Leadership Letter
November 1st, 2005

Important Links to the Rest of the Industry

November-December 2005

Although I have some time left “in office,” this is my last Leadership Letter. I have enjoyed this opportunity to “talk” with you in each issue of TileDealer, and I hope you have benefited in some way from the information I have been able to share.

CTDA offers all of us a number of important links to the rest of the industry.

First and foremost is the Management Conference this month.

There is simply no other industry event so perfectly tailored to meet our unique needs. The educational opportunities are designed to meet the needs of CTDA members and reflect the topics that are most important to us right now. The Distributor’s Forum is our own version of do-it-yourself problem solving. I always come away from it with great ideas for meeting new challenges. Guest speakers are there to educate and motivate.

The Management Conference is also an opportunity to tend to the business of CTDA. All CTDA committees and the Board of Directors will meet face to face. The Board will review the 2006 budget in detail and set the programs for the coming year. Their leadership—which is essentially your leadership—helps keep the association on track.

The Management Conference is also the best time for all of us to do our own industry networking. Most of us look forward to it as a time to see old friends, make new ones, welcome new members and to say a personal thank you to all of our sponsors. I think the Management Conference is also the time to re-energize ourselves for 2006.

Beyond our immediate membership, of course, CTDA links us to the rest of the industry in important leadership roles—and gives us a step up on the competition—with our support of Coverings and the publication of TileDealer.

Access to industry education is becoming an increasingly valuable benefit of your CTDA membership. Many of you regularly leverage the knowledge of Tile Training in a Box and the Color Shade Variation Program to help provide in-house training for your employees. This year CTDA introduced a self-guided, online component that teaches the Basics of Ceramic Tile and Sales Techniques.

I would like to think that this has been a fruitful year for CTDA—the publication of the Tile Blue Book, the additions on stone due soon to Tile Training in a Box, the educational seminar presented in August, and regular communications to members.

None of this would have been possible without the help of so many dedicated members and volunteers, professionals who have taken time from their demanding business lives to attend committee meetings, participate in conference calls and share their energy and expertise in so many ways. You truly are the heart and soul of CTDA. Together you make CTDA a remarkable team effort.

Finally, my sincere thanks to all of you—and especially to a dedicated Board of Directors and a hard working professional staff in the CTDA offices—for your support and trust in me.

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