From the Editor’s Desk: Introducing
March 1st, 2004

by Janet Arden, Editor
Mar-Apr 2004

This month TileDealer magazine debuted its companion website, I encourage you to visit this site soon.

All of us at TileDealer believe the website is important to our readers and advertisers for a number of reasons.

First, of course, it gives TileDealer an Internet presence. If you are at all like us, you do a lot of Internet research. The website makes TileDealer features, columns, and advertisers available at your fingertips. What was the new product you read about in Innovations? What was the website the Sales & Management column directed you to?

If you are a TileDealer reader and want to contact one of our advertisers, click on “Request Advertiser Information,” and send an immediate request to as many of our advertisers as you would like to hear from.

If you are a TileDealer advertiser, you are only a click away from readers looking for more information on your product or service. We think this is a more efficient, more responsive system than the traditional reader response card.

If you are looking for a product, the Distributor Search function allows you to search by name, location or product category. This feature is powered by CTDA’s database of members, providing you hundreds of contacts and potential business relationships.

I hope you will take great advantage of these features of However I also want to encourage you to use the reader poll, also known as “What do you think?” as well as the “Contact Us” features of the website.

“What do you think?” is an informal poll for site visitors. It offers TileDealer the opportunity to take the industry’s pulse on given topic and report results back to you. As I write this, the poll asks visitors how their companies economic outlook for 2004 compares to 2003. Most important, is an evolving website designed to meet reader, advertiser and industry needs. That’s why “Contact Us” is important. Click there to send us your comments, questions and suggestions.

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