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September 1st, 2004


by Janet Arden, Editor September-October 2004

You asked for trends!

One of the top two things you told us in the recent Reader Survey is that you want to learn more about trends in tile. This month TileDealer takes a look at one of the hottest tile trends-large format-from a number of different sides, including design, installation, and tools. You and your customers may love the look, but making large format work successfully requires special considerations.

Large format tile is the result of technology. In this month’s Designer Briefing, consultant Patti Fasan points out the technical gains that have made large format possible and the design options it offers. Of course, the size and weight of large format pose special installation challenges. See the Installation Briefing for this side of the topic. Finally, Dave Gobis gives us the lowdown on tools, many of them designed or adapted to accommodate large format tile. The bottom line for Dave and for the distributors we talked to who sell tools is that the right tool can make any tile job faster, better, and safer.

Trends, part 2

Cersaie – the excitement of new offerings from this leading international marketplace-is just around the corner. TileDealer recently talked One-on-One with Enzo Mularoni, CEO of the DelConca-Faetano-Pastorelli Group, vice president of Assopiastrelle, and a member of the Coverings Board of Directors, to learn about his expectations for Cersaie. Read about what he has to say about the over 600 million square meters of ceramic tile, worth about $6.2 billion manufactured annually in Italy.

What do you think?

We’d like to hear what your experience is with large format tile, so we’ve posted a survey at, asking how it fits in your business and inviting your comments. Are you selling more of it this year than last year? Is it outselling any other categories? Are you selling it in combination with related designs? If you see a different trend in the choices your customers are making, we’d like to hear from you about that, too. Please submit your comments on the survey form or e-mail me at We’ll report on them in subsequent issues of TileDealer.

Last but not least

By now you may have noticed that TileDealer also invites your comments on articles throughout the magazine. Do this through the website, or by writing me, We look forward to hearing from you.

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