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March 1st, 2005


Perhaps one of the most traditional ways of cleaning and/or sealing tiles is with one of a variety of surface cleaners and sealers. One of the biggest companies in this business is Miracle Sealants Company. Founded three generations ago by an Italian immigrant who had already established a marble, terrazzo and tile company in this country, today Miracle Sealants says its products are on 15 billion square feet of surfaces around the world.

The company offers a unique line of sealers featuring polymerized silicone which make its products last longer and wear better, as much as 3 to 10 years for a floor, and 3 to 20 years on walls, says Sales Director Harry Adler. Miracle Sealants’ products are typically impregnators (in fact, the company coined the use of the term in this context), meaning they penetrate the substrate to reduce water and stain absorption.

Today Miracle Sealants continues to develop and introduce innovative cleaning and sealing products. The company has just introduced 511 Seal and Enhance to seal and add a low-patina sheen. Another of its recent innovations are Anti-Bacterial Wipes which clean and polish kitchen or bath surfaces with the added bonus of anti-bacterial action.

Stone Care International, Inc. (SCI) also manufactures and distributes a complete line of sealers, cleaners, disinfectants, polishes and stain removers to clean and maintain natural stone, as well as ceramic tile and solid surfaces.

SCI is introducing a 2 bottle care kit that can be made with any combination of SCI products, including: Clean Encounters® countertop cleaner, Marbamist® countertop cleaner, Deep Cleaner for DuPont™ Corian®, International Stone Polish®, Stone Spray-N-Seal® penetrating sealer, and Counterrific™ countertop disinfectant. The packaging offers an attractive retail option.

SCI has also introduced StoneGlide® countertop disposable wipes ideal for cleaning kitchen countertops after each use. They contain a degreaser and are safe for food-handling surfaces.

As an alternative in the quick-cleaning category, StainEraser Inc. offers a line of cleaning products that use no chemicals, are easy & safe and produce instant results. Erase It® works on all types of flooring, concrete, plaster, tile grout and much more.

These products and others like them offer you the means of making tile and stone care and maintenance an integral part of your business, whether you are offering professional cleaning surfaces or the supplies for do-it-yourself clean-ups.

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