Leadership Letter: Back To School!
July 1st, 2005

July-August 2005

One of the benefits of association membership is the access it gives you to industry expertise. Finding knowledgeable sources on all the topics our businesses encompass—from selling tile to installing underfloor heating systems, from targeting what the customer wants, to assuring it’s properly installed—is a continuing challenge. For some time now, CTDA’s Regional Seminars have helped you meet that challenge by bringing together some of the industry’s leading experts on the most timely topics, all for the benefit of you and your business.

And 2005 is no exception! This summer could be the best time yet for “going back to school!” Ceramic Tile Trends, sponsored by CTDA and the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) is scheduled for August 11th at the International Market Square in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mark your calendar now and plan to take part in an awesome opportunity to fine-tune current skills, pick up some new expertise and tap into the trend marketplace.

This year’s schedule offers something for everyone:

Wood Substrates, with Justin Woelfel, Jr. offers an eye opening discussion on the proper way to successfully install tile over wood substrates, including what is and what is not acceptable in the tile industry. Justin is the NTCA Director of Training and Education. He is a 3rd generation tile contractor and a popular presenter at industry trade shows.

One of the features in this issue focuses on the growing market for heated floors and the May/June issue of TileDealer focused on glass. CTDA’s Regional Seminar takes those topics a step further with Heated Floors and Glass Mosaics, Justin Woelfel, Jr.

Update on The TCA Handbook, also offered by Justin Woelfel, Jr. The new 2005 edition introduces 15 New Methods! CTDA is especially happy to offer this first-hand opportunity to understand the Handbook changes.

Pick up on trends with Designing with Style, with Patti Fasan, sponsored by Tile of Spain. Patti’s popular seminars always target the consumer trends you need to know about. When Patti Fasan talks about ceramic tile, peak sales performance, teamwork, and emerging trends in tile applications and technologies, she speaks from experience. Patti brings over twenty-five years of technical research, project experience, senior management skills and passion to her presentations. Her practical management and entrepreneurial experience combined with the CTC designation have given Patti expertise in business excellence, ceramic tile distribution, sales and showroom design.

Exterior Façade Opportunities with Arturo Mastelli, Tiles of Italy, discusses the use of porcelain tile in ventilated facade systems. These systems have been very popular in Europe for some time and they’re gaining a serious following in the U.S.

Finally, get down to the bread and butter with Retail Selling Ain’t Brain Surgery, It’s Twice as Hard, with Jim Dion. This workshop will improve the selling abilities of your staff and teach you new ways to motivate staff and improve sales. With 25 years of progressive retail experience, Jim understands the rigors of selling. He is the founder and president of Dionco Inc., Chicago, and an internationally known consultant, keynote speaker, trainer, and author of best-sellers on the subject.

If you’re looking to stay on top of the basics, improve sales and understand what the consumer wants, this could be one of your best business investments. If you haven’t already made plans to attend this seminar, do so now.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Cindy Bell
CTDA President


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