January 1st, 2006


January-February 2006


Accents Con Agua, a division of Waterjet Works!, introduces Leaves 365, its new line of natural leaf-shaped tiles. The porcelain and slate leaves come in 6″ x 12″ matted sections. Each section is unique, with a variety of colors, allowing for creativity in its use with decorative borders, backsplash of kitchen counters and walkway and fireplace accents. Leaves 365 come in outlines of oak, elm and birch leaves, as well as three types of maple leaves, allowing for a custom look. (


With its versatility, the Ashland series has a palette of 17 solid colors, 7 iridescent colors and several standards. “Hakatai’s standard blends work well for many different interior applications,” said Andy Marcus, designer and president of A.L.M. Interior Design. Marcus, who recently used the tiles to renovate his Palm Springs home, found the glass tiles brought stylish accents to his home. The series is available in 1″ x 1″ glass tiles. Custom blends are also available. (


Mediterranea recently introduced its new collection of glazed porcelain tile, reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian temples and pyramids, entitled “ Temple Stone .” Created with a weathered, rustic appearance that blends dramatic Earth tones, “ Temple Stone ” has a natural feel. The tiles are offered in hues of Karnac (noce), Giza (gold), Luxor (bronze) and Isis (beige). Field tiles are available in sizes of 18″ x 18″ and 13″ x 13″, and bull noses in 3″ x 18″ and 3″ x 13″ sizes. (305-444-3676)


Stueler Fliesen recently released six new mosaics that combine mosaic and combination tiles that allow for dimension flexibility. Mosaic Baroque, Mosaic Classic, Mosaic Ethno, Mosaic Lines, Mosaic Metal and Mosaic Retro are all offered in a 12″ x 12″ format in a special glaze finish. Mosaic Baroque, derived from artistic impressions prevalent in 17th century Europe , is available in sophisticated color patterns of anthracite-red-brown and eggshell-gray. The Mosaic Classic series offers decorative border pieces to distinguish coordinated floor tiles, available in black-white, blue and matt terracotta. Mosaic Ethno contains the rich subtleties of exotic African culture in black-white ornaments of the large format mosaics. The Mosaic Lines series captures the eye and the imagination with the black-red or discreet reed patterns that cling to the gray-white striped combination tiles. The tiles and borders of the Mosaic Metal series sparkle in shades of copper espresso and gray-metallic, the stainless steel borders elegantly meeting the dark gray or espresso floor tiles. The Mosaic Retro series, inspired by the 1970s, offers border tiles in bold orange or subtle light gray. (207-828-8050)


The new glazed porcelain Vail and Aspen series from Laufen come in floor, wall and counter top tiles. Both are ideal for medium to heavy traffic areas and are easy to clean and maintain. In residential and commercial settings, the glazed porcelain provides a non-porous surface that is extremely stain resistant and durable. The Vail series comes in Ivory, Sahara , Pine and Rouge. The floor tile comes in 17½” x 17½” and 13″ x 13″ sizes. Mosaics are available in each color, as is a multicolor mosaic that features all four Vail colors. A 3¾” x 13″ bullnose rounds out the floor tile offering. Vail wall tiles come in a 10″ x 13″ size in Ivory and Sahara . A 3″ x 10″ listel is offered in these two colors, as well as in Silver. Bull nose and bullnose corner complete the wall tile offering. The Aspen series is available in Olive, Inferno, Camel and Ash. The product comes in a larger 18″ x 18″, as well as 12″ x 12″ and 6″ x 6″ sizes. A wide range of trim, including border, quarter round, listel and v-cap, completes the line. (


Made of porcelain tiles, the Chelsea from Ceracasa, offers versatility and unique features. Chelsea is available in four colors: Terra, Tabaco, Beige and Marfil. The model is a stone textured porcelain tile with a design variation among the pieces. Chelsea comes in three sizes, 31.6″ x 31.6″, 49.1″ x 49.1″ and 31.6″ x 63.7″, that are easily combined together creating modern surfaces. This model also offers an irregular mosaic available in the four colors of this series. Chelsea is offered in a wide range of special pieces, such as steptreads, skirtings, drainage tiles or step skirtings. (


The new Marmos tumbled glass collection from Bella Ceramic combines the patina of tumbled tile with the translucence of glass. The line includes 2″ x 2″ mosaics, 1″ x 1″ blends, and a stone/glass combination border. (

The Color Collection

United States Ceramic Tile Company’s new Color Collection is a complete system that includes wall tile in three finishes (Bright, Matte and Speckle) and coordinating porcelain floor tile in two finishes (Solid and Speckle). The Color Collection is the result of extensive market research which concluded that a wall tile product with a wide variety of color, finish and size options would be ideal for the commercial market. The wall tile palette comes in 67 various primary, contemporary and speckled colors that range from light to deeper shades. The selection process is simplified by separating the offering into three groups. Each group has its own trim offering and pricing structure. The Color Collection also features five distinct color families. Each color family includes a coordinating speckled wall tile. Coordinating porcelain floor tiles complete each color family and are available in both solid and speckled versions. Color Collection is the only complete system in the market that includes wall tile in three finishes (Bright, Matte and Speckle), three sizes (4¼ x 4¼, 6 x 6 and 3 x 6) and coordinating porcelain floor tile in two finishes (Solid and Speckle). The wall tile palette comes in 67 various primary, contemporary and speckled colors that range from light to deeper shades. A wide range of trim options completes the wall tile package. The porcelain floor tile is offered in 12 solid and speckled colors and comes in 12¼ x 12¼ size. Bullnose is available in both floor tile finishes. (

Penny Round from VitrA

VitrA Tiles USA is introducing the new Penny Round series. Available in 21 solid colors, this unglazed porcelain tile series is perfect for both interior and exterior settings. Penny Round is a mosaic series that resembles a collection of pennies neatly arranged in tile form. Attractive in any application, this series can be installed for the floor, wall, countertops, pools, backsplashes, and any place tile is used. “What makes this series superior is that it is both durable and versatile,” said Sema Cetiner, of VitrA Tiles USA. “Penny Round’s aesthetic features give it a striking appearance that will complement any room.” Penny Round is available in a 1″ X 1″ size and is offered dot mounted. Because it has high endurance, the series is appropriate for both residential and commercial settings. With a water absorption of .03%, resistance to abrasion and chemicals, and frost resistance, Penny Round stands as a resilient series with an eye-catching design. Penny Round is offered in both a glossy and mat texture and may soon be available in different custom patterns. (770-904-6173)

Hydroment™ DITRA-SET™ Thin-Set Mortar

The Bostik Flooring Group announces its latest flooring innovation, Hydroment™ DITRA-SET™ Thin-Set Mortar—the first Portland cement, thin-set mortar endorsed and warranted for installation of porcelain over Schulter® DITRA uncoupling membranes. “Schulter has tested DITRA-SET with its property underlayments, particularly in porcelain tile installations, and has granted us the license to use the Schulter and DITRA trade names on our product packaging and marketing collateral,” Phil Pitts, Bostik Flooring Group’s Hardwood Products Manager said. DITRA-SET Thin-Set Mortar is composed of: select, proprietary chemicals; carefully graded aggregates; inorganic adhesion promoters; and purified cements. It provides outstanding workability, excellent durability and superior bonding strengths in interior and exterior applications when used in conjunction with the Schulter DITRA uncoupling membrane or Schulter KERDI waterproofing membrane. The product eliminates the potential for finger pointing between manufacturers and contractors over the use of incompatible systems. (

New Decorative Natural Stone Pool Copings

LM Natural Stone Products Inc, a designer and manufacturer of unique natural stone moldings has just added a new line of decorative natural stone pool coping products to their extensive line of interior and exterior natural stone custom moldings. “We created our new decorative natural stone pool coping line to fill a void in the pool and spa industry,” asserts Jeff Snyder, owner and chief designer of LM Natural Stone Products Inc. “Remodel pool and spa builders can be given credit for the new line. They encouraged us to design a 3-½ inch drop or more in our pool copings that can be used to cover the old concrete pool coping for decorative, luxury re-models. Designers and builders can now design an exterior hardscape that blends together natural beauty with an upscale look,” concludes Snyder. The decorative pool coping moldings are offered in a selection of twelve contemporary designs, which means that designers have more creative leeway to innovate custom aesthetics that work well with a variety of architectures. Equally important to offering upscale design to remodel builders is the ability to revamp upgrades by covering the unsightly old coping with a minimum of work. The industry standard for decorator coping is 1½ inches and comes in three basic shapes; mainly round, square and bullnose. (

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