July 1st, 2006

July-August 2006

When it comes to fashion, Italy sets the pace. Like industry icons Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and Valentino, Italian tile manufacturers continue to produce cutting-edge fashions for hard surfaces. The latest options offer inspirations from brighter, clearer colors; surface textures and effects; and endlessly versatile sizes and shapes.

The Scabos series from ABK is available in numerous sizes and 6 modern colors. The natural and lapped surfaces and wide range of finishes make it ideal as both a floor and wall covering. The series is complemented by accents produced using innovative techniques and materials that are inspired by nature while maintaining the identity of such diverse materials as wood and bronze. www.abk.it

Dado’s Beauty Matt offers six boldly contrasting field tile colors—white, beige, coffee, orange, green and light blue—that coordinate with the elegant relief strips to create installations of enormous creativity and vitality. Available in 25×33.3 cm and 12.5×33.3 cm sizes. www.dadoceramica.it

Impronta Italgraniti’s MySkin leather-imitation collection in glazed porcelain is suitable for a range of compositional solutions and comes in 6 colours and a 34×56 cm large-format edge-ground size and a classic 28×35 cm size. The accents feature glossy, luminous finishes such as glass, platinum and gold, lending sophistication to even the most strictly minimalist installation. www.impronta.it

The rustic yet elegant new Le Cascine porcelain tile collection by Gresmalt is inspired by terracotta from the Italian tradition. Available in 2 sizes (34×34 cm and 17×34 cm) and 3 colours (terracotta, beige, pink), it is complemented by accents and trim pieces allowing for various types of installation. www.gresmalt.it

Ragno’s Summer is an aptly-named white body porous single-fired wall tile and glazed porcelain floor tile. The Summer series comes in a lively mix of colors. The glossy surfaces and timeless neutrality of white and beige alongside bolder, brighter colors such as red and orange or fresher, more relaxing tones such as blue and green make the collection ideal for residential installations. www.ragno.it

Raku by Maestri Majolicari combines the richness of the authentic Raku ceramic used for the decorative strips with the essential style of the field tile.

Islatiles’ Prêt-à-porter is inspired by the world of fashion. The texture reproduced on the 20×50.2 cm field tiles and the 20×20 cm coordinated wall tiles is reminiscent of prestigious fabrics. The series comes in 7 colors, while the wide range of listels and compositions allows for unlimited combinations and original installations. www.islatiles.it

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