September 1st, 2006

September-October 2006

Bonsal Introduces Versatile B-6000

Bonsal® B-6000, an advanced polymer-based technology that covers both waterproofing and crack isolation needs, has been introduced by Bonsal American. Bonsal® B-6000 eliminates the conditions which promote mold and mildew growth, when applied directly beneath the tile; dries quickly—tile over B-6000 in four hours; is more flexible and elastic than other products; can be applied over practically any substance; and exceeds ANSI 118.12 standard for crack isolation and ANSI 118.10 standard for waterproofing. The product is pre-mixed and ready to use, available in one gallon and 3.5 gallon sizes. (


Mediterranea’s latest series “Cottage” is a wood-look, glazed porcelain tile that captures the essence of that old family cottage by the beach. Using the very latest in Rotocolor technology, Mediterranea has created a unique blend of stone and wood graphics that is impossible to recreate in real wood. In the presence of this beautiful series, the visions and memories of those special moments with family spring to life. Produced in Italy, Cottage is offered in one, unique 4.75″ x 20″ size field tile, and is offered in four different shades. Snow Peak (White), Sun Baked (Almond), Harvest (Gold) and Chestnut (Noce). Created with only the finest ingredients, Cottage is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

Stayflex® Keeps Tiles in Place

Bonsal American® has developed Stayflex®, a new thin set designed to bond large ceramic tile, marble and natural stone to walls without slippage or sag. The thin set is specially formulated with polymers that significantly increase bond strength to keep the tile or stone in place, even those weighing up to 11 pounds. “Stayflex eliminates the need to hold the tiles in place—the thin set does it for you,” said Kevin McFadden, Director of Marketing for Bonsal Tile products. “Because the product does the work of holding the tile or stone in place, installers will find that the job can be completed more quickly. Because the product also has 20 percent more coverage than the standard thin set, you get even more for your money,” McFadden added. Stayflex is designed for commercial and residential uses for both interior and exterior applications. The product also offers improved flexibility, impact strength and extended open time over ordinary thin set mortars. While Stayflex is designed for walls and ceilings, it is also suitable for floors. Stayflex meets ANSI A.118.4 and A.118.11 standards and works perfectly over drywall, cement backerboard or any other cement substrate.

Diamond Tech Glass Tiles Expands

Diamond Tech Glass Tiles introduced its Platinum Series glass tile. These glamorous glass tiles transform any surface into a spectacular show of color. Transparent and semi-transparent, Platinum glass tiles possess a special reflective surface which transforms when hit by light into an ever changing rainbow-like display. Tiles are available in a 1.5cm x 1.5cm format with an average thickness 1/8″. Square foot paper-front sheets are perfect for the floors and walls of kitchens, baths and pool or wherever a touch of glamour is needed. Diamond Tech Glass Tile’s new Dimensions Series add a bold shot of color with an array of translucent hues in 4 sizes to arrange in endless combinations. The company also offers the Frosted Dimensions Series of colored 8mm etched glass tiles. Frosted Dimensions will never fade, their color withstands cold and heat and they are impervious to dirt. Available in eight 1″ x 1″ solids and four stylish color mixes, each square foot flexible mesh-mounted sheets can be applied directly to walls and countertops or wrapped around curved surfaces. The sheets can be cut into strips to be used as a decorative border in combination with other materials.


The Marble Institute’s new “Gallery of Ideas,” is a looped 16-minute DVD program, featuring nearly 185 of the best applications from MIA members around the world. Interspersed with key selling points about natural stone products like marble, granite, travertine, limestone and others, this outstanding collection of images is designed to stimulate customer creativity as they spend time in fabricator and distributor showrooms. This collection of images is also suitable for kitchen and bath professionals to showcase with their clientele. To gather material for the DVD, MIA solicited photographs from its member companies and the response was overwhelming. These submissions provided the video editors with a real challenge in selecting those images to be used in the program. “Along with our collection of posters and other point-of-sale and published materials, this DVD helps to accomplish our goal of providing members with professionally-produced selling pieces aimed at promoting the use of natural stone,” said Gary Distelhorst, executive vice president of MIA.For a streaming preview of the DVD visit For further information, call 440-250-9222.

Imagine unveils Polynesian design

Imagine Tile, the ceramic industry leaders pioneering the use of high-resolution imagery in custom tile, has released its latest design, Polynesian, featuring the image of Tahitian rattan. Excellent for commercial and residential installations, indoors and out, Polynesian is available in a 16″ by 16″ square single tile image and 8″ by 8″ four-tile image. Matching bullnose in two sizes is also available.

Grout Inhibits Mold and Mildew Growth

Bonsal American® recently improved its line of sanded and non-sanded grouts by adding an antimicrobial agent aimed at inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew. The biocide additive, or mildewcide, makes the grout inhospitable for mold growth without affecting any of the grout’s inherent properties such as workability, colorfastness or product safety. “Mold growth is a huge issue today for builders and consumers. New construction tends to be more airtight, which promotes mold and mildew growth,” said Kevin McFadden, Director of Marketing for Bonsal® Tile products. “Furthermore,” McFadden said, “the addition of mildewcide to Bonsal’s line of grouts has allowed us to improve the value of our product without passing along any additional cost to the consumer.” Because of the difficulty of removing mold and mildew from grout, the Bonsal grout incorporates the mildewcide throughout the product mix, making grout joints easier to clean and stay cleaner longer. Product testing confirms the effectiveness of the added antimicrobial agent in the grout. The mildewcide also has low water solubility, meaning it does not wash away over time and lose its mold resistant characteristics, even in high moisture environments like showers.


New from World Sales Group, Tramonto is a glazed porcelain floor tile available in three colors in a 17″ x 17″ format. The colors, Beige (shown), Gray and Rosso, are reminiscent of natural cross-cut stones and display their beauty with a variation from tile to tile.


Hakatai Enterprises Inc., importer and distributor of glass tile, introduces the Cartglass “Luster Series”. The unique color palette of Luster combined with the play of light equals iridescent luxury. Resembling an opal in the display of various colors, this glass tile is sure to bring a unique radiance and sophistication to any interior or exterior wall, countertop, backsplash or pool. The sleek-surfaced Luster Series is available in 1.15 square feet sheets which are mesh-back mounted for easy installation. Choose from a palette of twelve opaque colors and watch as the charming opalescent qualities of each of these mosaic tile colors come alive with changes in lighting angles. Or utilize Hakatai’s online custom blend tool and custom gradient tool to create, price and order your own glass tile designs!

Elevations from Oceanside

Oceanside Glasstile introduced Elevations™, a new line of modular larger format field tile and multidimensional decorative liners. Elevations is series of large field tile and decorative liners featuring clean lines and modern aesthetics. Its combination of sizes and multidimensional geometric decorative liners makes a strong statement in a broad range of architectural styles, both commercial and residential. The Elevations collection creates dramatic indoor and outdoor floor and wall applications; set vertically, horizontally, straight set, offset, or in random modular patterns. Six distinctive decorative liners in geometric relief patterns, rare in the field of glass tile, are available—Vanishing Point, Optics, Levels, Decipher, Freehand and Mirage—averaging 2” x 10¾” in size. Elevations decorative liners and most field tile sizes are available in 34 iridescent and non-iridescent colors. 5″ x 10″ and 10″ x 10″ field are available in seven iridescent colors. The line’s 3/8”-plus thickness makes for ease of mixed media installation with materials such as ceramic, porcelain and stone.

Proust from Steuler-Fliesen

Steuler-Fliesen, has unveiled “Proust,” an eye-catching new series which is part of the ALESSI collection from the Germany-based company. Designed by Alessandro Mendini, Milan-born architect and designer whose work has been exhibited at both the MOMA and the Met, “Proust” is influenced by both two-dimensional textile design and three dimensional home furnishings. The created look is both elegant and fun, utilizing striking colors and attention-grabbing lines. With a clean, white background and the striking, overlying pattern of “Proust,” the contemporary square tiles are appropriate for both kitchen and bath. Offered in a 25 x 25 cm tile size, Proust provides a high-end, geometrically designer touch while maintaining the ultra- modern look Steuler has become known for.

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