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May 1st, 2005


May-June 2005

Cutting and Shaping

TileDealer takes a look at what’s new!

An Urban Diamond Exclusive

The Bulldog Turbo

This Turbo blade won’t leave you with flat dull diamonds after a few cuts. The Bulldog Turbos have a special diamond make up needed for the hard materials. Our Bulldog Turbo likes the Hard Granite, Quartz Materials, Cambria and Silestone. Available in the standard industry diameters.

Urban Diamond’s Phantom Thin Wall Core Bits

The Fast Cutting Matrix makes for Easy Starts & Easy Drilling. It handles Hard Stone & Tile Applications. Available in Standard Industry Diameters.

Raimondi’s new Bull Dog Bullnose machine allows you to perform perfect bullnose and 45° miter cuts on porcelain, granite, or marble tile.

Fabricate your bull nosing on the job, cut your costs, and ensure that all of your tile and stone looks like it just came out of the factory.

This is truly an innovative machine!

Urban Diamond’s RONIN Cutter

An Aggressive free cutting blade, great for general shop use. The Ronin Cutter’s diamond make up works great for all Natural Stone applications. The Ronin Cutter also handles the hard material from Granite to Quartz including Cambria and Silestone. Available in the standard industry diameters.

Alpha® Contour together with AWS-125 Stone Cutter allows fabricators to a cut sink hole along the cut line quickly and safely. In order to shape the edge to a desired profile, Alpha® introduces the Profiler Z-30, a Vertical Grinding Wheel.

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