From the Editor’s Desk Thank you to all who responded to our recent reader survey!
July 1st, 2004

From the Editor’s Desk Thank you to all who responded to our recent reader survey!

by Janet Arden, Editor July-August 2004

Your responses were honest, flattering, critical, funny, and sometimes totally irreverent, but always educational for us at TileDealer.

At least one respondent said, “In my opinion, your survey questions are a little premature for a publication that is only a few months old.”

You make a great point. However, even after only three issues, the Reader Survey told us a great deal. Let me summarize just some of the interesting information we learned from the survey:

By an overwhelming majority, your #1 most time-consuming tasks are paperwork and email (tied).

The top two things you want to learn more about are marketing and trends, followed by distribution and installation. (This issue should answer some of your questions with a cover feature on software, an introduction to green building, an Installer Briefing on training and a Designer Briefing on color trends.)

Despite very busy schedules, more than 80-percent of you spend 15-60 minutes reading TileDealer.

You pass TileDealer on to other industry readers in surprisingly large numbers.

More than a quarter of you have already taken action on an ad you saw in TileDealer.

All of this helps us plan future issues of TileDealer. We’ll share more of the survey results in the months to come (and even more will be incorporated into the 2005 editorial calendar), but I also want to encourage you to comment – via email – to TileDealer articles starting with this issue.

Our companion website at now features a comment box at the end of each magazine article. Tell us what you’re thinking. Did this article strike a nerve with you? Was it helpful or not? Do you have further questions? We’re anxious to hear from you, and we’ll be waiting at our email inbox to read what you have to say.

While you’re at, check out the exclusive online content, link to advertisers of interest and follow the links on software and green building to learn more. TileDealer is more than just another magazine. It’s a business tool to deliver knowledge and increase the effectiveness of you and your company.

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