May 1st, 2006

May-June 2006

GranitiFiandre launches TCL Brand

Italian stone and tile manufacturer GranitiFiandre debuted its American-made TCL brand at Coverings 2006. Produced at the GranitiFiandre Group’s new state-of-the-art facility in Cumberland County , Tenn. , the TCL brand is the result of sophisticated production and environmental technology. With the new Native Stone and Gallery series, American clients are now offered the hues and patterns they desire in glazed porcelain, along with superior technical capabilities they have come to expect from GranitiFiandre. “The TCL brand was developed in direct response to our most important clients’ needs for an economical flooring solution that is high-quality and innovative,” said Jeanne Nichols, vice president of Trans Ceramica, Ltd., a GranitiFiandre company. “We are pleased to meet the expanding needs of our clients with the Native Stone and Gallery series. Commercial clients, residential distributors, and dealers now have access to an extraordinary glazed porcelain tile product, offering exceptional quality and value to their investment.” The distinctive hues and slate appearance of the Native Stones series pay homage to the artistic customs and ceremonies of legendary Native American tribes with three glazed porcelain offerings: Navajo Nights, Cherokee Gold and Chickasaw Sand. An excellent choice for high-traffic commercial and residential environments, Native Stone and Gallery include 18″x 18″, 12″x 12″, and 6″x 6″ sizes, with coordinating bullnose and steptread. (773.848.4461)

LED Tiles

Steuler-Fliesen has introduced “LED Tiles,” which feature a centrally located, stylish LED unit, and install to form a smooth, even surface, providing endless opportunities for luxurious interior design. The lighted tiles can be placed in a wide variety of locations, from entry ways to staircases, integrating a subtle yet ultra-modern feel to any décor. “LED Tiles,” with their polished and unique design, add an instant touch of class and lend well to the ambience of indoor spaces. The tiles can be used to map out superior architectural features, to open up areas or to give a one-of-a-kind decorative touch to floors. “LED Tiles” are also ideal for safety use, whether implemented as emergency exit lighting or to clearly mark obstacles. “There are numerous ways to implement ‘LED Tiles’ into a number of sophisticated décors,” said Paul Heldens, managing director of Steuler Fliesen. “’LED Tiles’ modern and timeless style is perfect for upscale interiors.” (


New from Custom® Building Products, SoundGard® Lite is a technologically advanced, versatile and lightweight mat underlayment for setting tile and stone directly over any acceptable subfloor. Up to nine times lighter than other mat underlayments, SoundGard Lite is easy to carry and install. It can be installed directly over any acceptable substrate, including concrete, plywood, particle board and primed oriented strand board (OSB), making it a highly versatile solution for architects, specifiers and tile contractors.

SoundGard Lite’s design locks mortar into the mat underlayment, creating an exceptionally strong, bonded crack prevention system that will withstand high levels of stress and prevent cracks of up to ¼” against subfloor movement, unlike uncoupling membranes that may disbond when subjected to repeated stress. In addition to crack prevention, SoundGard Lite offers high and reliable impact sound reduction. Made by a patented process, this revolutionary material has been used by the military for absorbing impact in the flight helmets of Navy fighter pilots. Now Custom is bringing this material to the construction market, providing exceptional levels of impact sound reduction for virtually every type of structure, from single family residences to hotels, high-rise residential towers, and office buildings. SoundGard Lite is available in 3, 5 and 12mm thicknesses; 3 and 5mm are available with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing that can significantly reduce downtime on the job by allowing immediate installation of tile or stone. SoundGard Lite is protected by Custom’s MoldGard™ Technology and will not rot, shrink or absorb water, making it a superior alternative to cork underlayments.

When used in a tile or stone installation as part of a qualified Custom system, SoundGard Lite is protected by Custom’s industry-leading warranty for up to a lifetime. (

OCEANA 12″ x12″ Glass Tile

Oceana LLC, a division of Jeannette Specialty Glass, is pleased to announce the introduction of OCEANA 12″ x 12″ Glass Tile and Oceana Custom Glass Tile. OCEANA 12″ x 12″ Glass Tile is available in twelve glistening colors in 3-dimensional texture. The jewel luminescent colors coordinate with OCEANA Glass Lavatories. OCEANA 12″ x 12″ Glass Tile can be used for interior and exterior installations on both horizontal and vertical surfaces in either wet or dry locations in residential and commercial applications. OCEANA Glass Tile can be substituted for or used in conjunction with marble, ceramic, and natural stone products in application. OCEANA Glass Tile is “Hard Roc Glass”, a unique formulation of borosilicate glass created by Jeannette Specialty Glass for Oceana. Hard Roc Glass is thermal shock resistant and can withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity and may be used in heated areas including pools, saunas, and steam rooms. OCEANA Glass Tiles are nonporous making them resistant to chemicals and other contaminants in exterior and interior applications.

Oceana Custom Glass Tile is a designer’s dream—circles, triangles, elongated shapes and curves, signature logos and distinctive designs can all be created for commercial or home projects. Oceana glass tile can be custom made from 2″ x 2″ to 12″ x 12″ or we can create custom shapes that together create a design of any size. (

Damask Stile & Bellagio by Refin

Stile by Refin celebrates the creativity and talent of Italian manufacturing, with a collection emphasizing color including yellow, orange, green, red and blue as well as black, white, and grey and featuring a damask pattern that incorporates gold and silver tones along with the other colors. The wide range of sizes makes Stile ideal for walls in any kind of environment and is suitable for residential housing as well as public spaces.

The company also introduced Bellagio, which recreates interiors with the warmth and the atmospheres of the historical Italian resorts and villas. The living and the kitchen renew the pleasure of sharing amongst family and friends in a cozy atmosphere combining ancient with modern, wild nature with clear refinement in brown, pearl grey, and ivory. Bellagio is appropriate for both for residential and commercial spaces such as shops, restaurants and show rooms. (

Textured Tiles

The talk is all texture with CROCO Tiles from Settencento Valtresinaro. The crocodile-skin texture adds distinction to a glazed, edge-ground through-body porcelain tile in Ivory and Moka, Mist and Pearl, Sky and Powder Blue, and black and White. In 24 by 20 cm with a choice of listels. Allure from Edimax offers another take on a crocodile texture in glazed porcelain tiles in eight colors including The Purple Hat, The Dark Boots, Tge Green Gloves, The Blue Wallet, The Golden Purse, The Ivory Tie, The Grey Skirt, and The Copper Coat. In five sizes from 44.6 by 44.6 cm to 2.6 by 44.6 cm. ( (


Laufen launched its Laufen Contract line at Coverings 2006. With 20 different series, the line includes polished porcelains, high-technology porcelains and several other stone and concrete looks. The seven new series are Atlas, Bethel, Murano, Odeon, Petra, Salerno and Torino. Atlas is a 17″x17″ through-body porcelain tile. It comes in four colors: Sand, Ash, Amber and Charcoal. A border that coordinates with all four colors completes the package. Atlas is a concrete-look that is uniquely designed for the commercial market. Bethel is a 20×20 through-body, soluble salt polished porcelain that comes in one color, Nacre. This polished porcelain tile is designed for large-format applications.

Murano is a 18×18 double-loaded, soluble salt polished porcelain that comes in Nocce, Beige and Light Grey. Also included in this series is a 12×12 mosaic in each of the three colors. Odeon is a 24×24 through-body, polished porcelain tile available in Ash and Coal. Trim includes a floor bullnose. This “black and white” polished series is designed for the commercial market. Petra is a 17″x17″ and 9″x17″ glazed porcelain tile. It comes in Aurora and Corona. Trim includes a floor bullnose. This series has a coefficient of friction/wet value of 0.80, which makes this series perfectly designed for wet areas and ramps in commercial settings. Salerno and Torino are both 24×24 through-body, soluble salt polished porcelain tiles. Salerno comes in Pearl. Torino comes in Cream. (

Saturnia and Vesale Stone by Marazzi

Understated elegance with a sense of strength underlies Marazzi USA’s Saturnia. Named after an ancient Italian city renowned for its refreshing natural thermal springs, Saturnia’s glazed porcelain surface features intricate niches and indentations that appear randomly formed by the earth’s internal forces yet remain simple to clean. Four soft, warm, gentle colors (ivory, walnut, gray, gold), can carry an installation on their own or coexist with multiple mesh-mounted mosaic options that add richness and depth to floors, walls, backsplashes and pools. The Class 4 durability rating expands Saturnia’s application possibilities from personal to professional spaces. Both the 13″ x 13″ and the 20″x20″ sizes feature a thick body structure that imparts boldness and massiveness. Elegantly balancing the series is Serena Listelli in a 4″x13″ Border and 4″x4″ Corner. Subdued floral motifs are screened to resemble ancient mosaic pieces that can be used on floors or walls, individually or in tandem.

The company also introduced Vesale Stone to capture the look of refined slates found in the ancient hills of Italy and transport that simpler, organic building material to glazed porcelain for modern dwellings and public areas. Asynchronous glaze applications create dramatic pattern diversity. Rich tonal ranges and dramatic streaks suggest the natural layers and clefting of natural slate while the surface remains flat and easy to clean. A final granular frit application enhances slip resistance and textural appeal. Modern, fresher, clearer earthtones in beige, brown, grey and green with straight edges banish conventionality. Modulars in 6″x6″ and 10″x20″, mesh-mounted mosaics in three (3) incremental sizes (1″x1″ Square, 2″x2″ Square, and 2″x3″ Diamond) and SBN cut from field tile expand the functionality and design capabilities of the series (


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