From the Editor’s Desk: Between hurricanes and holidays
November 1st, 2005

by Janet Arden, Editor

November-December 2005

One of the challenges of magazine publishing is that you will not read what we are writing for several weeks. The printer and the post office each get to step in and do their part in helping us get TileDealer to your doorstep. That has posed one dilemma and some interesting opportunities for this issue.

Our dilemma is that it seems almost impossible to communicate with anyone this season without first commenting on the impact of the hurricanes in the Gulf Coast. All of us at TileDealer hope—as we prepare this issue for you—that you, your family and your business have safely weathered the storms.

Opportunity #1 is that this is also the season when we refine and finalize our editorial calendar for 2006. Part trend-watching, part brainstorming, editorial planning gives us a chance to look forward to what we think you want to read about and what we think we all need to know more about in the months ahead. TileDealer’s 2006 editorial calendar calls for close-ups of products—glass tile, porcelain, accents, and more—as well as design trends like mosaics and exterior installations. Look for a special kitchen and bath issue as well as close-ups of imports from Italy, Spain and Turkey. We’ll also continue to follow the growing role of stone in the marketplace.

Because this business is about much more than just the products, TileDealer will take a close look at some industry issues like mold, green building and imports. We’ll also offer continuing coverage of some important business topics like software, installation, upselling and showroom display.

Opportunity #2 is that the new year—which will be just weeks away as you read this—opens the door to a whole new round of industry shows, starting with Surfaces in January and then moving ahead to Cevisama in February, Revestir in March, and Coverings in April. Each of these showcases, and all of those that follow later in the year, are sure to introduce new products and new topics for coverage in TileDealer.

Opportunity #3 is really yours. Your input is always welcome and encouraged. Are there additional topics you want to see in the months ahead? I would love to hear from you. Email me at

Finally, this issue marks our second birthday. We launched TileDealer with the November/December issue in 2003. We’ve grown in more ways than one with more advertisers, more contributors and always more information to share with you.

Thank you for your support over these last two years. We can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

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