July 1st, 2006

May-June 2006

Cancos Tile & Stone

Cancos is proud to introduce its new Lava Stone Tile Collection. These elegant glazed tiles offer both visual texture and exceptional depth to reveal a wonderfully distinctive beauty. Available in 11 rich colors for immediate delivery, with 10 additional colors available by special order, Lava Stone Tiles are appropriate for both residential and commercial installations. Cancos has also introduced the DaVinci Glass Collection. A unique blend of back painted colors and exquisitely detailed accents carried randomly throughout, make this series appropriate for both commercial and residential applications. With one of the largest warehousing capabilities in the country, Cancos provides the A&D community with direct access to the finest products at the most competitive prices.

Bostik adds 15 new colors to DURABOND® grout line

The Bostik Flooring Group has expanded its proven DURABOND® grout line 33 percent, from 30 colors to 40. Bostik Flooring added 15 hot new shades, and removed five outdated colors, based on color trends identified by its color consultancy partner, the Color Marketing Group of Alexandria, Va., as well as from feedback from customer focus groups comprised of tile manufacturers and installers. “We have a complete, modern, expanded DURABOND grout line, with great supporting sales tools including a new color kit, display box and color cards,” said Phil Pitts, Product Manager, Bostik Flooring Group–Ceramic Products. “DURABOND grout is a proven player that just added 15 more tools to contractors’ arsenal of customer-pleasing flooring solutions.” New colors include Acorn, Adobe, Beeswax, Birch, Buckskin, Carnation, Cheyenne, Cobblestone, Forest Hills, Gingko, Raisin, Rosa Roja, Soapstone, Sundance and Sycamore. The expansion of the DURABOND grout line is in keeping with Bostik’s tradition of providing cutting-edge flooring products. “It’s our job to stay on top of the latest color trends as they affect grout sales in the context of related construction and design trends,” said Robert McNamara, Bostik Flooring Group’s National Sales and Marketing Manager. “We want our distributors and retailers to have all the options necessary to serve their end users— architectural firms, design centers, developers, construction companies, contractors and consumers. The 15 colors we’ve added will allow them to do just that.”

Firenze Tecnoarte from Lamosa

Lamosa introduced Firenze, Tecnoarte, a new porcelain tile luxury line collection combining European techniques inspired in nature and art. Lamosa’s Firenze, Tecnoarte proudly makes universal surfaces in porcelain gres with the most technologically advanced and best–equipped Mexican plant. This collection offers high quality products ideal for both residential and commercial use and can be used either in interior and exterior applications. Certified large format (24″ x 24″) porcelain tiles providing absorption and chemical resistance, overwhelming finishes and an extensive variety of colors and textures. Firenze, Tecnoarte includes 9 porcelain lines with functional, comfortable, decorative and artistic products inspired in the beauty of nature. Among the introductions, Soho has a consistent color that penetrates the entire body of the tile. It can be installed with a minimum of grout because it has been cut and rectified. The colors are Sand, Notte, Dream and Caffé. Sizes available are 24 x 24″, 12 x 24″, 6 x 24″, 12 x 12″and 18 x 18″. Canova is an elegant classic, blending the beauty of the finest Italian marble with the value of a porcelain ceramic material that uses high technology to repeat the random open tones and veins in each piece. The colors are Camelia, Antorium and Orquidea. Sizes available are 24 x 24″, 18 x 18″ and 6 x 6″. Additional introductions include Leuca, Modus, Pietra del Casale, Dolomia, Savage, and Pietra del Sole.


The United States Ceramic Tile Company has introduced the USCT Home Program, a new product series geared toward the new home construction market. The program is divided into four price-point levels—Classic, Advantage, Prestige and Elite. Within the USCT Home program are six new series— Palermo, Stratford, Duomo, Tuscany, Avalon and Tiburon. Palermo is a 6×6, 12¼x12¼ and 17½x17½ glazed porcelain tile. It comes in four colors—Oyster, Forest, Rouge and Coffee. A complete trim offing is available. A 12¼x12¼ decorative insert, 6×12¼ border and 6×6 corner available in all four colors complete the package. Stratford is a 12×12 and 17½x17½ glazed porcelain tile. It comes in four colors—Beige, Bamboo, Copper and Graphite. Trim includes a 3¼x12 bullnose. A 3×6 tumbled marble decorative tile is available in all four colors. These decorative tiles offer a unique rustic feel in a tumbled-stone look. A 17½x17½ mosaic, 4½ x17½ mosaic border and 4½x4½ corner are included in this series. Duomo is a 63/8×63/8, 13×13 and 17½x17½ glazed porcelain tile. Tuscany is a 13×13 and 17½x17½ glazed porcelain tile with a coordinating 10×13 wall tile. Avalon is a 12×12 and 16×16 ceramic floor tile. Tiburon is a 12×12 and 16×16 ceramic floor tile with a coordinating 8×12 wall tile. The Bright Glaze offering is expanded to include 13×13 ceramic floor tile in White Ice and Biscuit. A 3¼x13 floor bullnose is available. Each introduction includes a variety of trims.

Target Announces the New G2 Tile Saws

Target recently announced the next generation of their Tilematic and Super Tilematic tile saws. The new G2 saws feature several new components sure to make tile cutting easier for any operator. The G2 models’ cutting capacity is the most noticeable enhancement. The Tilematic G2 will cut 16″ diagonally, up from 12″ previously, while the Super Tilematic G2 will cut 22″ diagonally, up from 18″ previously. The Tilematic G2 will now rip cut a 24″ tile and the Super Tilematic G2 will rip cut a 31″ tile. Both are the largest cutting capacities in their respective class. The new, galvanized pan will resist rust while the new bladeshaft lock will make blade removal easier. The conveyor cart is 50% larger to better support bigger tile and comes with a standard extension in the Super Tilematic G2 version. Both saws have the unique ability to make spring-assisted plunge cuts and feature cam adjustment to aid in belt tensioning. The 1-1/2 horsepower Baldor continuous-duty motor is totally enclosed, fan cooled and designed exclusively for Target. It is available as a single voltage in the Tilematic G2 or as a single or dual voltage in the Super Tilematic G2. Able to run on most 115V outlets, the motors are UL and CSA approved and backed by the manufacturer’s limited, one-year warranty. Some features remain unchanged: premium, six-groove poly V-belts that are totally enclosed by the guard for operator safety and protection of components.

TEC® Brand Introduces AccuColor XTTM Next Generation Grout

AccuColor XTTM grout offers resistance to grout stains, cracking and mold and mildew, in an easy to-use, cement-based formula.“This breakthrough in technology leverages the heritage of the AccuColor® brand in delivering color accurate and consistent grout joints and adds exciting new performance features,” says Rachel Gibbons, TEC brand manager. “The unique combination of features in AccuColor XT grout delivers an exceptionally durable, yet easy to apply, grout that complements the beauty of tile and stone for years to come.” Unique stain-blocking technology gives AccuColor XT grout built-in resistance to most common household stains. These spills can’t penetrate into the grout, allowing them to be removed from the surface. Because the stain inhibitors are built right into the grout, the stain resistance never wears away. AccuColor XT grout’s stain inhibitors also reduce dirt pick-up, making it easier to maintain. The unique microstructure gives AccuColor XT grout extreme durability. It is formulated for superior wear resistance and warranted against grout cracking when used as part of a TEC brand 1/8-inch crack isolation system. AccuColor XT grout exceeds ANSI A118.7 performance specifications and carries an Extra Heavy Commercial Foot Traffic Rating under ASTM C627. Special antimicrobial additives in AccuColor XT grout protect it from mold and mildew growth, which helps simplify maintenance particularly in wet areas. The mold inhibitors are tested under ASTM D5590—a stringent test for mold growth resistance. Leveraging the heritage of the AccuColor grout brand, AccuColor XT grout is also manufactured under strict color standards and the grout’s curing process is chemically controlled to help ensure accurate, consistent color across the entire installation. Ideal for all types of ceramic and natural stone tile installations, AccuColor XT may be used in both wet and dry applications, including floors, walls, countertops, pools and fountains. AccuColor XT is available sanded in 25 lb. bags and unsanded in 8.3 lb. containers.

New Tile Hole Saw

Q.E.P.’s new Tile Hole Saw (#10043) features a unique bonded tungsten carbide “gulleted” cutting edge, resulting in much faster cuts, less dust, less chance of chipping and a longer life. Ideal for faucet and showerhead installations, this 13/8″ pro tile hole saw is also efficient in cutting holes in cement board, dry wall, brick, fiberglass and wood. When the Q.E.P. gulleted Tile Hole Saw was tested, it consistently out-performed and out-lasted traditional toothed alternatives. The cuts executed in ceramic tile were 50% to 80% faster, when compared to conventional hole saws. It also has a very low wear rate. This is due to the thinness of the kerf and the way the gullets move cut material away from the edge. The new technology, coupled with the value driven price point, should make the new Q.E.P. Tile Hole Saw a must have for tile installation contractors.

Activant® Releases B2B Seller version 5.0

Activant® announced availability of B2B Seller version 5.0, the latest version of the fully integrated, Web-based storefront solution for distributors, which includes new features based on customer requests such as enhanced search capabilities, a redesigned customer purchase reporting and analysis module, support for alternate units of measure, and many more. “B2B Seller version 5.0 is full of enhancements that give distributors more control over how their customers interface with their Web-based storefronts, allowing for a simpler and more efficient shopping experience,” says Steve McLaughlin, senior vice president and general manager of the wholesale distribution group at Activant. “Each new feature in B2B Seller 5.0 is developed to help distributors increase market share and cut costs—without sacrificing service.” Features in B2B Seller 5.0 include: Multiple Strings in One Search, allowing customers to perform searches using the same logic methods found in many popular Internet search engines; Customer Purchase Reporting and Analysis in My Account; Search Field Selection Control simplifies the process of administering the search environment by offering a user-friendly, graphical interface that allows your site administrator to assign separate search fields to the Keyword Search, Product Search, and Advanced Search headings; and Alternate Units of Measure for ordering in multiple units of measure for any item that has been set up that way in your enterprise software solution. Customers can now buy in bulk without having to manually convert from one unit of measure to another.

Questech® Launches Q-Seal™ Technology

Questech Corporation announced the introduction of Q-Seal™, a revolutionary new sealer technology that permanently protects tiles made from natural materials from the effects of water, stains and abrasion. The factory-applied lifetime sealer gives contractors and homeowners a maintenance-free solution to preserving the quality and beauty of Questech tiles. This innovation will be available on all Questech Cast Metal and Cast Stone products, as well as its new Tumbled Marble field tiles. Questech’s President and CEO Barry Culkin explained that the Q-Seal formulation for Questech’s Tumbled Marble is a revolutionary breakthrough. “Unlike ordinary stone sealers which must be reapplied periodically over the life of the tile,” said Culkin,” Q-Seal is factory applied and the tile never has to be resealed again.” Culkin also said that Q-Seal technology is an improvement over the company’s existing protective sealer for its Cast Metal and Cast Stone products because of the addition of Ultra-Fresh® anti-microbial protection, which inhibits the growth of odor and stain-causing mold. The Vermont-based manufacturer conducted independent tests showing that Q-Seal performs better than conventional sealers in protecting tile from water and stains. Culkin added that “Q-Seal has a trio of benefits other sealers just don’t have—abrasion resistance, protection from household cleaners, and built-in anti-bacterial protection.” Questech backs up the Q-Seal technology with a lifetime guarantee.

REVOLUTION XT from Gemini Saw

The evolution of the Revolution continues. The tile saw that gives you the ability to cut inside and outside radius curves as well as straight lines has been redesigned from the ground up so that it can do more for you. The New Revolution XT will cut endless lengths of tile and stone including granite up to 6 cm thick. The cutting mechanism is set so that when endless cuts are made they will be absolutely straight every time even when pushed through by hand. The new design makes it possible to do plunge cuts when needed in the middle of a tile. A new heavy duty motor is twice as powerful as in previous models. It has many times the torque than is found in most other tile saws. The water bath is a separate self contained detachable unit that can be easily removed for cleaning or filling. The unique design of the Revolution XT does not require a water pump. The new XT can be used inside on any job site because it is the quietest and cleanest operating saw ever made. Lightweight and portable, the heavy duty, powerful, high torque Revolution XT is easily set up and carried by one person. The new Revolution XT comes with a single sided blade for standard cuts or an optional double sided blade for extreme curves and backwards cutting. The right saw for cutting around medallions, pipes, pillars, drains, bathroom fixtures, stair edges and for all design work. The Revolution XT is affordable with state of the art technology.

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