From the Editor’s Desk: Why Are You Reading TileDealer?
May 1st, 2004


by Janet Arden, Editor May-June 2004

I hope it’s because you find useful information here – new products and ideas, better ways to handle business issues, answers to technical problems, and more.

Earlier today my outlook was brightened with an email message that read, in part, “Your timely article in TileDealer magazine, ‘What is Deflection & Why Should You Care?’, saved a tile contractor and general contractor in Central Florida a LOT of time, aggravation and money! The conversation had been going in circles with the architect saying the TCA recommendations were ‘overkill’…to make a long story short, your detailed article, particularly concerning maximum deflection between the joists, brought everyone to the same page…and a correct TCA installation will now occur.”

The devil, as they say, is in the details.

The cover story in this issue considers setting materials and the important role the right material for the right tile plays in achieving the best installation. Do your customers and end users understand the options available and how to make the best choice? Details. This issue of TileDealer also tackles mold. It’s pervasive and potentially expensive. But the right materials and installation practices can actually help prevent it. Details. Again.

“What is Deflection” was just the beginning. In this issue TileDealer begins a continuing dialogue with market segments such as architects, designers, homebuilders, and installers. The topics will vary from issue to issue, but the purpose is always the same: what these representatives of the marketplace want you, the tile dealer, to know about their use of ceramic tile. This month Bart Bettiga, Executive Director of the National Tile Contractors Association, talks about how to install under-tile heating and certified tile consultant Patti Fasan shares her observations about the design trends in 2004.

Our bottom line is your bottom line – we want to help you sell more tile. And we want to help you do it better, with less cost, fewer complaints, more efficiencies, and ultimately more profit. In the issues ahead, we’ll consider how to install large format tiles, design for accessibility, sell to the over 55 market, and more.

“What Is Deflection And Why Should You Care” by Dave Gobis, Executive Director of the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation and a third generation tile setter, was straight-forward and informative, the kind of information you can read and use. At TileDealer we know we can’t be all things to all people, but we do know we can deliver product, market and how-to information to make your business better.

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