July 1st, 2004


July-August 2004

OneStep™ Cleaner and Resealer, Complete Contact™ Mortars

OneStep™ Cleaner and Resealer from Custom® Building Products is a professional product that cleans and protects tile and stone surfaces in a single, easy-to-use spray and wipe formula. Designed as a companion product to SurfaceGard® Penetrating Sealer, the flagship of the TileLab line, OneStep is a powerful, non-acidic and non-abrasive cleaner and resealer that is gentle enough for everyday use in both residential and commercial settings. It contains a small amount of SurfaceGard to protect and maintain tile, stone and grout surfaces. For maximum protection, surfaces should be treated initially with SurfaceGard, then cleaned regularly with OneStep. With each use, OneStep cleans and protects porous surfaces against stains, inhibits mold and mildew growth, and extends and enhances the appearance of an installation. “We preach the importance of sealing a new installation with SurfaceGard to ensure the beauty of the surface for the next 20-plus years. By introducing OneStep, we’re offering users not just a superior cleaner, but a convenient means to further the exceptional protection that SurfaceGard provides,” said Norm Tracy, director of marketing product management at Custom Building Products.

Custom building Products has also introduced Complete Contact™ and complete Contact™ RS, polymer modified, full contact mortars excellent for setting large modular tile and stone. Using advanced mortar technology, these products provide full mortar transfer to the back of the tile, eliminating the need for back-buttering or “beating in” the tile, saving time and effort for the installation professional. The new mortars have excellent fluidity and superior handling characteristics while requiring less water than traditional thin-sets. This mortar allows thin-bed as well as medium bed applications for virtually any size tile. (800-272-8786,

American Florim introductions

American Florim, a Florim USA brand, announced the introduction of Copper Ridge, a Bianco Forte wall and floor tile collection that replicates the look of authentic sandstone with an extremely dense white porcelain body. Copper Ridge is available in a choice of Cascade White, Jasper Tan and Russet Peak in 12-by 12-inch and 18-by 18-inch formats, along with bullnose trim and mesh-backed mosaics. Navajo, another premium wall and floor collection replicating the sandstone look, is created using advanced Italian manufacturing techniques at Florim USA’s Clarksville, Tennessee, facility. Navajo comes in Spirit, Sagebrush, Sundance, Sienna, and Henna, with tones varying somewhat from tile to tile as they would in real stone. Navajo is available in a full array of sizes from 6-by 6-inches to 18-by 18-inches, with bullnose and a variety of finishing trims for custom installations. Florim has also introduced the Villa Como within its Encore Collection of advanced designs, including innovative colors, styling, trims and accents. Villa Como – available in Careno Cream, Bellagio Beige, Mandello Moca, and Bellano Bark – is also available in a choice of sizes from 6-by 6-inches to 18-by 18-inches, with bullnose trim, brick mosaics and a decorative medallion. (877-356-7462;

MAPEI Tool Systems

MAPEI Tool Systems are the company’s newest division of quality solutions for the flooring installer. Maintaining the company tradition of performance and value, this new tool line offers outstanding products that enhance MAPEI’s flooring installation products. Len Maggio, Product Manager for MAPEI’s Tool Systems, said, “We now offer 160 items for tile, stone and soft flooring installations. These tools vary in grade from DIY (do-it-yourself) tools that area easy to use to the highest quality products for the ceramic tile flooring installation professional. We have succeeded in incorporating the consistency and quality of MAPEI in these tools.” The line is now available in the entire USA and Canada. Attention to packaging details ensures that the tools are easy to purchase and use. Each item comes with accompanying graphics and literature. Small pack sizes minimize inventory space for the retailer or distributor, and all the tools come in “cut-cases” that can be used to display merchandise directly. (800-42-MAPEI ,

New, swiveling loose tile display

Floyd & Associates, LLC is very excited to announce the arrival of a new Swiveling Loose Tile Display. The model CL-60LT “Classic Series” Swiveling Loose Tile Display is the ultimate in space-savings, versatility and style. This “V-Channel” swiveling loose tile display holds up to 60 loose tiles (12″ – 18″) while occupying a mere 30 square inches of floor space. The unit can be placed in the corner of the room, up against a wall, or right in the middle of the floor. Now all showroom space can be utilized as customers do not need to walk around the display to see all the samples. Utilizing far less showroom space, while showing a much greater variety of product than traditional “A-Frame” or “3-Tier” loose tile displays, these new swivel displays are sure to become a very popular item. The new CL-60LT Swiveling Loose Tile Display is available with or without a wrap-around header sign. It has a durable and elegant black texture powder coating, and ships via UPS or FedEx. Units are currently in stock at our Los Angeles, CA facility.

New designs from Meredith Collection

Inspired by the designs and styles of the Arts and Crafts movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Meredith Collection offers two new design series. The Coastal Design Series features hand-painted relief tiles including a lighthouse, gulls and sailboats. Decorative inserts and a classic rope border are included in the series. The new Thistle Design series features a variety of decorative inserts and borders. The company’s mesh-mounted tiles are available in a palette of 50 glazes for hand painting and full-graze applications. (330-484-1656,

Ergodyne offers five new models in ProFlex® Light Duty Series

Economically priced, but constructed to perform over the long haul while delivering reliable comfort and safety, the five new models of knee pads double the options in the Ergodyne® ProFlex® Light Duty Series. The new ProFlex® 240 (short cap) and 245 (long cap) kneepads, featuring EVA foam pad; dual woven elastic straps; and black flex rubber with white non-skid cap. ProFlex® 251 kneepads permit easy side-to-side movement with a comfortable, contoured rubber cap. ProFlex® 252 (contoured) and 252 (flat surface) kneepads resist skids with grid surface on molded rubber. Ergodyne® ProFlex® kneepads fasten with hook and loop closure (except 252, which closes with adjustable strap), are constructed of high-impact rubber to perform well in wet environments (251, 252, 253). (800-225-8238,

Schluter Introduces New Shower System

The Schluter® shower system permits the installation of ceramic tiles on shower walls constructed with standard drywall using the system’s four primary components: prefabricated Schluter® KERDI-SHOWER-ST tray, the Schluter® KERDI-SHOWER-SC curb, the Schluter® KERDI waterproofing membrane and the Schluter® KERDI-DRAIN. Used together, these components make installation easier and eliminate the potential for the growth of mold and mildew. The exclusive KERDI-DRAIN is the critical component in the system, allowing a simple, secure connection at the top of the assembly. The drain and waterproofing membrane can be used with the Schluter® SHOWER-ST tray or a mortar bed. In traditional tiled installations, a mortar bed over time becomes saturated and can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. KERDI-DRAIN was recently accepted for listing by the Unifiorm Plumbing Code (UPC®). This listing provides installers and inspection officials with recognizable code compliance and opens new markets for the product. (

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