisfaction. Recognition. A subtle gain on their competition. Perhaps most interesting, although most of us think in terms of well known competitions like Spectrum, local home shows and design contests can actually offer you greater exposure to the consumers you’re trying to reach. Have you been part of a great installation as a designer, supplier or installer? Perhaps it’s time to show it off.

“Windows of Opportunity in Glass Tile” takes a close look at the surprising start a number of glass tile lines got and the way their engineering and artistic genealogy has shaped the tile lines today. Writer Jeff Steele has been a huge fan of glass tile since we first asked him to look into the product category, and you’ll sense his enthusiasm in this feature. Finally, I took another look at CTDA’s experience in Istanbul to see what the trade mission participants are now thinking about Turkish tiles. I came away with a range of ideas, not just about Turkish tiles, but about imports in general. Imports drive a significant portion of the ceramic tile business, so I consider this feature an introduction. We’ll be returning to this topic again in upcoming issues.

As always, I hope you find this issue of TileDealer to be “good reading.”

See you at the Management Conference!

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