Leadership Letter: The Incredible Value CTDA Membership Offers
January 1st, 2006

January-February 2006

As I look ahead to 2006 and my responsibilities as CTDA president, I am struck by the incredible value CTDA membership offers. Where else can you find such an enthusiastic network of business associates meeting the same challenges you face every day?

The industry-specific knowledge you need is always available from CTDA. Consider the following:

• Tile Training in a Box offers a one-stop education shop for newcomers to the industry as well as experienced workers who could benefit from a refresher course on ceramic tile. This program has recently been expanded with PowerPoint presentations for group or individual learning and an informative section on stone. Learn the basics about the industry’s newest trend.

• Ready to learn more? Online Education is only a click away and a great value for CTDA members. This self-guided ceramic tile course offers both the Basics of Ceramic Tile and necessary Sales Techniques to help you and your employees work—and sell—most effectively with your customers.

• Industry seminars, like the mold panel at the 2005 Management Conference, offer all of us an opportunity to listen and ask questions about topics important to us and our businesses.

• Run a smarter company thanks to the input of professionals like Al Bates. Leverage programs from freightquote.com and Staples to help you save real money every day in your business.

Okay—these are all great membership benefits (and there are more, just check them out at www.ctdahome.org), but that’s just the beginning.

Industry opportunities

CTDA membership also offers the added advantage of industry networking, not only at CTDA events but also at industry events like Coverings. Meet and get to know your suppliers and fellow tile dealers. There is no better way to learn about the industry than from its leaders. CTDA members have been leading the ceramic tile industry since 1978. From our co-sponsorship of Coverings, the industry’s largest trade show in the America’s, to the publication of TileDealer, CTDA has always lead the industry.

Industry networking is not limited to CTDA events. It’s as easy as calling up a CTDA member locally or across the country to see if he has a product you’re looking for or experience with the question that’s plaguing you now. CTDA is, after all, about the people who share in the industry.

The association is also about some wonderful opportunities, and I can think of none better than the gracious invitation from the Turkish Ceramic Federation to CTDA members to travel to Istanbul in June and become better acquainted with them and their remarkable products. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand your corporate horizons, tap into new product lines, and deliver wonderful products to your customers.

What if you’re not a member of CTDA?

If you’re a former member of CTDA who let your membership drop, or you’re a prospective member trying to decide if you really want to join, there has never been a better time to become a part of the industry’s leading association. Surfaces and Coverings are just ahead. CTDA members will be leveraging their association relationships to maximize these events and the others that follow. If you’ve been thinking about joining, the time has never been better.

Membership benefits grow and opportunities multiply with CTDA.

I’ll see you at Surfaces!

Mark Carlson
CTDA President

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