September 1st, 2005

September-October 2005

World Sales Group

Marquis Series

NEW from World Sales Group!—Marquis Series glazed porcelain—This honed travertine product is available in four warm natural colors in a 17″ x 17″ format. To request a sample please contact Jerry Stone at 972-407-6973 or by email at

TEC® introduces 3N1TM Performance Mortar

TEC brands introduced 3N1 Performance Mortar, an entirely new category of mortar that allows tile installation professionals to use the same mortar—and follow the same installation process—for virtually every ceramic tile and natural stone application encountered. At the same time, 3N1 delivers the performance capabilities found in the highest-quality premium mortars. 3N1’s unique formulation combines the advantages of latex modified, medium bed and non-sag mortars into a single, easy-to-use solution. 3N1 is also extremely lightweight—a 30 lb. bag delivers the same amount of coverage as a 50 lb. bag of traditional latex modified mortar. According to TEC Brand Manager Sandra Eich, 3N1 incorporates breakthrough technology that makes it ideal for any application and installation technique. “3N1 is unlike anything on the market in that it can be used for common tile sizes, wall or floor applications and heavy and large-format applications while exceeding performance expectations,” she said. Advanced nanotechnology and microsphere technology is at the heart of 3N1’s versatility and top performance. Nanotechnology—the use of fine particles, or nanostructures—deliver powerful adhesion, full contact and cohesive strength. The interlocking nanostructures enable 3N1’s non-slump and non-sag characteristics. Microspheres—tiny, hollow globes within the mortar—create a ball-bearing effect that produces easy trowelability. The microspheres also help contribute to 3N1’s non-slump and its ability to support wall tile weighing up to 6 lbs. per square foot without sagging. 3N1 also features the TEC patented adhesion promoter, ZS-100, for excellent bonds to porcelain and enhanced bonding to difficult substrates, such as plywood. 3N1 exceeds ANSI A118.4 and A118.11 shear bond requirements and carries a Residential to Extra Heavy Commercial floor wear rating. A proprietary blend of fungistatic agents inhibits mold and mildew growth. 3N1 Performance Mortar is available in white and gray. (

Four new collections

American Olean, a leader in ceramic tile has introduced four new product collections. “American Olean’s goal with these four new collections is to provide homeowners and designers with the latest, most popular stone looks in a wide variety of colors and sizes, from very large to very small. These new collections also offer unique accent packages that really allow homeowners to upgrade the look of their design project,” said Matthew Kahny, vice president of marketing at American Olean. Carriage House floor and wall tile emulates rustic natural stone and is available in Canvas, Straw, Saddle and Buckskin and four field tile sizes (18″ x 18″, 12″ x 12″, 8″ x 10″ and 6″ x 6″). The Highland Ridge collection features a rustic, textured surface complemented by four random shade/color variations. In addition to its three modular field tile sizes (18″ x 18″, 12″ x 12″ and 6″ x 6″), the collection is enhanced by its 2″ x 12″ two-color blend accents and 4″ x 12″ riverstone pebble borders. A 1″ x 3″ mosaic, sheet-mounted in a brick pattern, completes the collection. With its rough-hewn edges, Cortesia boasts the rustic look and texture of chiseled travertine. Four soft, rich colors (Bianco, Dorato and Noce) feature dramatic shading and random color variation. Cortesia’s multiple-size field tile package includes a 20″ x 20″, a 10″ x 20″ rectangle, a 13″ x 13″ and a 10″ x 10″, all of which allow for numerous pattern options. Accents include a 40″ x 40″ medallion, as well as 1″ x 13″ and 3″ x 13″ borders—all of which feature delicate fossil motifs and random-sized mosaic pieces. Lyndhurst Mosaics feature earthen colors and a slightly worn appearance. The color palette includes Woodland (shades of brown), Millstone (shades of light beige) and Meadow (shades of blue, green, cream and brown). The 2″ x 2″ dot-mounted mosaics were designed to coordinate with a multitude of other American Olean product lines. (

Fritto Misto

With a variety of exquisite colors, Gruppo Ceramiche Saicis S.P.A, one of Italy ’s top producers of high-end porcelain tile, introduces its new series, Fritto Misto, which is a blend of various shades and colors. This series is the latest line in Saicis’ Saitech Gres, glazed porcelain tile collection. Available in three colors: Chiaro, a grayish white blend, Scuro, a darker brown with splashes of lighter brown, and Medio, a color that blends dark and light into a tan hue, Fritto Misto is a tile line that provides patterns to complement any room style and interior applications. Saicis offers the Fritto Misto series in convenient sizes. All three colors are offered in sizes of 18″ x 18″, 12″ x 12″, and 4″ x 4″. Included in this series are decorative mosaics mesh-mounted on a 12″ x 12″ size sheet. “Fritto Misto is a series that allows the customer to choose a style that suits his or her needs,” said Vittorio Galerio, Saicis North American Manager. “These colors are designed to accent any interior environment.” (877-675-3772)

Roble from Ceracasa

Ceracasa proposes Series Roble in Porcelain Tile: ceramic wood that shows shade and texture variation among the pieces to give a more natural appearance. The model Roble from Ceracasa, available in sizes 15×63.2, 7.4×63.2 and 3.6×63.2 cm, is produced in two colours, Dorado and Miel. They can be used both as wall and floor tiles in halls, bathrooms, kitchens or other high-traffic areas, especially where water or humidity would limit the use of other materials. Because these ceramic “wooden’ pieces are rectified, ceramic wood from Ceracasa can be placed with a minimum laying and grout gap. The latest in decoration is available to your customers in “Roble miel or Roble dorado.” (

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