March 1st, 2005


March-April 2005

Diamond Tech Glass Tile launches its Mosaic Series glass tiles

“Now anyone can have the look of glass mosaics, without the expensive price tag,” states Thomas Montano, DTGT Sales Manager. Available in 24 colors, DTGT Mosaic Series glass tiles are transparent and semi-opaque, rich in color and texture. The ¾” by ¾” tiles have a smooth front and textured back for a better adhesive grip. Their miter beveled edges provide for perfect angled corners. “Our Mosaic Glass tiles are strong, waterproof and are easy to apply,” adds Montano. Mosaic Series will enliven any installation at half the price of products currently on the market. The Mosaic Series glass tiles can be used as clever accents or in a multitude of areas such as halls, bathrooms, kitchens, pools or large areas in hotels, banks and shopping centers. “DTGT wants everyone to be able to afford the beauty and luxury of glass tile,” says Montano. (

Marmo Meccanica introduces edge polisher

Marmo Meccanica USA announces the LCT 522 CAI, a highly effective edge polishing machine featuring a user friendly operating system that ensures a high rate of production at a low cost per lineal foot. Its small footprint, reliability and low cost make it ideal for granite shops in North America who want high quality processing of marble and granite.

The LCT 522 produces 30-60 lineal feet of 3 cm bullnose per hour with no human intervention, because edge processing on the LCT 522 CAI machine is continuous. Different pieces of identical thickness can be inserted sequentially without the need to change forming or polishing heads. The LCT 522 handles slabs vertically, which reduces material breakage and floor space and work area requirements. In addition to squared off or inclined edges, it polishes toroidal edges, rounded and other convex shapes on slabs of marble or granite. (800-279-9233)

Tico Taco from Gruppo Ceramiche Saicis

Gruppo Ceramiche Saicis S.P.A. has introduced its latest HI-TECH Gres porcelain tile: Tico Taco. Tico Taco features the HI-TECH Gres characteristics of unglazed, multiple-loaded porcelain with rectified and polished options. Perfect for both residential and commercial environments, Tico Taco offers a shimmering stone look that’s complete with a variety of colors, sizes, mosaics and decorative pieces. The Tico Taco color spectrum includes: Blu (sapphire), Rosato (rose), Dorato (chocolate), Bianco (white) and Grigio (ash). Size options available through the series are 4″ by 4″; 6″ by 6″; 9″ by 9″; 18″ by 18″ and 9″ by 18″. Companion 1″ by 1″ mosaics mounted on 12″ by 12″ sheets are also available through Tico Taco. HI-TECH through-body porcelain characteristics provide a high slip-resistance when wet and make the tile applicable for heavy traffic areas. Tico Taco is ideal in both exterior and interior applications. According to Vittorio Galerio, Saicis North American Manager, Tico Taco offers a classic interior/exterior look with stone that’s touched with a bit of contemporary. “This is a tile line that was introduced to North America to present an array of design options for commercial and residential building projects. The industry hasn’t seen anything like Tico Taco. We’re very excited to bring the collection to market,” he said. (877-675-3772)

New shower system places waterproofing membrane on top of the assembly

Water and vapor penetrate through the grout joints (even sealed grout joints), mortar, and backing materials in shower walls and floors, allowing moisture to collect in the wall cavity or floor structure, which is the primary cause of mold growth. The Schluter® Shower System for ceramic tile installation eliminates the possibility of mold growth due to moisture penetration. A major breakthrough for installers, the Schluter® Shower System permits the installation of ceramic tiles on shower walls constructed with standard drywall. Installers and do-it-yourselfers no longer need to use cement board or other specialized tile backers when installing ceramic tile showers and tub surrounds—even in the most demanding situations. The Schluter® Shower System consists of four primary components: the prefabricated Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-ST tray, the Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-SC curb, the Schluter®-KERDI waterproofing membrane, and the Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN. When used together, these components make installation much easier and eliminate the potential for the growth of mold and mildew. The KERDI-SHOWER-ST tray and -SC curb were developed to allow the installation of a completely watertight shower without a mortar bed. Comprised of expanded polystyrene (EPS), they are lightweight and easy to install. The KERDI-SHOWER-ST tray has a pre-sloped base and can be quickly cut to size and fixed in place using thin-set mortar. Total project time is dramatically reduced with the use of this tray and -SC curb because there is no longer time spent waiting for a mortar bed to cure. Schluter®-KERDI is a sheet-applied waterproofing membrane made of pliable polyethylene that is covered on both sides with fleece webbing. The sheet is applied to the walls, corners, and floor of the shower using thin-set mortar in much the same way wallpaper is installed—without the challenge of matching patterns. KERDI must be overlapped by a minimum of 2 inches at all seams in order to create a totally watertight system. Tiles are then set directly onto the KERDI with thin-set mortar. The Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN is the critical component in the system, allowing a simple and secure connection to the KERDI at the top of the assembly rather than below it. The KERDI-DRAIN and KERDI waterproofing membrane can be used with either the Schluter®-SHOWER-ST tray or a mortar bed. In traditional tiled shower installations, a mortar bed, over time, becomes saturated and can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. By using the KERDI-DRAIN and KERDI, the moisture is locked out of the mortar bed, thereby preventing efflorescence, and fungus and bacteria growth. The end result is a high-quality, maintenance-free shower enclosure. KERDI-DRAIN was recently accepted for listing by the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC®). This listing will provide installers and inspection officials with an instantly recognizable indication of code compliance and open new markets for the KERDI-DRAIN. (

Pearl Abrasive introductions

Pearl Abrasive introduced a new super duty continuous rim blade for cutting hard tile and porcelain. With an 8 mm tall x .060″ wide rim, the HPXL Porcelain Blade’s performance exceeds that of competitors. Its high-strength core eliminates wobble and warping, while its laser-cut cooling slots dissipate heat and extend the life of the blade. The HPXL was engineered with an optimal blade thickness for unparalleled cutting speed and accuracy. In addition, its smooth, thin kerf ensures chip-free cutting. The HPXL Blade is ideal for a range of applications including porcelain, hard tile, hard ceramics and ceramic tile, as well as granite and other natural stone. It is available in 7″, 8″ and 10″ sizes. Pearl Abrasive has also introduced a portable professional tile saw that handles large format tiles. The VX 10.2XL 10″ tile saw features a patented telescoping main table and unique arm technology, enabling users to rip cut 24″ tiles and diagonal cut 16″ tiles without making any adjustments to the saw. The complete saw and table assembly weighs only 83 lbs and is only 23″ long. Other features include: Patented roller guide bar that runs on 10 sealed bearing rollers, 1½ hp motor, liquid-cooled bearing housing, automatic thermal overload protection prevents overheating and protects from power surges, high-impact ABS water tray withstands the harshest work conditions. Stand is available separately, along with a wide variety of blades. (

1Flex® Crack-Isolation Mortar

TEC® brands introduced a new fast-set version of 1Flex® Crack-Isolation Mortar, a first-of-its kind technology that delivers the advantages of both a one-step, crack-isolation system—and—a fast-setting mortar with a high performance bond in a single solution. With 1Flex® Fast Set, contractors can not only crack isolate and set tile in one step, but also grout within four hours—eliminating the need to wait up to 20 hours to grout when a standard mortar is used. 1Flex Fast Set is a single-component modified polymer mortar that acts as a tile setting mortar and a 1/8-inch (3 mm) crack-isolating technology. By combining a unique blend of exclusive acrylic spray-dried polymers and hydraulic cement in a non-staining white formulation, 1Flex Fast Set provides an outstanding bond with virtually all ceramic and natural stone tile. It also carries a heavy-duty commercial floor rating. 1Flex Fast Set simplifies installation and cuts labor costs by combining all the steps into one. It also eliminates the need for labor and material associated with sheet membrane systems. When cure times are considered, the amount of time saved is multiplied because 1Flex Fast Set allows for crack isolation and tile setting in one step. (

Additions to Summitville line

Five new color blends have been added to the Summitville Thin Brick Line. This addition offers a rustic, handcrafted look to building brick surfaces. Patterned after the hand-made brick of the 18th Century Williamsburg, of Jefferson ’s Monticello and of the Federal Period buildings in the early canal towns of Ohio , the Landmark Series was created from brick molds taken from many of the structures located in and around Ohio ’s historic Village of Hanoverton . Each of the five color blends in this series has a wide range of shades, blended at the factory, to create a unique and distinct color effect. Custom blends, in any combination of the five standard colors, are available as a special service. The Landmark Series is offered in a 2 ¼” x 7 5/8″ x 11/16″ size with a 11/16″ thick corner trim available in all colors. Thin Brick is made from select clays and shale chosen for their relative purity, fired strength and proven service characteristics. Summitville has been a leading manufacturer of brick products for over 90 years and these products have passed the test of time, in quality and durability.

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