From the Editor’s Desk: Why Standing Still Won’t Work
July 1st, 2006

by Janet Arden, Editor

July-August 2006

When my now-empty nest was populated by two young children, standing still—for them at least—was an impossibility. They wiggled and squirmed, dribbled balls, climbed any conceivable obstacle, ran instead of walked—you get the picture. At some point, a remarkably gifted teacher pointed out to me that unless children have access to physical activity early, they won’t develop the muscle to allow them to sit in a chair in a classroom later.

I think of this as the “standing still theory,” and I believe it goes well beyond first or second grade. In fact, it needs to become a permanent part of our lives.

If we just stand still we aren’t going to learn what we need to know to move on. We’ll be stuck, out-flanked by the students who have developed the muscle to keep moving.

Remember when so many of us resisted first computers and then the Internet? Where would we—and our businesses—be without them now? It’s a good thing we didn’t stand still then or since. Technology has too much to offer.

Developing that “muscle” is a challenge. It takes time and energy. (How many of us have not been so frustrated by computers at some point that we’ve threatened to throw our machine out the window? Enough said.)

So it is with TileDealer

We’ve recently debuted a new and improved website,, to streamline your access to advertisers and feature archives. It’s point-and-click easy the way the web is supposed to be. If there’s an advertiser you’re curious about, you can link right to their website. If there’s a story you want to check from a few issues back, you can do that too.

Even more important, now offers web exclusives—features not found in our print version, as well as previews of what’s coming in the issues ahead. It turns out that sometimes there’s just more industry information to share than we can fit between the covers of any given issue. (But that’s as big a hint as I’m going to offer—you’ll have to go to to see exclusives for yourself!)

We hope you’ll visit soon and often

In case you haven’t gotten the point yet, standing still is also not a good idea for your business. For example, I encourage you to read this issue’s feature on the latest in kitchen and bath trends. This is the stuff of magazine ads and newspaper features; it’s what the manufacturers are offering and what designers are using. Your customers are going to ask about these looks and products. Are you ready or have you been standing still?

On another front, undertile heating and cleaning and maintenance products have not been standing still either. Technology and smart marketing have introduced new features and selling propositions that make them an even more attractive option for your business. In addition, your customers are getting smarter about these products. They’re asking for them. Read up on the options here and then see how they fit into your marketing plans.

The bottom line for TileDealer and is that our goal is to help you build the right kind of muscle to keep your business growing!

Good luck!

Janet Arden

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