Product Focus: Tile Tools
September 1st, 2006

September-October 2006


Roberts Consolidated Industries, Inc., announces the addition of the new Folding Pocket Utility Knife to the Roberts Knife Family. The unique folding ability of this knife allows for safe and easy storage not offered by traditional utility knives. Measuring just 3½” when folded, it is small enough to fit in your pocket but strong enough when open to cut carpet, vinyl, drywall and more. The simple “push” trigger allows quick, one-touch blade replacement, and is exclusive to the Roberts 10-203. This knife also features a release trigger that unlocks the blade shaft to safely fold it away and a secure metal belt clip for easy access. The Roberts Folding Pocket Utility Knife uses Roberts 10-434 Utility Blades and all standard 2 and 3 notch utility blades.

Diamond Drill Kits from Plasplugs

Plasplugs has developed the new sure way to drill tiles perfectly, the Diamond Porcelain Hollow Core Drilling System. Working in the same way as Plasplugs’ world-renowned tile Wetsaws, the advanced diamond tip drills a clean core through the hardest tiles, including porcelain, granite and marble, without chipping or cracking. The drill tip is water cooled in use by the integral cool-feed reservoir, with its quick and easy press button action dispensing a measured amount of water for the very best results. The diamond drills are aligned spot on by the unique patented self-centering drill guide; keeping the drill on target and eliminating drill wander and tile damage. The Diamond Porcelain Tile Drill is available for floors and walls in sizes ¼” and 5/8″ with more sizes to follow. Covering an extensive range of domestic and industrial drilling tasks from the installation of regular duty anchors for basic bathroom and kitchen fittings, to the more specialized installation of sanitary fittings and copper piping.

New 4″ Dry-Cut Masonry Saw

Hitachi Power Tools announced its new 4″ Dry-Cut Masonry saw, the CM4SB2. Designed with a powerful 11.6 Amp motor, it cuts smoothly through tile, marble, granite, concrete brick and similar materials. The CM4SB2 was built to withstand the tough conditions of a dry-cutting environment. A specially sealed armature and switch protect the tool in these conditions, allowing it to perform with outstanding durability. It is the ideal dry-cut for professionals who demand a workhorse of a tool at a competitive value.

The hefty 11.6 Amp (2,090 Watt Output) motor produces a no-load speed of 11,500 RPM for greater cutting efficiency through the toughest materials. Designed specifically for dry-cutting, the uniquely sealed armature coil is protected from dust and debris. This special seal also helps to minimize tool vibration producing only 1.4 m/s2. Additionally, this leads to less noise coming from the CM4SB2. It produces a noise level at 85 dB. A dust-proof switch prevents debris from entering the tool in that location and a metal seated ball bearing wards off damage to the motor caused by high temperatures and vibration, adding to its overall performance and durability. The CM4SB2 dry cut masonry saw offers the shortest base edge-to-blade distance in its class making it easy to cut into the tightest spaces. A one touch lever adjusts the depth of cut quickly and easily. The elastomer covered handle provides a sure grip and improves comfort. Compact at 81/8″ in length and lightweight at only 6.2 lbs, this saw is easy to use all day. And it comes with a premium Hitachi 4″ continuous rim diamond blade designed for high performance in dry-cutting applications.

New Waterjets at Used Waterjets Pricing

RICHEL, Inc. is pleased to introduce the DARDI waterjet systems, available in three standard table sizes. RICHEL, Inc. is recognized as the leading reseller of used waterjet systems in the U.S. and has sold and installed hundreds of used machines of nearly every make and model. With the shortage of used waterjets growing and prices rising, the opportunity to supply a new lower priced, yet high quality waterjet presented itself. The DARDI waterjets are complete abrasive systems built with some of the best components available worldwide. They come with the full support of the RICHEL team including software and technical support, spare parts, installation, and training.

DITEQ’S new cutting technology

DITEQ Diamond Tools & Equipment is introducing a new diamond blade manufacturing process—ARIX technology—that improves cutting speed AND blade life consistently in the range of 50% to 100%. It is being touted as the biggest technological advance in diamond blade industry since laser welding was introduced in the 1980’s. Dan Steiner, President of DITEQ, explains the impact ARIX will have on the industry. “People used to think that you had to sacrifice cutting speed to get longer life and vice versa, but ARIX gives you both because it is flat-out, a superior product. We recently tested some blades in Houston—the toughest place in the world to get good performance out of a diamond blade. The contractor was pretty pleased with what he was using, then we had him run an ARIX, and his inch/feet doubled… yes—doubled! We see it all the time. That’s why when we say ‘this changes everything,’ we mean it!” DITEQ gets superior performance out of its ARIX diamond blades by being able to precisely arrange individual diamond particles throughout each segment. Each diamond is strategically located to deliver maximum efficiency. The diamonds are also treated with a proprietary process to increase their ability to resist being crushed. Each is spaced out evenly so they do not interfere with each other’s support structure. Precision is the hallmark of the ARIX process. DITEQ currently offers ARIX diamond blades for high speed saws and professional flat sawing applications. DITEQ plans to expand its ARIX offering to cover its full range of diamond products. Visit


Marmo Machinery USA announces the availability of the DEP-250 Water Reclamation Unit. This machine is perfect for shops that would like to reclaim water and save money on their water bill. This advanced piece of equipment is a self-contained system that will allow fabricators to reuse water from existing operations, and reduce exposure from mandated EPA regulations. The unit is made with galvanized steel and reclaims 250 liters, or just over 66 gallons per minute. This system solves the problem connected with sludge and contaminates in the shop’s water. It accomplishes the water sludge separation by using liquid flocculent and gravity. The sludge will then be extracted and dehydrated through a series of filtering bags. Once full, the bags can be easily disposed of. Marmo Machinery USA can install and warranty the system very quickly with minimal shop interruption. The many benefits will place fabricating shops in a great environmental situation while paying for itself over a twelve month period.

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